"I desire world peace, do you?" ~ love,  Mr. Pink

"If you desire world peace, you are my friend and God's too.

I challenge all 2024 Presidential candidates and their sidekick-running mates to a death race across Central America. I challenge Trump and his three sons to a 4 on 1 death-cage fight. Trump and his three sons fight me in a death cage match. Let God decide who should be the next US President."   ~ love Mr. Pink the boldest and sexiest  2024 US Presidential Candidate ever!  #wwwVOTE4PINKcom

The political landscape often presents us with a choice between red or blue, between candidates like Biden and Trump, but what's often overlooked is who truly serves whom. 

I, Mr. PINK, refuse to serve any particular group.  And, I encourage you to do the same. Voting for red or blue is effectively endorsing the agendas that ultimately serve the interests of a powerful few, not the American people.

A vote for red or blue is a dangerous step towards potential nuclear conflict, manipulated by a few in power both in America and the Middle East. But a vote for Pink represents a commitment to world peace and a better life for all Americans.

Imagine gasoline priced at just $1, and essential utilities like water, gas, and electricity fixed at $100 a month. That's the change I, Mr. PINK, will strive to bring about. Don't settle for the status quo. Join me in voting for Pink, for a brighter future for us all. 

In the realm of politics, the options often seem limited to red or blue, embodied by figures like Biden and Trump, both seemingly serving interests that may not align with the greater good of the American people.

A vote for blue or red is essentially a nod to agendas that may prioritize the interests of certain groups over others, potentially leading to further division and conflict. Mr. Pink stands apart from this dynamic. Mr. Pink refuses to serve any particular group and urges you, your family, and your friends to do the same.

Instead, I, mr. Pink pledge to serve the American people and uphold the values of Jesus, my lord and savior. A vote for Pink signifies a commitment to peace and progress, starting with fundamental changes like affordable gasoline and fixed utilities.

Why Pink, you might ask? It's not about gender or sexual orientation; Pink symbolizes universal love. Pink embodies this love and aims to spread it to every corner of the globe.

As a token of appreciation for your support, the first 1.44 million US registered voters that donate to the Mission of H.O.P.E.  charity shall receive dual passport citizenship to Valantis Nation

Let's vote for love, unity, and a better tomorrow. #VOTE4PINK #wwwVOTE4PINKcom

America stands at the precipice of a catastrophic nuclear conflict, a fate orchestrated by the collective failures of past and present US Presidents, both Democrat and Republican. As the sole Independent  Presidential candidate with a comprehensive plan for world peace, I offer a beacon of H.O.P.E. ensuring prosperity for every American—men, women, and children. 

Should I fail to secure victory, the specter of war will descend upon our nation, claiming millions of lives and enslaving those who remain. Our staggering national debt, amounting to $98,000 per American, including our innocent children, shackles us to a future of servitude. Debt is a form of modern-day slavery, where lives can be bought for a mere pittance in certain corners of the globe.

A vote cast in my favor is not merely a political choice; it is a declaration of faith in freedom—for yourself, for your children, and for generations yet unborn. Together, let us defy the looming darkness and forge a path towards a future where liberty reigns supreme.

In the pursuit of leadership, I extend a challenge to all candidates of the 2024 Presidential race and their running mates: a test of courage and resilience, a death-race across the expanse of Central America. Let us embark on a journey where the victor shall rightfully claim the mantle of the Presidency. 

Furthermore, I extend a specific challenge to former President Trump and his sons – a test of strength and will in a one versus four showdown. Let us settle our differences in a death cage match, allowing the hand of fate to determine the outcome, for in the end, it is God who shall guide us to the rightful path of leadership.

I am Mr. Pink, a candidate bold in vision and unyielding in resolve. I embrace the color pink as a universal symbol of love, and in 2020, I see not just the year, but a perfect vision for our world – a vision of love, harmony, and peace, which I believe to be the divine plan.

As the next President of the United States, I stand before you with a vision, not just for our nation, but for the entire world. I extend my hand in friendship to those who desire peace, for they are not only my allies but also allies of the divine. To those who choose a path of conflict, know that you stand against the very fabric of our shared destiny.

As President, alongside my beloved wife, I pledge to the citizens of the United States the following promises:

  • Gasoline priced at $1 per gallon, easing the burden on every American.

  • The option for a new identity, complete with a new social security number and name, for those who seek it. 100 million Americans identity have been stolen. 

  • Complete debt forgiveness, encompassing medical, credit card, tax debts, education loans, and more.

  • Expungement of all criminal records, excluding those of convicted sex offenders, granting a fresh start to millions.

  • A new credit system with a perfect score of 800, empowering individuals financially.

  • A reduction of military spending by 80%, reallocating military personnel towards civilian support roles.

  • Free healthcare, including dental

  • Legalization of 420, with regulated, high-quality products available at $420 a pound.

  • Utilization of advanced technology to secure borders, rendering physical walls obsolete

  • Implementation of A.M.E.N. (Atomic Micro Energy Network), slashing American's electricity bills by 80% and reducing carbon emissions significantly.

  • Establishment of English as the national language, with proficiency required for new  American passports.

  • Dissolution of the Federal Reserve, resulting in substantial savings for American taxpayers.

  • $5000  for every  American voter upon the end of the Federal Reserve.

  • Halving the number of federal and state employees.

  • Construction of 25 carbon-neutral, self-sufficient super communities for 50 million Americans.

  • Complete transparency, offering public access to all aspects of my life, with optional paid subscriptions for intimate(bedroom/bathroom) access.

  • Nationalization to employee-owned critical industries and companies for national security purposes.

  • Negotiation with Israel for the return of all U.S. military assets, or reclaiming them with divine assistance.

  • Terraforming and the colonization of the moon for 14 billion citizens

  • Collaboration with global powers to implement the R.E.D. (Reciprocal Energy Dependency) plan, fostering peace and sustainability.

  • Construction of Ocean One, a $5 billion humanitarian ship capable of sheltering 1.44 million Americans during national disasters. The first 144,000 US voters to cast their digital vote for me receive a  boarding pass. Currently the US Government is spending $15 billion on 5 nuclear planes that only accommodate 200 people. 

  • Reduction of incarceration costs to under $500 per inmate per month, redirecting funds to education and rehabilitation programs. Currently our government spends $40,000 a year on inmates and about $7000 on students. 

My stance on abortion, if it has a heartbeat no abortion.

My stance on illegals, if you entered into this country illegally, you are illegal. Just as I would be illegal in 120 other countries including Mexico.

Together, let us embark on a journey towards a brighter future, guided by love, compassion, and the pursuit of peace for all humanity. United we thrive, divided we die. UNITED,  we shall realize the perfect vision of PINK2020, fulfilling God's plan for a world free from strife and filled with boundless opportunity.

Allow me to share a glimpse into my background. I hail from Michigan, where I was raised alongside two sisters by our parents, who have celebrated 50 years of marriage—a testament to enduring love. My sisters, collectively sharing 50 years of matrimonial bliss, have been pillars of support throughout my journey.

However, my childhood was marred by relentless bullying, a trial that shaped my resilience for adulthood. From kindergarten to high school, I endured taunts and ridicule, even from some of my own teachers, who subjected me to humiliation. Despite these challenges, I emerged stronger, determined to forge my own path.

At the age of 17, I graduated high school and eagerly enlisted in the US Navy as a Nuclear Engineer. Regrettably, an adverse reaction to cleaning chemicals led to my discharge. Undeterred, I pursued higher education, earning two associate degrees and two bachelor degrees within three years. 

Transitioning into the world of computer consulting, I honed my skills, eventually becoming a Microsoft Certified Instructor with over 50 advanced computer certifications. Yet, amid my pursuit of wealth and pleasure, a profound transformation occurred.

In my teens, I embraced atheism, but in 2004, my life took an unexpected turn. A chance encounter with a South African woman blossomed into a deep connection, leading to marriage. Shortly thereafter, I experienced a spiritual awakening that altered the trajectory of my life.

Surrendering to a higher calling, I abandoned my aspirations to be the greatest porn producer of all time and dedicated myself to a new purpose. Inspired by divine guidance, I established the largest mobile pet photography studio in the world, capturing the essence of over 10,000 beloved pets across 35 states.

It's a journey that still bewilders me—how a former atheist and aspiring porn producer from the Caribbean could be chosen to facilitate world peace and usher in God's divine plan for Heaven On Planet Earth (H.O.P.E.).

I am the architect of Mission of H.O.P.E., a twenty-year endeavor orchestrated by God's divine wisdom and foresight. Empowered by God's guidance, innovative technologies, and rapid building processes, this visionary plan aims to transform our world within a decade.

In just 20 years, over 10 billion people will enjoy abundant leisure time, receiving essential provisions such as free water, electricity, housing, and food—all integral components of God's design. Those who contribute a minimum of $10 monthly will be among the first to embark on the journey to Moontopia/Earth 2.0—a testament to faith, unity, and the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

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What Does God Want?

What does God want? The same thing God has wanted from the beginning of time, to dwell among his creation. God’s desire is clearly revealed in Genesis and Revelations. God wants to dwell among HIS creation - his people - forever and ever in an eternal paradise on Earth. God wants to live forever with humans in Heaven On Planet Earth. 

Before the fall of man, what was God doing? God was spending time in paradise with Adam and Eve. With who? His creation. Us, humans.  Where? On earth. In the Garden of Eden

Genesis 3:8 And they heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day: and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God amongst the trees of the garden 

The fall of man, man’s sin, separated man from God, and God from man. As much as we want to be with God, God wants to be with us. Thankfully Jesus reconciled man back to God. 

In Genesis 1:28 And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it.   God’s first commandment to Adam and Eve was to go and multiply. God is saying in Genesis 1:28, I want more children on Earth so I can dwell with them. 

Matthew 6:10  Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.  In Matthew 6, Jesus commands us, his children, to create, manifest, bring-down Heaven On Planet Earth. Matthew 18:1-5 And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.   God wants his creation to be children. Children don't work, children play ALL DAY. Amen!

Revelations 21 3 And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Look! God’s dwelling place is now among the people, and he will dwell with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God. 4 ‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’[b] or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”  Revelations 21 clearly states that God comes back to Earth and dwells forever on Heaven On  EARTH with US - his last and greatest  creation.

What would Heaven On Planet Earth look like? First, it would be a world at peace, no wars. Next it would be a world where people did NOT work or just a few hours a week. Unlike the average American who works 170 hours a month. Did Adam and Eve work in the Garden of Eve? No. Every believing man, woman, and child would have PLENTY OF food, water, shelter without the need to work.  AI, robots, and technology could do all the work for humans. From farming to house cleaning, technology would free humans. It is EVIL people that enslaved humans to work, not God. 

Is Heaven On Planet Earth possible? YES! Luke 1:37 For nothing shall be impossible with God. 

The sun provides enough energy in one hour to power the entire Earth for a year. There’s enough land on earth to give every human 30 soccer fields of farmable land. Through desalination, oceans contain enough drinking water to last millions of years. GOOGLE THESE FACTS. God created a planet of abundance for all living souls on Earth. Evil people create a planet of scarcity. 

It is every believer's responsibility to usher in Heaven On Planet Earth as stated in Matthew 6. Tithes to churches were supposed to build God’s kingdom on Earth. Sadly, less than 3% of tithes go outside the four walls of churches.  God has given me, a former aspiring Caribbean porn producer, the divine plans to bring about world peace and usher in HOPE - Heaven On Planet Earth. 

God's H.O.PE. plan entails a new nation called Valantis Nation for all of Earth's citizens. The plan is divided into five stages over 15 years. The first stage starts with a nomadic group of 144 bolder doers. The second stage includes two land based universities for 144,000 global students. The third stage includes the construction of GC1, a floating island city for 1.44 million people. GC1 produces cities for the fourth stage. The fourth stage includes 120 oceanic cities for 144 million people. These cities are connected via Ambilika , a high speed underwater transportation system. The 120 cities shall supply energy and fresh water for the entire world. 

The fifth stage includes populating Earth 2.0, a  second earth. God gave me divine instructions on how to terraform the moon into a second Earth. God's terraforming instructions were confirmed by NASA to be true. EARTH 2.0 shall support tens of billions of people. God also gave me the wisdom to build a space elevator that can lift a mega cruise ship to the edge of space.

Those who oppose God’s H.O.P.E. plan are pure evil and shall face God's wrath. Those who support and help implement HOPE shall be blessed, favored, and dwell with God forever. 

144 creative people from around the world will come together and form the world's first employee-owned film studio and worlds' first mobile community. 10% of the profits shared by 144 coworkers, 90% of profits go to fund  level 2, Castle V University Cancun/Mauritius. Apply at: www.SoultainmentStudios.com 
PINK BRACELET BEARERS - All generations of authentic, verified PINK BRACELETS are entitled to a  four-year, full-ride education at Valantis University at either the Mauritius or Cancun campus. 
Future Prophecies, Inventions, Visions

 12,000 New Mauritian police force shall soon receive a huge pay increase from 60,000 rupees to 135,000 rupees per month wages when the new international University launches in Mauritius. Castle V Mauritius University shall open in 2026 for 144,000 international and local students. 72,000 students receive free tuition while the remaining tuition starts at $50,000 a year. The university will have the largest floating 144,000 seating all sports stadium arena. Students will converse and learn in their native tongue with the university's patented technology. The campus will generate its own electricity and fresh water. Students’ poop is turned into fertilizer and energy. The university is a for profit organization with first year revenue predicted to be over $15 billion. All students receive new dual citizenship to Valantis nation. The architect of Mauritius University and Valantis Nation happens to be a 2024 Independent US Presidential candidate

AtomicPowder Drone Advanced-AI MiAmigo (ADAM), a drone that can continually fly for 24 hours a day for five years without recharging. It can stream 4k Video from 7 miles with a100 teraflops AI chip. Operates underwater and at 65000 ft altitudes. It comes with a tamper-proof, recycle atomic battery. Similar to the battery found in a 1960's atomic heart pacemaker. The vTech battery provides 24/7 continuous flight at 50% power for five years. 
Satellite/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/vX1 communications/6G. Six copper-less motors with burst lift power up to 10 hp. Equipped with  two 360  LIDAR cameras with a range of 60 foot. Fast All-directional avoidance system, 8k 360 cameras, thermal/Night Vision/200x zoom. A bullet proof shell. Loud speaker. 7 days onboard 4k video storage. Unlimited cloud storage**   
EMP protected, jam proof.  Personal upgrades include;… a stun gun maximum 8 people @ 30 feet ,  8 hour sleep darts maximum 8 people @ 30 feet, 10-gram rapid fire powder-less rounds , 30ft flame thrower, robotic arms shipping in 2026. All purchasers of ADAM shall sign a security agreement and code of ethics.  
ADAM was developed by Mr. Pink

V nation architect, Mr. Pink developed a  space launch system to launch giant V spaceships 100 times bigger than SpaceX's Starship to the moon without dangerous, poisonous rocket fuels. This space system does not use flames, thus no heat signature.

soulprayneur - an entrepreneur for God's kingdom
Mission of H.O.P.E.
The sun provides enough energy in one hour to power the entire world for a year. There's enough renewable atomic energy in the oceans to power the world for over 500,000 years. There’s enough land on earth to give every human 30 fields of farmable land. Through desalination, oceans contain enough drinking water to last millions of years. Google it, it is all true! There is no need to war over Earth's resources. Why? Because, we have a planet of abundance for all living souls.

So, why don’t we have world peace?  Evil people cause poverty, starvation, global pollution, wars, and destruction. Evil people destroy. Evil people enslave people.  Fear is evil's greatest weapon. Evil promotes a planet that's resource-scarce.

Regarding cures.  We have natural cures for diseases and cancers found in plants, flowers, sea creatures, ocean plants, snake venom. Big pharma don’t want us to know this because BIG Pharma make BIG profits off of sick people. Our government, doctors and insurance companies also profit from off of sick.We have a planet of  natural cures for all sicknesses.  It is Evil people that put profits before people.

Evil promotes lies to instill fear in mankind. Evil uses fear to enslave Earth's citizens.  It is absolutely mind-blowing to think we don’t have world peace. It's not GOD's fault that we don’t have world peace, it's EVIL fault. Don't believe in God? That's OK, I didn't believe in God for half my life.

"God created a planet of abundance for every living soul.  Evil people paint a world of scarcity. It's time to eradicate evil from Earth. #EradicateEvilFromEarth" V Nation is a new nation for 14 billion of Earth's global citizens from 200 countries living on 120 Self-sustainable, Environmentally-friendly Oceanic cities and Moontopia - a terraformed moon.  Each V city will have a permanent population of 1.2 million and can accommodate up to 12 million visitors. Each V citizen can choose to have dual citizenship, or not. Cities are powered by A.M.E.N. Atomic Micro Energy Network 

Estimated cost to build the 120 cities plus Ambilika is one trillion dollars. This is based on Mr. Pink's new advanced building techniques. Otherwise it would cost 100 trillion dollars or more to build. Ambilika is an aquatic transportation system connecting V cities. Ambilika delivers people, food, water, and energy at 700 mph+

The starting wealth for V Nation comes from several sources. First, one trillion dollars will come from 120 generous billionaires. The the world's remaining 2300 billionaires shall NEVER be granted V citizenship. The second source of funding is from the sale of V nation passports which will generate another trillion dollars. Half of the V passports shall be given out freely. Third funding source is for atomic presale energy to 190 countries for another trillion dollars.

Adult V citizen shall only work 5 hours a week. How is this possible? We'll accomplish this with technology, AI, and robotic automatic. V citizens can expect their life expectancy to double to 240 years of age based on a study conducted by Israeli scientists.

"We have a planet of abundance, EVIL people lie and say we don't. It's time to eliminate  Earth's evil people s " ~ the architect of V Nation

Over 200 years ago, America's founders were unhappy with their country so they started a new country.  I am not not happy with my country(USA) so I have started  V nation, minus the wars and genocide of tens of millions of native Indians it took to colonize America. Instead of rebelling and protesting against the US government, evil people, evil institutions, we'll have our own country. Thank you very much! We'll partner with countries that truly desire peace, freedom, and happiness.

H.O.P.E. is broken down in five stages. The fifth stage is the terraforming of the moon which will allow billions to colonize the moon. Twenty-four hours after God gave me the  plans to terraform the moon, God's plans were confirmed to work by NASA. Terraforming the moon will create a second Earth-like planet that will support life for billions of people.

V cities shall be located 12 miles off the coast  - in international waters - of major coastal cities; like, Cape Town, Durban, Cancun, Dubai. The 120 V nation cities shall be connected via Ambilika, a high-speed Aquatic transportation system.

Ambilika can deliverer people, food, energy,  supplies, drinking water at speeds over 700+ mph. Every V city shall produce enough power and water to support 12 million coastal-city residents. Combined,  V nation shall supply billions with water and electric.  With water and electrical people can grow food.

V citizens shall receive education, housing,  entertainment, transportation, food, water, energy for working 8 hours per week. Leveraging AI and tech Valathians will work 80% less than the average American.

The billionaire's names are forever written in history as the founding fathers of V nation and the bearers of H.O.P.E. V Nation's founding billionaires shall share a percentage V nation's wealth for 99 years.  Earth's remaining billionaires and their families shall forever be exiled from Heaven On Planet Earth.

Martin Luther King wrote, "Fear is the biggest issue society faces"  Evil, fearful people also spread fear and lies that the world needs a population reduction. The world doesn't need a population reduction, the world needs #REMOVEEVILPEOPLE

V nation's five governing principles. 1) Don't hurt yourself or others and 2) do things that are fun or prosperous; preferably in a group   3) live an absence of fear life and help other to do so  4) believe nothing is impossible 5) share all and care for all

V nation's five purposes are... 1)  To end all human starvation, suicide, and modern-day slavery   2) to help youth around the world achieve their BOLD dreams 3)  to financially support those who have the heart to serve those that are less fortunate 4) R.E.D. Plan R.eciprocal E.nergy D.ependency provides the world with clean, affordable energy  to produce healthy food and drinking water.  5) to bring about world peace.

V nation will have no prisons, no military, no police. V citizens are not imprisoned, instead, they are exiled based on a 75% majority in-person, public community vote.  Bad apples are simply exiled, put in a little dingy with 7  days of provisions.  The future exiled person is allowed to choose one person to exile with them. V nation's protection is provided by a Coalition Of Countries & Kingdoms  (COCKS).   COCKS is equipped with V nation offense/defense technology that is light years ahead of all known technology. 

 V nation citizenship benefits  1) new identities; age, name 2) 100% debt/criminal forgiveness 3) Free education, medical and housing 4) Shared Wealth. A percentage of V Nation's wealth is shared among  V citizens, the remaining goes to help the world  5) Double the life expectancy to 240+ years. V nation  is citizen-owned and citizen-managed.

V's wealth goes towards the following five things... 1) To pay for free food, medical, education, and housing for V's citizens 2)  R&D technology inventions  3) building, infrastructure & maintenance 4)  entrepreneurship   5) providing for those in need around the world.

With Valantis's new rapid building system, Valantis can build 10 to 1000 times faster, cheaper, and bigger.
V's first project is a university for 144,000 full-time global students, The campus generates its own energy and drinking water for students and the surrounding communities  Students communicate in real-time, in their native languages with our tech. We have the tech to build 120 Navy-Aircraft-carrier-sized objects per month at 95% less the cost. 1 gram of V-energy powers an 80,000 lbs semi-truck for 100,000 miles.

The AOF Life by Mr. PINK

If you were about to take your last breaths of life would you be able to say, “ I had a great and happy life? I have no regrets? I accomplished my dreams”? Unfortunately, only 1 out of 10 can say this on their deathbed. The other nine died with regrets according to thousands of hospice interviews.

There’s one sinister thing that causes 90% of people to die unhappy and unreached dreams. This One Thing destroys more dreams than anything else in this world. One Thing is the biggest destroyer of lives, relationships, businesses, success, and people’s health. This ONE THING causes all the wars, poverty, and destruction in the world. The great news is, we weren’t born with One Thing.

That One Thing happens to have a name and its name is FEAR. Today, you can choose to overcome it. The world has made FEAR palpable disguising its sinister real name with the word STRESS. Every day, all day, around the world people say, "I'm stressed out." Wake up world! Stress is FEAR!

421 school shootings have occurred at US schools since the 1999 Columbine School massacre. Fear(stress) is the sole, sinister reason for school shootings. Fear leads to hate, rage, and depression. Fear incites student school shootings, suicides, bullying, and drug usage. Suicide is the #1 cause of death among students. The majority of students attend school every day under stress(fear).  It's fear's fault. Sadly,  no US school is addressing fear.

Fill up a room with non-poisonous spiders and snakes. Place a newborn baby on the floor. The baby won’t be afraid. Hold a newborn over the edge of a mountain cliff, and it won’t be scared. Why? Infants aren't born with fear. Fear is learned through people, TV, movies, the internet, at schools.

Can a two-year-old throw temper tantrums in a busy store filled with tons of shoppers? Yes. Because the child has yet learned to fear C.H.E.R. - Criticisms, Humiliation, Embarrassment, Rejection. Public speaking happens to be the #1 fear in the world. Public speaking is feared more than death.

"Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." ~ Yoda, Jedi Master

Fear is the #1 reason for lost profits, poor innovation, and toxic work cultures in today's businesses.  Disney Animation President, the creator of Toy Story, wrote, "Fear is the biggest blocker to innovation & creativity."

Google's multi-year study revealed fear is the biggest hindrance to successful teams. 75% of the companies' healthcare costs are due to stress[fear]. A recent Gallup survey reveals that 97% of employees are fearful, thus the reason for so many at-work shooting massacres. Fear causes more companies to flatline - go bankrupt - than anything else.

Martin Luther King wrote, “Fear is the biggest problem a society faces.”

Fear drives every evil action. Pain, suffering, stress, wars, racism, bullying, divorces, depression, selfishness, jealousy, racism, greed, anger, hate, unforgiveness, anxiety, school shootings, opioid drug crisis, and crimes are fear-driven. Fear doesn’t discriminate. Fear kills, murders, and destroys regardless of race, age, gender, religion, economic class, sexual orientation, or nationality.

Fear-based sickness costs the US economy a trillion dollars a year. 750,000 people die a year in America from heart attacks induced by fear-driven stress.

“The BOLD reach their dreams, the fearful end up sad, poor or in prison” ~  the Architect of Valantis

Have you heard people say, “That’s outside my comfort zone?” The world would be different if we walked around with signs that say, “I live in a prison of fear.” A comfort zone is a prison made out of four walls of fear that block, hinder, restrict, restrain, impede, hamper, and reduce us from achieving our dreams, and achieving the impossible.

You can't reach your dreams and live inside your comfort zone - it's impossible. You weren’t born to live a life inside a prison of fear. You were born to achieve GREATNESS and reach your dreams.

 “Fearphy’s Law - What you fear will happen to you” ~Mr. Pink the architect of HOPE

There’s an ancient formula that you don't have to be a mathematician to use. The recipe to reach GREATNESS and achieve the impossible is called "The AOF formula".

AOF stands for the Absence of Fear. Those bold few who courageously achieved an AoF life throughout history achieved GREATNESS. They achieved the impossible.

Anyone that applies AoF to intimacy, relationships, leadership, work, businesses, entrepreneurship, teams, innovation, and school will achieve GREATNESS in those areas. The biggest blocker to amazing bedroom intimacy is fear.

An AoF life is a life of happiness, peace, and love creating a magnet for opportunities, friendships, and creativity that releases your GREATNESS to achieve your dreams. Those who valiantly strive for an AoF life will die happy, and regret-less. And they'll attain their dreams. They will have achieved the impossible.

Fear is a choice. At the end of the road if you didn’t accomplish your dreams don’t blame anyone but yourself. Don't blame your parents, your teachers, your friends. Today, you can choose not to fear. Today, you can choose to face your fears. Today, you can choose to break out of your prison of fear and live an AOF life.

Is overcoming your fears difficult? It's the hardest thing you’ll ever do in your life. But, it’s worth it. Decide today to courageously face your fears and live an AOF life. Those who boldly face their fears will experience peace and happiness. Those who live  an AOF LIFE will achieve their DREAMS and the impossible.

Is an AoF life possible? 100% unequivocally, Yes! How you get to an AoF life is chosen by you. For me, the architect of Valantis nation, it’s my belief that allows me to live an AoF life, a life outside my comfort zone, a life of GREATNESS, a life of achieving dreams and overcoming the impossible. Just imagine an entire nation with its citizens living AOF lives?

Bold students don’t kill, fearful students do!!!

Bold students don’t kill, fearful students do!!! It is almost unfathomable to think in today’s modern-day society that US schools have had 320 school shootings - by students - since the 1999 Columbine School massacre. Sadly, it’s true. And sadly,  school shootings are happening more frequently too. But, is it possible to believe that we (students, teachers, administrators) can stop ALL school shootings? Yes. If we can expose and eradicate what drives, motivates students to plan, carry out the massacring, murdering, and killing of innocent souls we can stop ALL school shootings.

Let’s look at this from another perspective. Would a student who is truly happy inside, who has a purposeful life, who is compassionate to others, that is giving, caring, respecting - who has at least one great friend -  shoot up a school? Absolutely Not!. On the flip side, a student that’s filled with anger, rage, hate, pain is a ticking time bomb for a school massacre. And a likely candidate for drug usage and suicide. Thus, whatever is causing the anger, rage, hate, pain is the root cause of school shootings, drug usage, suicide, bullying. 

Jedi Master Yoda most eloquently stated, "Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." Yoda’s wisdom is spot on - Fear Leads To Suffering. The sole, sinister reason for school shootings is fear. Fear leads to hate, anger, rage, depression inciting suicides, school shootings, bullying,  drug usage. A Gallup survey revealed 97% of employees are fearful. If 97% of parents go to work in fear, how many students attend school everyday in fear? A lot!!!

Fear doesn’t discriminate either. It destroys regardless of race, age, gender, religion, social class, nationality. Greed, wars, racism, poverty are byproducts of fear. Hospice workers interviewed hundreds of dying people and concluded that 9 out of 10 people die with regrets due to fear. Fear is the sole reason people(students) fail to reach their dreams and destinies. Martin. L. King wrote, “Fear is the biggest problem society faces.” 

Fear also wreaks havoc in businesses.  In the book, Creative Inc, Ed Catmull dedicates an entire chapter to fear. Mr. Catmull writes the biggest blocker to creativity and innovation is fear. Mr. Catmul is the former president of  Pixar Animation Studio(Toy Story movies) and Disney Animation Studios. Google's multi-year Project Aristotle research, revealed fear is the biggest hindrance to successful teams. The American Medical Association states that 75% of all the company’s medical expenses are caused by stress(fear).  Without a shadow of a doubt, fear is the #1 reason for lost profits, poor innovation, unproductive employees/teams, and toxic work cultures. 

The good news is fear is learned and it can be unlearned. The #IMBOLD training focuses on helping students become victorious over fear. The 14-hour  training is spread over 7 weeks. Students learn that their fears were learned from their parents, siblings, friends, television, books, internet, movies. They learn to effectively understand, manage, and master their fears. Students learn the secret ancient VOF (victorious over fear) formula to apply to everything they do in life. They learn that An VoF  Life = Success = Happiness = in = Creativity = Friends = Dreams Achieved.The #IMBOLD training has three parts; a 1-hour pep talk,  6 hr full-day workshop, and seven 1-hr experiential, interactive 360 VR/AR  immersive sessions.

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