Superyachts - a career for you?
Questionnaire about yachting
1. Where are you studying?
What are you studying?
For how long have you studied Maritime ´?
Does the thought of being employed aboard a large superyacht excite you?
Would you like to know more about the industry?
Would you like your school to provide more information about this new area of employment?
If you thought a career in Superyacht industry was achievable quickly and easily, would you pursue this route of employment?
If your School offered a 'New' course about Yachting, would you sign up?
What would your key drives be to join the Superyacht industry? (3-5 Answers)
On a scale of 1-10, how attractive do you find the Superyacht industry?
Not attractive
Very attractive
On a scale from 0-10 would you apply for positions if you thought you have a fair chance of getting the job? 10 - being a very high chance you would apply
Very Low
Very High
If you would be offered a position on a superyacht which you felt was below your capabilities, would you accept the position with a clear and positive mindset knowing that the prospect of promotion would follow after a period of time, therefore developing your experience and understanding of how a Superyacht operates in all departments.
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