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Welcome to TCM Tests Bookmark Beta!

We are excited to share this beta research opportunity! We are looking for feedback on our new bookmark feature in exchange for 1 extra day on the site. 

This beta test will be completed independently using a pre-set test and will only take 15-30 minutes. The session is open now and will close Friday May 19, 2023.

To redeem your reward: 

  1. Read detailed instructions and complete the user guide attached to this form (email the completed guide back to the researcher at
  2. Please complete each activity and thoroughly answer follow up questions. 

Testing Instructions:

Please use a computer and either Chrome or Firefox. You will be instructed to download an extension; you can learn more below:

  • The Loop11 extension lets you participate in usability tests & is only active whilst completing a test for which you’ve opted in.
  • The extension will lay dormant and will only be active during a usability test which you have opted in to. 
  • A test will only begin after you have been given a specific URL and instructions on how to begin the test.
  • The Loop11 extension will stop once the test is completed or exited.
  • The extension will ask to record your screen and voice for our research purposes. We never share your data; any recordings are for our internal use only.

You can begin the test and share your thoughts now by using the link found in the user guide: User Guide: TCM Tests Bookmark Beta

Thank you for your support, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Stephanie, UX Designer & Researcher.

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