Submission for 2019 EAS Conference
“The School I’d Like” – Music Education meeting the needs of the children and young people today

We greatly appreciate your practice and/or research submission to this conference that aim to present perspectives and perceptions of music education today by those who matter most – the students. Placing their views in the centre of the debate, this conference hope to provide an evaluation of the democratic processes involved in teaching and learning music by:
- Identifying consistencies in students’ expressions of how they wish to learn music
- Highlighting particular sites where students have a voice in the music education system today
- Illustrating how the learning environment is experienced by todays’ children and young people
- Posing questions about the reconstruction of music teaching and learning for the 21st century

Please follow the instructions in the submission form, submit and join us in May 2019 in Malmö. Tell us about the music education you would like!

If you have any questions regarding your submission please review the Submission Guidelines: or contact the EAS Conference Team at:

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