Nothings Allowed Pen Pals, Take 2
Quite a few years ago I started a pen pal group that was a huge hit. Everyone who signed up was placed in moderate sized groups where everyone shared their addresses, and then they sent each other postcards, cards, favorite recipes, and/or letters.

The only rule was that nothing else was allowed. The group was meant to be a low cost low stress way to connect with others in simple ways. A way to focus on spreading kindness while meeting new people and focusing on relationships away from social media.

It was so awesome to randomly receive mail from people all over the world with kind notes and hello's. There were even two people that lived close to each other but had never met prior who ended up becoming really good friends! How awesome is that?!!

With the current situation and lack of real life connection, I thought it would be awesome to try opening up this group again! I think we could also use a more connection and less social media.

Would you like to join?? We'd love you have you!

Here are the rules:

1. No extras. This means no packages. Don't go buy a bunch of goodies and trinkets to ship off. There are other swaps where you can send lots of extra goodies, but that's not this group. By limiting the extras we can focus on each other and build connection with real people. What is allowed: postcards, cards, letters, you can include recipes, appropriate pictures/drawings (no pornography, political or religious propaganda), etc.

2. BE KIND! NO bullying, stalking, weirdness. If anyone feels threatened by another you will instantly be banned.

3. No pushing politics, religious or other controversial agenda items in the group. This groups is meant to connect with people in healthy ways through getting to know each other, sharing our likes and hobbies, and sharing uplifting and encouraging notes.

4. Please try to mail something to at least two person from your group every month. This will ensure that the groups don't die out and remain active.

Once approved, you will be added to a group of other individuals where you will be able to see their name and address.

+ You may send to as few or as many people as you want, but please try to rotate through the group so that everyone is receiving something.
+ The frequency is up to you, whether you send once a month or once a week, etc.
+ When you receive something from someone else, it's good to write back to them. This will keep the groups active and is the best way to build connection.
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Would you like to be a group moderator? *
As a moderator you would be the contact person for everyone in your group. You would keep an eye on the group, making sure it's still active and that everyone is being kind. It would include a monthly or quarterly check-in with your members to see if they still want to participate, etc. I'll check-in with you to see how the groups are working and if we need to make any changes. This should be low commitment. Group sizes will be 20 people, but this number can be adjusted if needed.
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You may send anything that would fit in a letter envelope at minimal extra cost, but no packages! Or keep it simple with a postcard.
Do you pinky promise that you will respect people's privacy, not share any of the info outside of the group, and not participate in stalking, bullying, promoting political or religious agendas? ;) *
This group is STRICTLY for making friends through being a pen pal. Nothing in this group may be used in any other manner! Any violation of this will instantly get you banned from the group.
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