Registration Form: Pride Paddle! Registration closes at 9PM on June 5, 2021.
A mellow paddle on June 6 from Hunters Point South Park public boat launch (2nd Street at Newtown Creek) to Hallets Cove. Details in earlier email.
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Name. *
Describe your kayaking experience (so that we might match novices with skilled paddlers). *
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Do you agree to be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 before the event, unless prevented by a medical condition, or to wear as mask at the event? *
Do you agree to abide by this safety note, which was included in earlier correspondence?: Safety Notes: Current CV-19 protocols. Participants will be matched in tandem kayaks by HarborLAB volunteers according to the paddling needs of the group, so competing candidates might be sharing a boat. Do not lean but rather remain centered in the boat. No horseplay (the same rules apply to adults as to the kids we serve). No alcohol, smoking, or recreational drugs. The group must stay close together in a pod with HarborLAB volunteers at point (front), sweep (back), and flanks (sides). The trip leaders instructions must be followed immediately as you might not be aware of some dangers (hazards just below the surface, ferry and barge traffic, etc.). Please convey any safety concerns, relevant medical conditions, or ailments immediately to a HarborLAB volunteer. During the cleanup please leave anything heavy, sharp, weird, or gross and we’ll report the item to park authorities. Focus on light plastics. *
Are you able to swim or tread water? All participants must wear life vests, and our volunteers will check fittings and remind participants to keep them fully clipped and zipped, but we need this information for planning. *
Do you have medical conditions that HarborLAB should know about to effectuate a rapid response? If so, please describe here. *
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