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If you'd like to apply to join a trading team headed by Aaron Fifield, as either a programmer or trader, please read the preferred skill requirements and complete the form below.

- Strong understanding of Python—in particular, libraries: Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Dash, Scipy, Scikit-learn.
- Experience cleaning, manipulating and analysing data.
- Experience working with API's, real-time data feeds and AWS.
- Keen interest in data science and financial markets, though trading experience not required.
- Bonus: Understanding of additional languages and machine learning.

- Minimum 3-years of trading experience/studying markets—in particular, equities (stocks/ETFs) or futures.
- Basic understanding of quantitative trading methods, probability, math and statistics.
- Track record of discipline, resilience, problem solving and competitive activity.
- Proven understanding of risk management.
- Bonus: Prop trading experience

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