U2 Conference 2018 Delegate Feedback
Please complete this short, 10-minute survey to tell us about your experience at the U2 Conference 2018. The first six questions are required, needing you to only check an answer box. There are then six questions that are optional for you to write your feedback if you wish. A final, optional question is for you to share a comment for us to post online if you wish.

We appreciate your replies and will use your feedback to help make the next conference better for you. Your replies for questions #1-11 will go to the planning team only and will not be shared otherwise. If you answer question #12, we will share your comment online. Thank you!

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1. How would you rate the programming you experienced in person compared with how it was advertised online? *
2. How would you rate the overall pace, flow and structure of the conference schedule over the 2.5 days? *
3. How would you rate the overall content offered on the schedule over the 2.5 days? *
4. How would you rate the usefulness of the conference website for helping you plan to attend the conference (timely and relevant info. about speakers, events, accommodations, maps, etc.)? *
5. How would you rate the overall communication and clarity about the conference in emails from the director and social media posts? *
6. How would you rate the value of the conference programming compared with the registration fee? *
7. Please comment here if you wish to provide context or explanation for an answer above, particularly if you had a fair or poor experience.
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8. Please describe any elements of the conference that you found particularly rewarding or valuable.
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9. Please describe any elements of the conference that you felt could be improved (schedule, speakers, events, location, costs, etc.). We appreciate hearing about anything small or big that you think would improve your next U2 Conference experience.
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10. Overall, was the conference programming interesting enough to hold your attention for all sessions? (And if you also attended the U2 Conference in 2009 and/or 2013, which one has been the most interesting for you and why?)
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11. We are very interested in setting a fair registration fee for the next U2 Conference. For what you received in Belfast, do you feel you paid too much, enough, or too little for the 2018 conference? Do you have a suggestion for a fee scheme for the next U2 Conference?
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12. Would you like to share a comment about your conference experience that we could post on the website and share on social media? By sharing a comment here, you are giving us permission to post your comment with your name. Thank you!
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Thank you for your feedback on the 2018 U2 Conference in Belfast. We appreciate your replies and are looking forward to seeing you again at the next U2 Conference.
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