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1.)  Are your parents supportive of your participation CCMT?
2.)  What are your reasons for wanting to be part of CCMT?
3.) Please give us your testimony and an account of your own walk with the Lord.
4.) Please list ways in which you have served in your local church.
5.) Sharing your faith will be an important part of the CCMT experience.  Have you had opportunities to witness to non-Christians?
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If “yes”, please describe briefly:
If “not yet”, are you willing to prepare to share your faith while serving with the Team?
6.) List skills you have that you think might be helpful. (sports, singing, musical instruments, arts & crafts, etc.)
7.) Describe any cross-cultural exposure or experience you have had. (overseas or in the US)
8.) Do you have any physical or medical conditions about which we should know?
9.) Do you have any food or other allergies?
10.) Mexico is sometimes an uncertain part of the world.  Do you agree to abide by any precautions that the missionaries and team leaders deem necessary while traveling with the team? Do you agree to abide by the rules given by team leaders?
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11) Please send us a letter of recommendation from your pastor via email. *
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