Ann Arbor Affordable Housing Waitlist Application
This waitlist is for below-market units located in downtown A2. These units are below market studios or 1-bedroom units only (at this time). Anyone selected for the waitlist would need to have regular income or a voucher. While there are limitations on rent for the units, all tenants need to have income or their own voucher to meet the monthly rental amount.

Due to the rental amount and the limited unit size of these rentals, they are most suitable for smaller 1-2 person households whose income is $30K-50K per year. 

The City of Ann Arbor has recently adopted a series of policy and zoning changes to encourage the development of affordable housing units in the City of Ann Arbor. Based on the tools used, each property will have different-sized units, and different requirements for income and rent restrictions.

This waitlist will be used to select applicants for those units.  As of Fall 2023, there are three rental properties with units available through the Waitlist website – City Club, Beekman on Broadway, and The Standard. However, it is expected that properties will be added each year, so please check back at least annually.

If you are interested in public housing and/or voucher waitlists – please go to for more information about those waitlists.

Things to know for this waitlist:

All housing shown in this waitlist is rental housing.

All units have limits on the maximum income for a household leasing the unit, and a maximum rent to be charged to a household leasing that unit. Eligible households will be required to meet the income requirement.

All applicants are responsible for keeping contact information up to date.  If your e-mail or phone number changes, please update your information immediately.  The City and OCED can only contact you based on information provided, and are not responsible if you don’t respond, due to incorrect, incomplete, or out of date contact information.

Applying to the waitlist provides the opportunity to qualify for affordable units in the City of Ann Arbor. If an applicant is selected and verified as income eligible, the applicant will also need to apply to the property and meet the individual property’s application requirements.

If selected, you will be contacted by e-mail and/or phone to provide documentation on income, and you will have 10 business days to do so.

This form collects demographic data to help the City and County better understand the need for affordable housing in our community. Your answers will not impact whether or not you are selected for the waitlist, nor will any individual data be shared without your permission. Any information that can identify you will remain confidential.

Please contact Karen Newman at or 734.544.3009 if you have any questions.
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