Wikipedia Research Survey
**By participating in this survey, you consent to the transfer of the information you submit to the Wikimedia Foundation in the United States and elsewhere. The information collected is for internal research purposes only and will not be publicly associated with your identity. However, we may share the results of this survey with the public in anonymized or aggregated forms.**
The majority of the time, I access Wikipedia: *
How often do you access Wikipedia as a reader/researcher per week? *
I use Wikipedia mostly for: *
Have you ever edited Wikipedia before? *
If you answered no to the above question, do you have any interest in editing Wikipedia?
Are too many hyperlinks on a web page distracting to you? *
A hyperlink, or simply a link, is a reference to data that the reader can directly follow either by clicking, tapping, or hovering.
Have you ever cited Wikipedia? *
Please visit The Wikipedia Library page ( and Wikipedia: Research Help (, and explore each. Which page do you find most useful for research purposes? *
Please explain why you chose the above page. *
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Have you ever accessed either of these pages before today? *
Please explain why or why not. *
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Do you think that either page would be useful to Wikipedia readers? *
Would you use any of the resources on ‚ÄčThe Wikipedia Library Page or the Wikipedia: Research Help page if you need to verify information? *
If Wikipedia were to link either of these help-based pages to every Wikipedia page, where would you like to see this non-editable link placed? *
Currently, the Research Help page hypertext reads: "Wikipedia:Research help." If you feel there is a better way to encourage people to visit the help resources page, please suggestion an alternative to this text in the Other section below. *
Why do you use Wikipedia for research instead of your public or university library's Articles and Databases resource? *
Why do you use Wikipedia for research instead of another online encyclopedic resource? *
What is your current job position? *
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Age? *
If you have received an Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate from a college or university, please specify what the concentrations of each were? If none, please write N/A. *
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What would you classify as your most persistent information need? *
This can be something you use for self or to supply others with information for their needs.
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Other Comments?
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