Strangers in Colour is a unique event designed to bring strangers together in a powerful and immersive experience of human connection.

You will be blindfolded and paired with a stranger and then encouraged to have a conversation that goes deeper, that allows you to ‘see’ this person for who they are. We will have question prompts that help you scratch below the surface and uncover their story like, ‘What makes you come alive?’, ‘What is your greatest suffering?’, ‘What does your dream life look like?’, ‘What is your story?’ etc. You will then be separated from your partner, your blindfold will be removed, and you will be asked to create a piece of art to represent what you ‘saw’ in this person. The idea isn’t to create a masterpiece but instead to take some time to connect with a stranger, and to slowly soak in your experience, through the immersive activity of creating a piece of art. The paintings could be strokes of wild color, an imagined portrait or anything that the creative mind can come up with. At the end of the event, you will be introduced to your partner, now without blindfolds and you will finally ‘see’ the person you captured in color.

These experiments in human connection are designed to help us break past stereotypes, stigma and conditioning. We hope to make people pause, connect and perhaps discover a little bit of ‘sameness’. Moments of human connection have the potential to unlock deep compassion for one another and compassionate hearts can change the world.

Date: Saturday, 2nd December
Time: 3pm to 6pm
Venue: Dialogues Cafe, JP Nagar, Bangalore
Contribution: Rs.1000/- (Includes art supplies and snacks)

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