Paola Farmers Market Vendor Registration Form
Brought to you by Discover Historic Paola and the Paola Lions Club.

Market dates for the 2020: Saturdays, May 16 through August 22, except
Memorial Day Weekend (May 23), the Heartland Car Show (June 13), and July 4th.
The market runs from 6 PM to 9 PM. Music on the Square begins at 7:30 PM.
The registration fee for the 2020 season is $50.

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Paola Farmers Market Rules & Terms
• The vendor is expected to treat all other Vendors with mutual respect.

• Market operations are managed by the Discover Historic Paola (DHP) Association. The vendor is expected to afford a reasonable respect of command to the managing DHP Official during market hours.

• The vendor shall abide by the decisions and instructions of the managing DHP Official during the market; in the event of an incident, further resolution of dispute between a vendor and DHP shall occur after market hours.

• The vendor shall live within a 50-mile radius of Paola’s Park Square.

• The predominance of goods the vendor offers shall be produced by the vendor, household, or farm.

• The vendor is responsible for their own market space, tables, and signs. Vendor space may not cross into sidewalk space. All sidewalk space must remain clear and passable.

• The vendor is responsible for set-up and break-down of their market space. The vendor shall ensure their market space is clean and clear of debris after break-down of their space.

• The vendors may station their vehicle in a parking space on the Square for the short periods of set-up and break-down of their market space. Outside of set-up and break-down, the vendor shall park in municipal lots off the Square during market hours.

• DHP provides internet promotions and other web resources to the vendor as value added to the operation of the weekly market. These services are supplemental and not guaranteed under the registration fee.

• The vendor shall read and abide by the Kansas State Farmers Market Regulations and Best Practices:

• The vendor is encouraged to sell by unit or a labeled price. To be used for sale pricing, scales are required to be certified for trade by the Kansas Division of Weights and Measurements.

• The vendor agrees that, while participating with the Market, Discover Historic Paola or its officers, members, or agents; the Paola Lions Club or its officers, members, or agents; and the City of Paola or its officers, employees, or agents shall not be held responsible or liable for any personal property damage, loss, or physical injury of any kind that the vendor or its associates may incur while operating at the market.

• Any exceptions to these Rules & Terms is at the sole discretion of the DHP Official at the market; dispute over any such exception shall be resolved after market hours, as indicated in #3 above. DHP reserves the right to remove a vendor from the market for any reason.
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