EAGx Prague 2021 Speaker Nomination Form
We are interested in hearing your ideas about who we should invite to speak at the conference. If you know someone who could give an interesting talk, organize a useful workshop or put together an important meet-up we want to hear from you.

There are several types of sessions we are planning to run at the event:
• Talks: usually 20 or 50 minute presentation with a 5-10 minute Q&A session.
• Fireside chat: 60 minute on stage discussion between the speaker and a moderator, includes questions from the audience.
• Workshops: 30 - 60 minute events focused on attendee participation.
• Discussions: 5 - 10 minute talks by multiple speakers followed by a discussion between attendees, facilitated by the speakers.
• Meetups: 60 minutes attendee driven events focused on fostering connections between attendees.

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