Grant Request Form: Africa Study Bibles for Pastors
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Program Outline
If approved for the program, Oasis will solicit funds for the distribution of Africa Study Bibles to pastors and leaders in Africa. Oasis will be distributing these copies through trusted organizations that train and equip men and women. By filing out this form, you are requesting to be one of the organizations to distribute Africa Study Bibles to pastors and leaders.
Please explain why your organization should be considered to receive donated Africa Study Bibles. *
To whom will the Bibles go and how will they be distributed? *
By what date will all the Bibles be distributed? *
How will receiving Africa Study Bibles promote and empower your ministry? *
How many Bibles are needed for your organization? *
For this program it is advised that students or partners pay for a portion of the costs. How much are you able to contribute per Bible in US dollars? The more you can contribute, the more likely your application will be approved. *
Provide us with the names, emails, and phone numbers for three or more people, churches, or ministries that could help publicize this opportunity. *
Please provide 5 pictures including your building, students/staff, and programs. *
Should my organization be chosen:
I agree to send pictures, testimonials, and a thank you note to the donor to Oasis International at, including quotations from specific people within 30 days of the delivery of Bibles. I give Oasis and the Africa Study Bible permission to use these pictures and testimonials in promotion, marketing, social media, and other uses.

I agree to pick up the Africa Study Bibles at Oasis' warehouse in my country (if available) or pay for shipping to my location.

By providing my name in the section below I am agreeing to the above stipulations. I have agreed to submit this application by electronic means. I understand that an electronic signature has the same legal effect and can be enforced in the same way as a written signature. *
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