Code of Conduct Survey - Section 1
Section 1 is required to be read and accepted before the next Section can be initiated
1. Project Information
1.1 Title of research project:
Study of the implementation of the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards
in the South African Quantity Surveying Industry

1.2 Researcher details:
Researcher's name: Paparouzkja Botha
Department: Department of Construction Economics
Email address:

1.3 Research study description:
The main focus of this study is to identify why some practitioners in the field of quantity surveying may or may not conduct the code of conduct in an ethical and professional manner, as well as to identify whether or not the code of conduct needs to be improved.

Participation in this research study will be by means of the completion of this questionnaire, which will take approximately 30 minutes.

By completing this research questionnaire, you will be helping to research the preferences with regards to the code of conduct in the quantity surveying field.

The objective of this study is to find the balance of how some practitioners in the quantity surveying field may implement the code of conduct, are there possible gaps in the code of conduct and whether or not the current code of conduct needs to be improved.

There are no risks involved, as well as there are no health and safety implications involved. The questions are voluntary, no names or personal questions are asked in this questionnaire and no personal information should be given by any person.
2. Informed consent
2.1 I hereby voluntarily grant my permission, by simply completing the questionnaire online, for participation in the project as explained to me by Paparouzkja Botha.

2.2 The nature, objective, possible safety and health implications have been explained to me and I understand that there are no such implications and that I should not provide any personal information.

2.3 I understand that it is my right to choose whether to participate in the project and that the information furnished will be handled confidentially. I am aware that the results of the investigation may be used for the purposes of publication.
I have read the above mentioned consent information and I hereby: *
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