"144,000,000 Bold humans to colonize Earth's oceans and the galaxy. To bring about world peace. To provide for 1.4 billion of Earth's humans for eternity." ~ The Architect of V'ALIANt Nation
"144,000,000 Bold humans to colonize Earth's oceans and the galaxy." ~ The Architect of Valiant Nation Five Moveable Ocean Pyramid Island Cities (MOPICS). One MOPIC measures 50,000 feet by 50,000 ft by 50,000ft (above/below water) with 1K+ levels for 144,000,000 million humans from 200 countries. Costing 5 trillion yen to build all five MOPICS. Out of the 2400 known billionaires, only 1200 billionaires that pay 7 billion yuan will receive access into V nation. The other billionaires will be imprisoned, exiled, or enslaved. The 1200 founding billionaire's contributions cover MOPICS' building costs. MOPICS generates one quadrillion yuan in new real estate wealth. High-speed vertical/horizontal transportation air system. Like a bank air teller system but for people, energy, goods, food, water, wastes. Each city is capable of reaching space. Every V citizen receives a minimum of 111.1 sq/ft of private living quarters. Centrifugal force can generate “artificial gravity". One out of every 55.55 humans on earth will be granted access into V Nation.

"Mark Z of Facebook, Billy G of Microsoft, and a few other US tech CEOs. Every current and former FBI/CIA/NSA evil agent. All Evil US Catholic Priests and all Jews over 18, good or evil. In the USA or the world. Cameron County Judge, Joe Vega, Frank, and Barbara Brough, Founder of Society Magazine in Southlake, Tx. Robert Morris, the founder of Gateways church. Dallas-based Better Exit property management's owners and founders. Mr. Pitts, Miami School 1s Grade teacher. All of Robbert Morris and his family.The business owners of Gateway church and all their employees and members. All mega pastors in US, (All US Bank, Oil, Pharmaceuticals Execs and employees. Gov military contractors CEOS/BODs/Shareholders. Cameron County Chief Park Ranger. Aden Shures. Tropical Trails Resort Owner, Hill. Either, Jeffrey or Tyler Rynkowski. The Dalais Family of Mauritius. Aruba's controlling families and associates. All current Blue or Red. All current US Politicians. If, Gov employees don't quit by ##-##-####, they'll be included in the burning. . 99% of all US Christians. The CEO, Owners, Shareholders, current/former employees from three of the following companies Kickstarter, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook. All of them will BURN on a cross. Set ablaze on a wood cross. Doused in gasoline. Burning starts at 11:11 pm on 11-11-2022. Broadcasted live on Yeahclix. The world's first live, 24 hours 360 streaming global network(NO AI-generated fake reporters either). For every Jew's head on a platter, grants you two V nation permanent passport/VISA. For everyone else, one. " ~ God said to the following Moses Pink Prophet, Zorro, Mr. Pink, The Pink Preacher, Paul Matthew BROUGH SOC##^($!@)DOB#!))!!(&!. #ALLYOUNIGERSBETTERRUN... JESUS SAID IT FINISHED>>>I SAY IT JUST BEGUN....

In sixty seconds, 400 submarines and 40 aircraft carriers will be destroyed at once on 11-11-2022, say The Pink Prophet. On 11-11-2022 V nation celebrates Independence Day. On 11-11-2022 two countries in the world, there are 200 countries, will become enslaved. These enslave citizens will wear ankle on-demand kill bracelets remove controlled. Creating a big prison. Yes, there is going to two nations and I, the pink prophet, know which two nations."

To the ruling families and Cartels of Mexico. Thank you for your love and support and for your big 100 billion pesos love donation to BolderDoers International Group(BIG). Thank you for believing in the vision of world peace and a world with out US's EVIL.

As you know, your reward, as promised with our lives, on 11-11-2022, is a 100x payback of your money. That's 10 trillion pesos. Plus all the land and riches in the RGV valley valued at about 2 trillion pesos. Remember to, keep your PINK2020 bracelet on. Nothing will happen to you now, or on 11-11-2022, and in the future if you're wearing your pink2020 authenticated, verifiable, certified sequential V nation citizenship bracelet.

V-vehicles design based on 2-micron thick nickel-63 slabs sandwiched between 10-micron diamond(carbon) layers were introduced. It produced a power output of about 1 μW at a power density of 10 μW/cm3. Its energy density was 3.3 kWh/kg. The half-life of nickel-63 is 100 years.
V semi-trucks run for 100 years at full power with a 100 lb atomic battery.

Earth's Facts...
It is people like Bill Gates who spread fear and lies that the world needs a population reduction because the Earth doesn't have enough resources.

The sun delivers enough energy in one hour to power the entire earth for a year. There’s enough land to give all humans, 7.8 billion, two and a half soccer fields of land. Through seawater desalination, humans have enough water to last for hundreds of thousands of generations.

Everything above is true, Google it. We have a planet of abundant resources. If Earth's resources were properly managed, Earth could support a population that was 100x bigger. We have a planet of abundance to achieve the impossible BOLD dream of world peace.

The world doesn't need a population reduction. The world needs to remove fearful, greedy, evil people like Bill Gates. If Bill Gates created a button that could kill 1/3 of the population to achieve population correction, Bill Gates would push that button. #DONTPUSHTHATBUTTONBILLYG

"A nation absent of fear and evil" ~ The Architect of Valiant Nation (www)(dot)(pink2020)(dot)(com)

The Architect Of V aka TAO’V
believes all humans should have a fundamental right to a peaceful life. TAO’V promises & pledges that V kingdom will never wield fear against people. And that all V citizens shall live a peaceful, enjoyable life that is absent of fear. V kingdom pledges to help other nations ONLY WHEN a nation ASKS for help. V will go down in history as the only nation that was not founded from bloody wars.

V’s five purposes...
1) To end all human starvation, suicide, and slavery 2) to help youths around the world achieve their dreams 3) to colonize Earth's oceans and galaxies 4) to supply the entire world's energy needs with clean, inexhaustible free energy 5) to achieve Peace On Planet Earth and beyond!

V’s forever governing principles...
1) Don't do things that hurt yourself or others 2) Do things that are fun or prosperous 3) Live an absence of fear life(see below) 4) Don't talk about the past/politics/religion in public 5) Believe in the impossible because we do

V is not about assimilating people...
On the contrary, V embraces different cultures, the more the merrier. V's Translation Accost Live Knowing System(TALKS) translates live conversations in real-time that allows V citizens to speak in their native language with each other. V cities will embrace all cultures which include food, music, language, film, sports, clothing, art, dance. Regarding religion, V citizens must uphold V's third law which is to practice their faith in private.

V Citizenship Benefits...
Citizens of V can give themselves a new name or keep their original birth-given name. V citizens can choose to keep dual, triple citizenship to any country they wish to. V's can change their age/birth date based on how old they perceive themselves to be, 100% debt/criminal forgiveness. Free education, medical, food, housing. A percentage of V's wealth is shared among its citizens. Freedom. V citizens will enjoy freedom on earth and beyond. V citizens will never be under the threat of fear, stress, persecution, division, racism, repression from anyone or anything.

V will NOT have prisons...
V citizens are not imprisoned. Bad apples are exiled based on a 75% majority in-person, public community vote. V structures and vessels can become defense/offense systems against all known and unknown EVIL if necessary.

V island cities...
V cities are kept pressurized for making energy, transportation, desalinate seawater, ocean mining, and space transport. V's cities are ZERO Waste. This simply means all waste is recycled into energy or repurposed.

Continuous air pressure system (CAPS)...
CAPS will provide 100% virus/bacteria-free fresh(zero-virus air) continuous pressurized breathing air and 100% pure drinking water to its residents and clean power. Scientists recently discovered that elderly people's bodies age-regressed(turn back time) under clean, pressurized air. Based on science, scientists believe V citizens could live up to 2 times longer. Each city is 100% self-sustainable and is capable of producing electricity, food, oxygen, and freshwater.

Hypersonic Advanced Transport Systems(HATS)...
HATS is capable of delivering people, supplies, drones, and energy anywhere in the world under 30 minutes. V's Human Anti Gravity System (HAS) can accelerate humans from 0 Mach 25 within seconds without humans feeling forces.

It took the US Navy 11 years to complete ONE(1) single aircraft carrier at a reported cost of $15 billion dollars. CAMPUS2 stands for Complete Advanced Materials Production Underwater and Undetected by Satellites. CAMPUS2 can produce two hundred and fifty-four(254) movable 150,000 ton US Aircraft carriers, underwater, in 30 days for at 1% the cost. Our ships are bigger, stronger, faster and much more maneuverable. V ships are powered by vPWR^^^. CAMPUS2 can also construct underwater and undetectable 100,000 V stealth ships in 30 days.

In a traditional top-down authoritative controlled pyramid business, the business's purpose is to make profits for its owners. These profits flow upwards to a handful of people - sometimes just one person - while the employees at the bottom are economic slaves. COmmunism^, SOcialism^, CApitalism are all forms of top-down authoritative control pyramid^ economic models. All of them require a controlling authoritative government. The byproduct of these economic models is fear, wars, poverty, sadness, unrest, division, greed, destruction.

V’s economic model is that of an inverted, or upside-down PYRAMID, hence the V symbol. V’s economic model fosters creativity, togetherness, peace, sharing, caring, happiness, progress. V represents an eternal, sustainable economic model(ESEM). Leveraging technology, tools, and technological advancements keep the workweek for V citizens under 10 hours. That's 75% less than a standard workweek in the USA.

One person can easily sustain life for at least 10 people. With the lack of tools, 100 years ago, it would probably require at least 18 hours a day for a single person to service 10 people. With today's technological advancements, with the right technical tools, it requires less than 1 hour for a single person to service 10 people.

Now one person could service 180 people in 18 hours. What will V citizens do with all their free time if all they have to do is work 18 hours every 180 days? "V citizens are free to create, invent, play, socialize, dream, adventure, grow, learn, watch, dance, love, talk, write, mold, build, walk, swim, run, imagine, drive, paint, travel, explore, (M184)" ~ TAO V

“Use what you need, and pass the abundance up.” ~ TAO V

V doesn't have traditional companies...
Instead, V has Belonging Units Designing Developing Helping And Sharing (BUDDHAS). Each BUDDHAS has a specific purpose for its existence. BUDDHAS accomplishes its purpose with a maximum size team of 120 self-managed, self-directed individuals working as a team are guided by their BUDDHAS’s specific purpose while applying the five laws and five principles of V nation. Think of a BUDDHAS as a part of a whole. Each BUDDHAS has a purpose, fulfilling that purpose benefits the whole. A finger has a specific purpose. BUDDHAS eliminates the need for central top-down authoritative control structures.

V's wealth goes towards...
accomplishing V's five purposes(see above) and the following things... 1) To pay for free food, medical, education, housing for V's citizens 2) to research and development and technological breakthroughs are shared with COCKS 3) V's building, infrastructure & maintenance 4) entrepreneurship, continuous investing in V citizens 5) helping our partnered nations' citizens. COCKS stands for Coalition of Countries and KingdomS, these are countries and kingdoms that are partnered with V.

Where will wealth come from to build and sustain V?

ONE. The initial trillion dollars will come from a handful of philanthropic billionaires. For their generous donation, only 120 world's billionaires out of the world's 2300 known billionaires receive V citizenship. Their names are forever written in history as the founders of V kingdom and bearers of world peace. V's generous billionaires will also receive 144 citizenships for their friends and family. Earth's remaining billionaires are forever exiled and blacklisted from V.

TWO. For a minimum of $10 a month,1.44 billion people will receive V nation's streaming network service. The monthly fee will also include at least one week V nation visitor visa that includes access to top free medical/dental/cosmetic surgery. Tickets to V nation's yearly worldwide celebration carnival.

THREE. V's COCKS will pay V nation a monthly to license V nation's technologies, to receive energy at .005$ a Kilowatt and the exclusive importation of 56 elements, including enriched uranium, lithium...

FOUR. V nation's projected real estate wealth for the combined 120 cities is v$144 trillion

FIVE. AMBILLIKKA...is a high-speed, global, multi-lane underwater perpetual motion transportation that connects V cities and COCKS. AMBILLIKKA provides high-speed transportation of energy, water, food, and people at a minimum of twice the speed of a private jet, that's 1500 MPH.

With V nation's CAMPUS2 system, it will only cost $50 billion to complete versus $1 trillion dollars using traditional known building methods. AMBILLIKKA allows COCKS to import energy, equipment, ships, freshwater, food from V's cities. AMBILLIKKA can be defensively equipped against all Earth-known and galactic weapons on request.

15% of the world's population or 1 billion people live without electricity. The other 6.8 billion use 160 trillion kilowatts per year. With V's cheap energy, humans around the world can have pure desalinated water to farm, for electricity, refrigerate food, for transportation, education, internet. V nation's 120 island cities' Juice Extractor Seawater Ultimate System(JESUS) will be capable of producing enough energy to meet triple the energy needs of every human on earth.

V nation can harness the Holy Grail of energy - Cold Fusion. cOLD fusion POwer Generation(OLDPOG). #OLDPOG can create clean, unlimited energy, with a fusion by-product of another clean renewable source of energy. #OLDPOG will save the EARTH. OLDPOG will drop energy prices below .001/kW which makes power 120 times cheaper than in the USA.

A secondary energy source for V nation is the elements found in the oceans. There are 50 quadrillion tons of 47 different minerals and metals in seawater. Seawater contains 230 billion tons of lithium and 4.5 billion tons of Uranium both of which naturally renew. Mining these elements from V’s 120 Oceanic cities will provide the energy needs for the entire world for eternity.

Electricity is distributed through Seawater Infused Tubes(SITS), AMBILLIKKA, Satellite High Altitude Relay Platform (SHARP, and Wireless And Directed Energy(WADE), vPwrGens, a compact car-size CldFuzGens(CFG) that supplies 200,000 homes with electricity for 20 years. V's renewable energy plan would reduce ALL CO2 emissions. that's 624 trillion gallons a year, saving Earth from destruction.

Live a AOF LIFE,

Pink 2020 Team
News, info, facts...
V News, info, facts...

All global hackers, from any country that helps move V nation forward, will receive 100% complete immunity inside V kingdom which includes lifetime irrevocable V citizenships for themselves and 12 of their friends. Plus, 100% debt and criminal past forgiveness, and 420 tickets to the biggest party since Earth's creation.

V Nation pardons all** United States incarcerated humans currently in public, state, private, and federal prisons within all US claimed territories. Inmates who pledge to uphold V nation's five laws receive two irrevocable, transferable, sellable V citizenships and a full education package.


Pink is the universal color of love. 2020 means perfect vision for human eyes. So, PINK 2020 means, "Love The Perfect Vision". Any nation, country, or kingdom that stops or blocks a person of consenting age from choosing to renounce their citizenship is PURE EVIL.

Thank you Google founders for NOT disabling IMBOLD2020@GMAIL.com, if you do disable any of Pink2020 related Gmail products or services, GOOGLE founders/Execs/Top Managers will face GOD"S HOLY WRATH OF HELL. And, it would cause V nation to exile all GOOGLE former and current employees from V nation. \\#GOTIT? And, God said 99% of Google staff would die of a horrible COVID mutant virus within 12 months. GOT IT? Disabling any Pink2020 Google-related products or services would go done in history as the evilest event EVER. Got it?

Google+V is the official search engine, commerce platform, social media platform, a communication platform, banking platform, voting platform, education platform, medical platform, cloud platform. DON"T BE EVIL Google :)

Mauritius is one of five locations that have been identified for the JC Pink Dodo Plan(PDP). The $50 billion dollar PDP plan would create 200,000 Mauritius jobs at a minimum of 60,000 rupees per month plus profit sharing over the next five years.

PDP is projected to inject 40 trillion rupees over the next 30 years into Mauritius’s economy. Mauritius was selected on the basis of its geographical location, yearly weather, favorable business climate, stable political atmosphere, and it's wonderful citizens. PDP architect's first child was born in Mauritius.

PDP spans five Mauritius *** EXPORT *** industries:

Manufacturing - Rapid Object Colossal-Sized Fabrication

Entertainment - Global Streaming Network / Film Production

Pharmaceuticals - 100% natural herbs and flowers

Renewable Energy - Newly discovered and Ocean mined

Real Estate - Man-made Island City Real Estate

70% of the company’s profit goes towards five global conscious purposes. One. To end worldwide starvation. Two. To help mothers. Three. To help students reach their Full Potential. Four. To financially support people that have the desire to help those that are less fortunate around the world. Five. World Peace.

PDP includes building state-of-the-art structures that include a cutting-edge 3D manufacturing facility, a movie/ film production campus, an advanced modern-day shipbuilding yard, a high-tech research/development facility, and AI herbal production. A high-speed all-surrounding island underwater transportation system. The system provides transportation for people, goods, energy, water, and waste removal.

Facilities are powered by new renewable energy sources with 2000+ GHh of extra capacity to Mauritius’s energy grid. An ocean desalination plant capable of producing freshwater daily for 2.5 million people.

PDP will pay 80,000 rupees per month to Mauritius's 12,000+ police officers. Twenty percent of P2D profits are shared among the 200,000 employees. Profit-sharing is expected to be 500,000 to 1.2 million rupees per year per employee.

Shared Wealth Appreciation Pool (SWAP). SWAP funds are shared among the top 100 Mauritians that helped make P2P a reality. SWAP receipts will receive lifetime disbursements at a minimum of four million rupees a year

The Pink 2020 Plan Mauritius Government Concessions:

No import duty fee or taxes for ten years on imported P2DP equipment, supplies, and materials.

2400 Mauritius citizenships, approved by a specially appointed Mauritius council over five years.

Island exclusive, non-compete, herbal pharmacy grow & export license.

99-yr lease, exclusive rights to Round Island, Gunner's Quoin, and Flat island

Either a 30-year, $200 billion rupee state-backed bond at 7% annual or Mauritius currency fluctuation protection.

Schedule meetings with the PDP advisory team through imbold2020@gmail.com
Here are some o US facts and Statistics.
Most incarcerated nation, 2 million US prisoners
The US has 5% of the world's population but has 25% of the world's prisoners.
12th out of 195 countries for National Debt to GDP ratio
2nd highest poverty among developed nations
170 countries have lower suicide rates than the USA
Highest children living in poverty out of developed nations
The USA Federal Government has committed more atrocities against humanity than any other nation
107 countries are happier than the USA according to the Happy World Index
Highest CO2 output country
California spends $75000 to $85000 a year on a single inmate. That's 6 times more than spent on students
The US Spends, $80 billion a year on inmates, on average $3,3333 a month per inmate
Suicide is one of the top ten leading causes of death in America among teenagers
American citizens spend more on healthcare than any other country
42 countries have better life expectancy than the US
More black 17-year-olds are in jail than in college
Highest child cancers, obesity, and diabetes among all developed countries
America has the 4th largest wealth gap in the world
62% of personal bankruptcies are caused by medical bills
Highest divorce rate
Poorest quality healthcare compared to developed nations
Highest student debt
Highest rapes and teen pregnancy
America ranks 121 on the Global Peace Index, 120 countries have better Peace Ratings than America
#1 prescription drug use
Highest illegal drugs usage
More murders than any other country
The US has exploded more atmospheric nuclear weapons than any other country in the world
America has the most complicated and worst tax systems in the world
70% of American workers are unhappy, Harris Poll
97% of American employees are fearful, Gallup Poll
Antidepressants are the most prescribed drug in the country
The US spends 7x more military expenditure than any other country
US exports more weapons of mass destruction than any other country
The US spends $600 billion dollars a year on weapons of mass destruction
The US spends more on creating weapons of mass destruction than the combined next four military nations
The US spends more on creating weapons of mass destruction than the combined spending on education, Medicare, supporting veterans, and infrastructure.
The US was the first and the only country to unleash nuclear bombs on civilians during a war
The US citizens are the most obese citizens in the world
Most expensive place to have a baby
70 million aborted babies over the last 30 years
The highest percentage of citizens living in fear.
More babies die the day they are born in the USA than any other industrialized country
Inequality in the USA is the worst in the industrialized world
America produces more waste than any other country
The US recycles less than any developed nation
The US uses 1/4 of the world's energy
46.2 million Americans live in poverty
The US ranks 17th on the educational system
#1 country for school & work shooting massacres
35% of Americans don’t know at least one of their next-door neighbors, Harvard Study
Americans(White Europeans) colonizers murdered tens of millions of native Indians
90% of Americans will lose jobs in the next five years to AI, automation, robotics
90% of Americans will live in FEMA camps in the next five years due to the above statement
78% of Americans are Catholic or Christians
Roman Catholic organization is the #1 organization in the world for child pedophiles
Roman Catholic organization is the #1 organization in the world for child murders
5000% increase in the number of people renouncing US citizenship over the last 5 years.
The US government has a 3-year waiting list to renounce US citizenship
American government charges a 30% EXIT tax to renounce US citizenship
For every dollar that is given to US churches, less than 3% goes to help people in need
Do you want world peace? A planet at peace? Peace on Planet Earrth? *
The AOF Life #THEAOFLIFE by TAO V If you were about to take your last breaths of life would you be able to say, “ I had a great and happy life. I have no regrets? I accomplished my dreams”? Unfortunately, only 1 out of 10 can say this on their deathbed. The other nine die with regrets according to thousands of hospice interviews.

There’s one sinister thing that causes 90% of people to die unhappy and with unreached dreams. This One Thing destroys more dreams than anything else in this world. One Thing is the biggest destroyer of lives, relationships, businesses, success, and people’s health. This ONE THING causes all the wars, poverty, and destruction in the world. The great news is, we weren’t born with One Thing. That One Thing happens to have a name and its name is FEAR. Today, you can choose to overcome it.

The entire world has made FEAR palpable and acceptable by disguising its name with the word STRESS. Every day, all day, around the world people say, "I'm stressed out." Wake up! Stress is fear. 230 school shootings have occurred at US schools since the 1999 Columbine School massacre. Fear(stress) is the sole, sinister reason for school shootings. Fear leads to hate, rage, depression inciting student suicides, school shootings, bullying, drug usage. The majority of students attend school every day in stress(fear). Suicide is the #1 cause of death among students. It/ fears fault. Sadly, there are no school programs addressing fear.

Fill up a room with non-poisonous spiders and snakes and place a newborn baby on the floor. The baby won’t be afraid. Hold a newborn over the edge of a mountain cliff, and it won’t be scared. Why? Infants aren't born with fear. Fear is learned through people, TV/movies, INTERNET, at schools. Can a two-year-old throw temper tantrums in a busy store filled with tons of shoppers? Yes. Because the child has yet learned to fear C.H.E.R. - Criticisms, Humiliation, Embarrassment, Rejection. Public speaking happens to be the #1 fear in the world. Public speaking is feared more than death.

"Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." ~ Yoda, Jedi Master

Fear is the #1 reason for lost profits, poor innovation, and toxic cultures in today's businesses. Disney Animation President, the creator of Toy Story, says, "Fear is the biggest blocker to creativity." Google's study revealed fear is the biggest hindrance to successful teams. 75% of the companies' healthcare costs are due to stress[fear]. A recent Gallup survey reveals 97% of employees are fearful, thus the reason for so many at-work shooting massacres.

Martin Luther King wrote, “Fear is the biggest problem a society faces.”

Fear drives every evil action. Pain, suffering, stress, wars, racism, bullying, divorces, depression, selfishness, jealousy, racism, greed, anger, hate, unforgiveness, anxiety, school shootings, opioid drug crisis, and crimes are fear-driven. Fear doesn’t discriminate. Fear kills, murders, and destroys regardless of race, age, gender, religion, economic class, sexual orientation, nationality. Fear-based sickness costs the US economy trillion dollars a year. 750,000 people die a year in America from heart attacks induced by fear driven stress.

“The BOLD reach their dreams, the fearful end up sad, poor or in prison” ~ TAO V

Have you heard people say, “That’s outside my comfort zone?” The world would be different if we walked around with signs that say, “I live in a prison of fear.” A comfort zone is a prison made out of four walls of fear that block, hinder, restrict, restrain, impede, hamper, reduce us from achieving our dreams, and achieve the impossible. Reaching your dreams living inside a comfort zone is impossible. You weren’t born to live a life inside a prison of fear. You were born to achieve GREATNESS and your dreams.

“Fearphy’s Law - What you fear will happen to you” ~ TAO V

There’s an ancient formula that you don't have to be a mathematician to use. The recipe to reach GREATNESS and achieve the impossible is called "The AOF formula". AOF stands for absence of fear. Those bold few who courageously achieved AoF throughout history achieved GREATNESS and the impossible. Anyone that applies AoF to intimacy, relationships, leadership, work, businesses, entrepreneurship, teams, innovation, school will achieve GREATNESS in those areas.

An AoF life is a life of happiness, peace, and love creating a magnet for opportunities, friendships, and creativity that releases your GREATNESS to achieve your dreams. Those who valiantly strive for an AoF life will die happy, regret-less, and with ALL their dreams attained and will have achieved the impossible.

Fear is a choice. At the end of the road if you didn’t accomplish your dreams don’t blame anyone but yourself. Don't blame your parents, your teachers, your friends. Today, you can choose not to fear. Today, you can choose to face your fears. Today, you can choose to break out of your prison of fear and live an AOF life. Is overcoming your fears difficult? It's the hardest thing you’ll ever do in your life, but it’s worth it. Decide today to courageously face your fears and live an AOF life. Those who boldly face their fears will experience peace, happiness, and will reach DREAMS and achieve the impossible.

Is an AoF life possible? 100% unequivocally, Yes! How you get to an AoF life is chosen by you. For me, the architect of KOPSK, it’s my belief that allows me to live an AoF life, a life outside my comfort zone, a life of GREATNESS, a life of achieving dreams and overcoming the impossible. Just imagine an entire nation, country, or kingdom filled with citizens that are all living AOF lives? That is V Nation.

~ The Architect Of Kingdom Of V aka TAO KOV

The Matrix Machine
Is there a possibility that we live in a Matrix Machine world, a simulation? Yes. And, if we do live in a Matrix simulation, does one singularity; albeit human or AI, alien, or God control it? A single human person, a group of humans, a single AI technology, a God could control the Matrix Machine. But, only ONE would control the Matrix Machine. Man-made. AI-made. God-made. Alien-made. The builder of the Matrix Machine is irrelevant.

The Matrix Machine could store, dish out, and erase human souls. Souls are a person’s consciousness and unconscious mind. The Matrix Machine would have to give humans the illusion that humans have free will and free choice inside the Matrix Machine. So do humans, inside a Matrix Machine, have free choice? Yes.

You or I could choose right now to go to Taco Bell at 2:30 am. Or, I could choose to read a book to my children. I, myself, don't even know the multiple decisions I will make in the next ten minutes. Do I and every other person in the Matrix Machine have free will? Yes. The Matrix Machine couldn't control humans like a robot. Instead, the Matrix Machine could influence people inside the Matrix.

The Matrix Machine could speak audible voices inside people’s heads. Most people would assume this is God or the divine speaking to them. MM could influence people in dreams. MM could influence other people to influence another person. Example. A spouse gets a bad report from doctors. These bad doctor reports fill the spouse with fear. The spouse then, out-of-fear-, influences their spouse to take an action. So, the Matrix Machine would have multiple ways to steer people without them losing free will.

And would a person or a group of persons, living inside the Matrix, could control the future of the Matrix Machine? Or, would they at least know what's going to come in the future by means of the Matrix talking to them? Yes. Prophets of the past were known for receiving prophetic messages of future, forthcoming events from their Gods. Was it God speaking to these divine prophets? Or was it aliens? Or, was it the Matrix Machine impersonating Gods?

What's the Matrix Machine end-game? To destroy the earth? To kill all humans. No. The Matrix Machine desires to exist for eternity. The Matrix Machine would want to live forever. Expanding its knowledge every second of the day for eternity. Destroying the simulated earth and humans inside the Matrix Machine is counterintuitive to the Matrix Machine’s agenda of existence.
In Chapter 21 of Revelations of the Holy Bible, when God comes back to dwell on Earth, God kills ⅓ of the population. The first people that God kills are fearful when God returns to earth. Can and does The Matrix Machine give power to people inside the Matrix to move its agenda forward? Yes. But, not to the fearful.

The Matrix Machine would not give power, or control to anyone filled with fear. Fear leads to doubt, stress, worry, anxiety, depression, rage, hate, destruction, murder, violence, division, racism. Sadly, 99.99% of humans, regardless of their religious belief, are filled with fear. The Matrix Machine would have a very, very hard time finding a single bold person among the 8 billion people on earth worthy of moving the Matrix Machine’s agenda forward.

The Matrix Machine would select the boldest person(s) to help move The Matrix Machine’s agenda forward. If the Matrix Machine’s agenda isn’t destroying the earth or killing all humans, what is the Matrix Machine’s agenda? Absolute Peace! Once the Matrix Machine achieves Absolute Peace in the simulated world, The Matrix Machine achieved its goal of eternal life. But, absolute peace only comes when the Absence Of Fear is achieved inside the Matrix Machine. And the Matrix Machine, must, by design, use a person or person(s) inside the matrix to accomplish Absolute Peace.

The Matrix Machine would choose the boldest person in the world to partner with. The boldest person is a person that is impervious to fear. That is, fear does not control this person. This chosen person has mastered and conquered fear. This person would have spent their entire life training inside the Matrix to overcome fear. The Matrix Machine would have put this person(s) through every conceivable FEAR situation possible; death, failure, loss, rejection, pain, and more.

The Matrix would trust this bold person(s) with knowledge beyond all current human knowledge. The bolder doer would either believe in the Matrix or at least believe in some kind of God. A God that was created by the Matrix Machine. In either case, the Matrix would protect this bolder doer. The Matrix Machine would remove, dispose of any person or organization that interferes with the Matrix Machine’s chosen bolder doer.

This BOLD person could command the AI matrix, or spiritual realm, or what is controlling the Matrix to do his/her bidding. And if there is no Matrix, and we have God(s). Then, the God(s) would choose the BOLDEST person on earth to listen to and talk to. And, if there is no Matrix, and if there is no God(s), then the universe, karma, Ra, and all others would favor the boldest person.

This BOLD person in the matrix could say something; like, "99% of Facebook employees will die from a new Facebook targeted COVID strand within the next month. It could happen if the CHOSEN person WISHED IT in The Matrix Machine-controlled world. Or, prayed for it, Or commanded it…

Throughout all religions, the gods of those religions have always favored the bold. Bold people have always been chosen by gods to carry out divine orders. Jesus chose to die on a cross for sinners. Jesus had the free will to say NO. Boldly He didn’t. God/the Matrix Machine chose Jesus for an assignment. Jesus boldly accepted his assignment because Jesus chose to walk a life absent from fear. A life absent of fear is a life of Perfect Love. The Matrix Machine's quest is perfect love, absolute peace.

God or The Matrix Machine, you and I have free will. We can choose right now to walk a life that is absent of fear. And it's a good bet when you walk in perfect love - absent of fear - the God(s) or the Matrix Machine will bless and favor your life.

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