CEI Volunteer Application
Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Education Institute of the Charter for Compassion.

Please fill out this Volunteer Application Form completely, and we will be in touch with you soon. You will note that none of the questions are mandatory.

If you have any questions, please contact Ellen Serfaty, ellen@charterforcompassion.org

We would be happy to receive a copy of your resume or description of education, work and volunteer experience, as well as a cover letter. Please send them to the above email.

We are grateful for taking the time to tell us about yourself, and hope to continue the "conversation".

Where do you live?
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How did you hear about the Education Institute of the Charter for Compassion?
What is your motivation for wanting to volunteer with us?
Tell us about yourself
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Are you currently working or retired?
If you are currently working, who is your employer, and what are your responsibilities?
Have you volunteered before?
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If you answered yes, please describe your volunteer experiences and the length of time you volunteered.
Are you currently enrolled in an education program?
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If you answered yes, please describe, including the time commitment each week.
Please list the languages you speak/use and your level of proficiency.
Are you familiar with the Charter for Compassion?
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If you answered yes, please describe.
Are you familiar with the Charter Education Institute?
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If you answered yes, please describe.
Have you ever take a course with the Education Institute?
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If so, please tell us which one(s).
If you did take a course with us, please tell us about your experience.
Have you taken or taught on-line courses?
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Do you use social media? Please check all that apply
If you checked any of the above, please provide links or the names of your accounts.
Do you have a website or blog, or contribute to one?
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If you answered yes, please describe.
What do you hope to achieve by volunteering with the Education Institute?
How many hours per week on the average would be you available?
In addition to being assigned volunteer duties, we usually have weekly meetings of our volunteer staff. Since we are a global team, we usually set these meetings early morning or mid-evening Pacific Time. Would you be able to attend and participate in these meetings?
Clear selection
Our current needs include social media, marketing strategies, instructor's assistant on Zoom chats, and course managers--which includes a broad range of tasks. Do you have any special skills or interests in these areas? You can read more about these tasks at this link: https://charterforcompassion.org/charter-for-compassion-education-institute
Do you own or have regular access to a computer with internet access, word processing programs and email?
Clear selection
Please describe any special skills that you have. These can include computer, administrative skills, bookkeeping tasks, supervising other employees or teachers, or other skills that you think might be relevant.
Have you ever been convicted of a crime or other offense?
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If you answered yes, please describe.
What times of the day and days would you be available for volunteer work?
Since we usually need to provide training for volunteer positions, we are asking that you commit to volunteering with us for at least one year. Are you able to do that?
Clear selection
We try to be as flexible as possible. But we would like to know: Do you have any issues or problems over the next year that might prevent you from fulfilling your volunteer commitment?
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Please provide us the name and email address of a person who can provide a reference for you, and tell us about your relationship with this person.
Are there any questions you have for us?
Is there anything you would like to add?
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