"Believe in the Impossible because we do" ~ Love, Pink 2020 team
V nation is a new nation consisting of 120 Oceanic man-made, positionable island cities for 70,000,000 citizens from 120 nations powered by clean, renewable, advanced-futuristic-civilization /v\Fusion technology. V citizens receive 100% criminal and 100% debt forgiveness, gracious monthly living allowance. Plus free access to top medical, education, clean air, healthy food, pure drinking water, and ocean-view accommodations.

Each V nation city cube island is 3### meters x 3### meters x 3### meters built and constructed in # months. Sixty 747 airplanes can land and take off simultaneously. Our new technological advanced manufacturing system is capable of producing one aircraft sized object or a 2000 feet(length) x 500 feet(wide) x 150 feet (deep) object in less than 24 hours costing $90 to $270 million. ~ V nation team

244 years ago, America's founders were unhappy with their country so they started a new nation. The Architecture of V Nation is not happy with their country so they'are starting a new nation. Minus the wars, bloodshed, and genocide of millions of native Indians that it took to create America.

V nation will have no military, no police, no jails. V nations protection provided by a coalition of 12 nations( USA excluded) equipped with new future, out-of-this-world offense, and defense technology that is light years ahead of anything that is currently known to any government.

Pink 2020 bracelet bearers receive a lifetime, transferable, sellable** V Nation visa-passport. Only 120 of the 2400 reported world's billionaires will receive V nation citizenship. The remaining 90% of earth's billionaires and their families will be exiled, imprisoned, or enslaved.

The current admission fee for approved and accepted billionaires into V nation is $40,000,000,000 Billion American USA Dollars. Thank you Google's founders. You've been granted V nation citizenship. Billy G(Bill Gates) of Microsoft is forever exiled from V nation and V nation's trading partners. After 11-11-2020 you can sell your certified bracelets on V nation's exchange. Upon sale, V nation receives 10% of the transaction value.

Pink is the universal color of love. 2020 means perfect; like Perfect 2020 vision. Do not share a photo of your bracelet on any social media platform. Do not share PINK 2020 information on any social platform. Doing so could get you permanently blacklisted from V Nation forever.

The official Pink 2020 bracelet gives you permission into V's private parties. Attendees receive $50d000 in V gifts. If under 18, must be accompanied by a responsive, trustworthy(NO PEDOPHILES) adult, preferably a human, aliens OK :)Each bracelet is equipped with new vDNA identification technology. Bracelets missing vDNA technology are considered fakes, knock-offs, copycats, worthless, not entitled to anything.

We advise you to check it every day for updates, news, alerts, actions. Any person in any country found protesting unpeacefully or disrespecting officials, including police, will forever be exiled and blacklisted from V nation.


Pink 2020 World Peace Tour Schedule
PINK 2020 Bracelet
The first 420 at each A Night of Pink event receive a V-unique technology v420$ coin, valued at $420000 US dollars. one limited edition t-shirts valued at $60. An out-of-print book, limited edition valued at $100. A lifetime, sellable, transferable video subscription valued at $7K Plus, two tickets to the Guinness Worlds Record-setting 1111 High Energy 420 Electronic Techno Dance Music 30-day Festival (valued at $1500).
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