TEMPLE of AMANITA  |  23th of Dec '23  |  Winterthur ZH

Event description: https://intuitivewisdom.ch/temple-of-amanita/

Dear Seeker of Essence

Welcome to your Transformational Registration Portal. We ask you to fill out the following form, connected to your inner core of truth. This will already support joining the process within ceremony, which actually starts NOW.

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For this temple we have a limit of 20 participants. Your registration is valid by submitting this form. If you are insecure if this event will benefit you, get in contact with us before hand. 

After submitting this form, we might get in touch with you personally, to finally confirm your registration.
You can cancel your ticket with a processing fee of 20.- until 16. Dec. If you need to cancel afterwards, the whole ticket price is not refundable anymore.
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