Sacred Body Confidence Mentorship Application
Hi love!

I am so happy you have considered joining our mentorship program. As much as this program has the benefits of giving you the tools for creating confidence in your body... this is a ultimately a process of LEARNING, EXPLORING and RE-DISCOVERING YOURSELF :)

So I ask that you take the time to fill out this application form to be part of the program. This program that I have designed is both an UN-learning of old patterns, beliefs and ways of being... into a REMEMBERING of the wisdom and confidence we were born with.

This program asks for commitment, compassion and self forgiveness every step of the way. And as much as I am here to provide to you the knowledge and the wisdom you need... my support and the community we create together is meant to remind you that you ALREADY have the wings you need to fly <3

Fill out the form below and I look forward to contacting you soon!

Qualifying applicants will receive a 30 minute Master You Body Confidence Game-plan Session with me to ensure we are a perfect fit, free of charge.

Much Love,
Q. Char

Session Pricing begins at $160 CDN per week including:
*Weekly 1:1 Sessions are 60 - 120 minutes total (in-person/online/phone)
*Supplementary resources, Pre-recorded Movement videos (Yoga, Dance & Breathwork), journal prompts and assignments
*Check ins and updates will happen via Voxer (communication app) throughout the week.
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