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We strive to make UZ Marketing an excellent place to work.
There's not a single ounce of doubt that the most successful organizations get that way because of the employees running the show. At UZ Marketing we recognize this fact and take it to the next level. In order to scale the business to the moon, we need our G Team (Growth Team) filled with high quality personnel.

By offering an opportunity to share in the income success of a rapidly growing company, anyone with the right drive/motivation can experience the rewards of being a business owner without the risk of costly overhead. We are committed to creating multiple 6 figure salaries by growing individuals from entry level, but this does require a very specific mindset that 95% of people do not align with. We're looking for that 5%; The people who are willing to give everything they have into this company and build it from the ground up, earning a nice salary on the way.

You don't have to come in with any experience, only the right mindset. You have to be willing to endure a lot of pain, sacrifice things, take risks, and continuously evolve. If all of that sounds like you, please continue with the application.

While this is an entry level position, we expect to give rapid raises which are based on performance. Better performance will result in better pay! Now the question is: What are you willing to do to seize the opportunity?
Employee Benefits - Let's start with reasons why it's a great place!
§Health insurance, employer pays 50% after 3 months

§13 days of PTO after the 1st year with option to cash out 10 days in december for a holiday bonus

§Aggressive pay raises for good performance

§Paid overtime

§Growth into executive team (Anyone with the right mindset and motivation can become an executive - every single one of our executive and management team started at entry level and was worked up to their current position.
Truly ask yourself, which one you are? If you're on the right, are you willing to do what it takes to get on the left?
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**Bonus Points** if you can also explain where you heard it and what it means to you - in your own words.
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