Request for Live Calls and Petition to U.S. Senators on Healthcare: Don't pass the BCRA
Let us be your voice!

If you are concerned about the Trump/McConnell BCRA health care bill that is being rushed through the Senate, sign this petition - we'll go to offices of Senators in DC in person to tell them your views. YOU CAN ALSO SIGN UP AT THE END TO ARRANGE FOR A PHONE CALL WITH A STAFFER IN YOUR SENATOR'S DC OFFICE.

If you live in Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Kentucky Louisiana, Maine, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, or West Virginia, your senator's vote is likely to decide whether the Senate passes a bill that will strip health care away from millions of Americans. Senate Republicans are trying to push the bill through before the August recess, without any hearings to uncover the effects and disregarding the score from the Congressional Budget Office, which is essential to understand how much the bill will cost and how many Americans will be affected.

If your address doesn't match the state of the senator you selected, we won't be able to add you to the petition for that senator.

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I live in [your state]. This BCRA/Trumpcare bill would take away health care from millions of Americans, cut the Medicaid program, increase premiums, and allow states to get rid of protections for people with pre-existing conditions. All that to give hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the wealthy. This is unacceptable.
Do not support this bill. You should only support a bill that will guarantee that no one will lose coverage, that will not cut the Medicaid program, and that has received a score from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) that shows that no Americans will lose coverage. The current health care system can be improved by providing more assistance to Americans to purchase coverage or participate in Medicaid. The Senate must proceed carefully with hearings to fully examine the effects of any bill.
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Have you been able to reach a live person to discuss your views on the Health Care Bill when you call your Senator's office in DC? (To try calling look up the number here: If you reach someone, tell your personal story about how the BCRA would hurt you, your family or your friends) *
Are you interested in talking to a staff member in your Senator's DC Office? If so we will try to call you using our phones when we are in their DC offices and put you on with a live staff member. We make visits between 10:30am - 5:30pm EDT, so let us know days of the week and times of days you are typically available. *
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Note about Deliveries and Requests for Calls
If only a few constituents sign for a particular senator, we will have to hold the petition to that senator until we get more signatures. So please forward this to your in-state friends so they can sign too. (and of course, forward to friends in other states as well!).

If you have said you'll be available for a call, THANK YOU! We will do our best to arrange it but we may not have resources to meet all requests. If you don't hear from us but really want to do a call, send an email to and we'll try to make you a priority.

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