Parent Midterm Evaluation
Mountain Crest High School - Couldn't be Prouder
Class *
My Student is in the following class or program (If in multiple classes, please do a separate survey for each class)
Objective *
Please explain in your own words what you understand to be the Main Objective or Purpose of this Course
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Satisfaction *
Indicate yours and your students overall satisfaction with this course
Horrible - Waste of Time
Exceptional - Great Value
Student Discussion *
Does your student discuss with you what they are learning in my class?
Likes and Dislikes *
Has you student indicated things they like or dislike about my class. What do you as a parent like or dislike about what they class is offering or not offering
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Change *
If you could offer ways to change or improve on this class, what would it be?
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Teacher Grade *
As a teacher, what grade would you give me (A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, F=1)
Failing with a lot of Improvement
A = Like what I do (Still have areas to improve)
Teacher Change *
What can I do to personally help Students, Parent Communication, and the Learning environment
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