CRO New Character Submission Form
Use this form to submit a new character to be played at CRO. Please follow the instructions in Chapter 1 - Character Creation of the Rulebook. If this form does not contain sufficient fields to submit everything you need to please use the Character Update form in addition to this form. Thank you and see you at game!
Player Name
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Player Number
Leave blank if you are a new player and you will be assigned a Player Number
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Character Name
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What Race is your character?
Which Kingdom is your character from?
What is your character's starting Path?
What skills are you purchasing for this character?
As a new player, you have 100 XP to spend on skills. 60 of that XP cannot be spent on purchasing skills and spells from your Path and must be spent on weapon proficiency, miscellaneous skills, and professions. If you are an existing player making a new character you will be given an XP total to use instead of the normal 100 starting XP.
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