Learn to Be - AFS Tutor Application
Alternative Family Services Tutors for AFS Foster Youth (online only)

• 16 years old +
• Live in the US or territories
• Consent to a livescan background check (AFS will cover cost)
• Solid understanding of technology or the ability to learn quickly
• Commit to tutoring 1x per week for at least 1 semester
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Do you agree to us conducting a background check on you? *
Do you agree to us screening you against the Child Abuse Index? (we will cover these costs) *
Do you agree to us conducting live scan fingerprinting on you? (we will cover these costs) *
Do you certify that all information submitted in this application is complete and true to the best of your knowledge and belief? And do you understand that providing false or incomplete information may be grounds for denial or revocation of your acceptance into Learn To Be? *
Do you confirm that you know that this position is a 100% volunteer position and is unpaid? *
Are you interested in future volunteer opportunities with Alternative Family Services? *
All tutors for children in foster care require a mandatory clearance of a child abuse index and fingerprinting background check. By submitting this application, you agree to permit Alternative Family Services to complete run these clearances. The affiliated costs will be covered by our agency and/or reimbursed to you. Do you agree to next steps including Background (fingerprinting) and Child Abuse Index Clearance? *
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