2021 Show Host Application
Must be submitted by November 6, 2020

This application is for all GIPA membership schools that would like to be considered for hosting a GIPA contest during the 2021 season. All GIPA shows are in a prelims/finals format and will be offering percussion and winds competitive divisions. The following basic requirements will be evaluated when selecting contest sites.

Contest Flow
Minimum technology requirements can be met
Gymnasium seating
Equipment staging
Exterior property for equipment trucks, buses, and equipment loading/unloading
Other considerations specific to the show site

Please review the contest host information below before applying to host a GIPA contest

The Executive Board will do our best to provide GIPA members and directors the best performance opportunities at all contests during the 2021 season

What do I need to know about hosting a GIPA contest?

1. Sponsorship Fee:
The show host fee is $300. A deposit of $150 will be due if you are selected to host a show. GIPA will send you an invoice for this amount. The remaining $150 is due on or before your show date. You can pay by check or credit card. Checks are payable to Georgia Indoor Percussion Association.

2. Judges Fees:
You may have up to 4 judges at your contest ( 1 GE, Music, Visual, Timing and Penalties). For 2021 ONLY - GIPA will pay all judges fees using registration fees.

3. Judge Transportation:
The contest host is responsible for transportation to and from the airport, hotel and contest site as needed.

4. Awards:
The contest host must provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies or plaques for all competing classes
Participation certificates will be provided by GIPA

5. Admission Prices:
Ticket prices for all GIPA sponsored events is $10.00 per person for a one-day event. Children under 4 are free.

6. Show Day Responsibilities:
Events can start as early as 10am and end as late as 10pm
Spaces for judges must be blocked off at the center of the bleachers both at the 5th row and top row
Power supply must be provided at the front center and back center of the performance area
Hospitality room provided for judges with food and drink
Hospitality room provided for directors and staff with food and drink
Concession stand available from the beginning to the end of the contest
Parking for units (buses, vans, equipment trucks)
Parking for spectators
2 tables setup for the tabulation and sound area. A power supply must be near both tables.
Sound system with aux cable for the announcer to play music between ensembles
The host should supply an announcer for the event. This person needs to be professional and familiar with announcing events. It is important that the announcer stick to the script and not improvise during the event.
Critique room provided for judges and directors. A large class room, band room, chorus room, orchestra room or media center are ideal locations.
Provide judges runner.
All door posts must be removed between the warmup areas and performance venue.

7. Floor Damage:
The timing and penalties judge will monitor the performance area and if any damage is done by a participating unit. Documentation will be provided to the unit director, contest sponsor and GIPA eBoard. Participating units will be responsible for damage to the performance area floor.

8. Contest Information Packets:
The contest information packet must be submitted to GIPA no later than 3 weeks before the event. The packet should include information and maps that pertain to your show site. A template can be provided if requested.

9: Program:
Contest hosts may produce a program for the event. One full-page must be provided to GIPA to promote our organization. GIPA will provide artwork for all logos.

10. GIPA Logo:
You must have permission to use our logo on t-shirts or other merchandise sold at the event.

11. Videotaping:
Due to copyright laws, no person is allowed to videotape any performances. Each unit will receive a video pass and one person from that unit will be allowed to videotape in a designated area. Show hosts need to block of an area at the top of the bleachers for unit videotaping.
Due to copyright laws, there is to be no selling of contest videos.
GIPA may video any part of the event for educational purposes.
The GIPA eBoard may need to have a unit videotaped for classification review.

12. The Process after a school is awarded a show:
The host school needs to supply GIPA with a contact person. This can be a band director or a parent who is in charge of planning the event. The contact person and a GIPA eBoard member will be in direct contact throughout the planning phase, as well as, the day of the event. It is the responsibility of the GIPA eBoard member to make sure each show host is supplied with all necessary information to make the event run smoothly for the host and for GIPA.

13: Questions?
If you have any questions before sending in your application or after you have been awarded a show, please contact GIPA at gipacircuit@gmail.com.

1. Fill out the application completely. (Any incomplete applications will not be accepted.)

2. Please list your show date preferences in order of available dates with 1 being your first choice.

3. The Band Director, Principal, and Facilities Director/Athletic Director must sign the application agreeing that the school facilities are available on all dates applying for. Shows can start as early as 10am and run as late as 10pm, so please make sure there are no athletic events, musicals, plays, SAT tests, etc. that would interfere with the warmups, performance venue or contest flow.
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