Arm and Hand Function (2)
This short questionnaire is being done to supplement and extend a previous survey on the issue of upper limb (arm and hand) function in people with MS.
Should MSers in wheelchairs be excluded from progressive trials?
Compared to lower limb function (walking) how important is upper limb function?
Upper limb function includes multiple tasks, for example transferring yourself from a wheelchair, dressing yourself, cleaning your teeth, eating, propelling your wheelchair, turning the pages of a book, using a keyboard, making a telephone call, sending a text message, accessing a remote control, brushing your hair, taking your medication, catheterising yourself, etc.
Upper limb function is unimportant compared to walking
Upper limb function is critically important (more important than walking in terms of staying independent)
What aspect of your hand function has been affected by MS?
How long have you had MS (years)?
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How old are you (years)?
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What sex are you?
Country of residence?
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Would you be interested in self-monitoring the impact of MS on your arm and hand function?
Don't know your EDSS score?
You can calculate your EDSS score online using our webEDSS (; it takes between 2 and 5 minutes to complete.
What is your EDSS score?
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No personal identifiers, including your computer's IP address, will be collected as part of this survey. Please note that by completing this survey you are consenting to the data you provide being analysed by Prof. Giovannoni and his collaborators. Results of this survey will be presented on this blog, at ECTRIMS 2016 and may be submitted for publication.
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