My Body, My Story
"Abortion Road Trip," at its heart, is a play about moments. It explores the power of these fragmented stories, and encourages us to share them with one another. As our government grows increasingly hostile towards issues of reproductive justice, it’s now more important than ever to make our voices heard -- and so we’re asking you to share one of your moments.

It can be anything: the best (or worst) OB/GYN visit you’ve ever had, what you learned in sex ed, your experience with contraception… anything related to your body that you want to share. It doesn’t have to be a defining moment of your life, nor does it need to highlight any particular political stance (though it certainly may) -- all we want is something you’re willing to tell.

Your submission is anonymous and can be written in any way you like; the length, medium, and tone are all up to you. Stories from all genders are accepted. Submissions will be compiled for the final installment of our Abortion Road Trip blog series in early July.

We hope you will share a piece of your story with us.

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