Information Gathering Form for End-Users
Thank you for your interest in creating an HPC Experiment project. You can learn more about the type of projects we except at

Please enter your contact information and the details about your project. You may enter multiple projects by filling in this form for each project.

You may not have all the information that's requested on this form. Please provide as much detail as possible and enter "unknown" where you have missing information.

This information will only be shared with the members of your Team (the Team Expert, end-users, software and resource providers) and the organizers. HPC Experiment participants outside of your Team will not have access to this information.

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Ex: Simulating water flow inside a boiler
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The names and details of commercial, opensource or custom application software (Ex: Abaqus from Simulia, my own code developed in C++)
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The OS, CPU, network, storage infrastructure that this application currently runs on (Ex: Single node RHEL LInux 5.5 64-Bit, 4 socket x86, 128GB RAM, Ethernet, NetApp NAS).
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The level of expertise available within your organization to work on this project (Ex: Senior CAE design engineers, Linux system administrators)
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Additional requirements
Other than what you've specified above, what other application software, hardware, and expertise do you need to complete this project? (Ex: Infiniband external storage access, Tesla GPU, minimum 50 CPU cores, expertise in CUDA)
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