Women's March Free Postcard Project- Canada

I decided to make this offer after writing a blog about the effective use of postcards by the Women's March organizers. We are not affiliated with the March organizers but we wanted to provide an effective way for Canadians to send a printed message to their representatives in Ottawa.

Our company, Prime Data, has a lot of printers and paper (we've been printing and mailing successful direct mail campaigns for 2 decades) and since postage is FREE to the Canadian Federal Government, we've decided to put that to work for a good cause. We will personalize, print and mail your Week One Action Postcard for FREE if you can't do it yourself. Our company name will not appear on the card. It will be only identified as coming from you directly.

Simply enter your name and address here and the name of a Member of Parliament into the form below. If you are unsure of spelling etc. then use Google or the Wikipedia list of Members of Parliament of Canada.

Your name and address and a short comment will be printed on the card so the MP will know who sent the card. Within a few days they will receive this postcard delivered by Canada Post.

We won't keep this personal information any longer than required to print and mail the cards and we won't use it for any other purposes than described above. We stake our company reputation on this.

Please use this only once per person.

Steve Falk
Prime Data

Here's what the front of the postcard will look like (supplied by the Washington Womens' March organizers as a template)
Here's the other side of the card we will print for you
Please complete all the questions below for your free postcard:
Name of Member of Parliament to whom this postcard will be addressed ( see Wikipedia for a current list of MP's and their riding names )
Your answer
My First Name and Last Name to appear on the postcard
Your answer
My return address line 1
Your answer
My return address line 2
Your answer
My return address City
Your answer
My return address Province
Your answer
My return address Postal Code
Your answer
My return address Country
Your answer
My short note for the card - "What I'm concerned about"
Your answer
I consent to allow Prime Data to use my personal information disclosed in this form for the creation of a personalized postcard to be printed and mailed to a Canadian Member of Parliament. I also understand that there are no fees or obligations on my part towards Prime Data. It's a free program. I am also claiming that the information above is correct, that I am representing myself only here and not another person and that I'm doing this only once. I understand that the data, once used to create the postcard, will be destroyed and only used for this one purpose for which I give consent. Prime Data is also under no obligation to mail this free postcard. It's understood that this is a free offer with no obligation on their part.
Contact Information:
If you have questions about this project please email FreePostcard@primedata.ca
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