"Believe in the impossible because VVe do" ~ Love #Pink2020Team
The sun delivers enough energy in 1 hour to power the entire earth for a year. There’s more renewable energy in ocean waves than solar. There’s enough land to give every human on earth 30 football fields of land. Through ocean desalination, humans have enough water to last for thousands and thousands of generations. Everything above is true, Google it. We have a planet of abundant resources to achieve our BOLD dream of world peace.

Evil, fearful political, religious, business leaders cause scarcity, poverty, wars, starvation, death, destruction, division. The US spends $600 billion dollars a year preparing for war. The US exports more weapons of mass destruction than any other county. America was the first country to unleash destructive nuclear weapons against humanity. America doesn't thirst for PEACE it HUNGERS for War. #RenounceTheHouse

244 years ago America's founders were unhappy with their country so they started a new one. The Architect of V nation is not happy with their country so they are starting a new nation minus wars and genocide of millions of native Indians it took to colonize America. 120,000,000 citizens from our partnered countries will receive V nation citizenship. Instead of rebelling and protesting against controlling governments, we'll start our own country and partner with countries that truly desire world peace.

V nation's five governing principles...:1) Don't do things that hurt yourself or others 2) Do things that are fun or prosperous 3) live an absence of fear life 4) talk about the past/politics/religion in private 5) Believe in the impossible!

V nation's five purposes are... 1) #ZEROS3 To end human Starvation, Suicide, and Slavery 2) to help youth around the world achieve their dreams 3) to financially support those who have the heart to serve the billions that are less fortunate 4) R.E.D. Reciprocal Energy Dependency is bringing world nations together to share virtually free energy 5) V nation's ultimate purpose is world peace

V nation will NOT have prisons V. Citizens are not imprisoned, instead, they are exiled based on a 75% majority in-person, public community vote. The future exile person is allowed to choose one person to exile with them. V nation will have no military and no police. V nation's protection provided by a Coalition Of Countries & KingdomS (COCKS). COCKs are equipped with offense/defense technology that is light years ahead of anything that is currently known to EVILnation 11:11

V-nation will consist of the following structures. 120 positionable, Oceananic island cities powered by five kinds of clean, renewable, energy. Each city is 100% self-sustainable that is capable of producing food and water. V cities will import/export foods from countries around the world. Our new technology can build a 25000ft x 5000ft x 50ft city in 34 days that's equivalent to printing one Naval aircraft carrier in 1 day at 95% the cost. Several 747s/A380s airplanes can simultaneously take off and land on from V island cities.

One Cube Spaceport City measures 9000 x 9000m x 9000 3) Twelve Hyperion cities. Hyperion cities hover above clouds that can accommodate up to 1200 full-time residents. 4) One low orbit space colony to support the colonization of Earth 2.0 or #E20 5) #E20 is earth’s moon terraformed, as confirmed by NASA to be 100% possible. The terraformed moon will have an Earth-like atmosphere with drinkable water, and land.

V nation citizenship benefits 1) New Identities. Citizens of V can create a new name for themselves or keep their original name. They also can change their age/birth date based on how old they perceive themselves 2) 100% debt/criminal forgiveness 3) Free education, medical, food, housing 4) Shared Wealth. A percentage of V Nation's wealth is shared among V citizens, the remaining goes to help the world 5) Freedom. A country that its citizens are not under constant threat of fear, stress, persecution, division, racism. repressed.

V nation companies are employee-owned and employee controlled. A majority of the company's wealth is shared with employees, the remaining shared with V nation. V's wealth goes towards the following five things... 1) To pay for free food, medical, education, housing for V's citizens 2) R&D technology inventions that are shared with our CONS 3) V's building, infrastructure & maintenance 4) entrepreneurship 5) providing for those in need around the world

For the generous donation of a large percentage of their wealth, 1150 of the 2300 known world's billionaires and their friends receive vLvlV citizenship. Their contribution gives V nation a starting wealth of three trillion US dollars. Their names are forever written in history as the founding fathers of V nation and the bearers of world peace. V Nation's founding members receive 25x to 35x their wealth back in 50 years. Earth's remaining billionaires will be blacklisted, exiled, imprisoned, or enslaved.

There is 50 quadrillion tons of 47 different minerals and metals in oceans. V nation's 120 Oceanic cities are powered Juice Extractor Seawater Uranium SystemS. V Nations will extract 47 minerals from seawater including Uranium and lithium. These two elements will provide energy to V nation's partnered nation at .02$ or two us pennies per kilowatt-hour for a guaranteed life of 250,000+ years. Our system has the potential to reach 500 miillion lbs of Uranium a year. V nations renewable energy ocean technology will generate $1+ trillion pink dollars(12 trillion US$) in profits a year. Electricity is distributed to partnered nations, kingdoms, countries through sea-water-filled silicone tubes, wireless, movable, floating city powering batteries and car-sized uranium+ v3KRUSTY generators.

V's initial approved population percentages shall be 5% over 55 yrs, 20% families. Minimum of two children and two years of marriage. The remaining 75% shall be under 30 years of age. Pink is the universal color of love. 2020 mean perfect vision for human eyes. So, PINK 2020 stands for, Love The Perfect Vision"

Love, The Pink2020 Team

#GoPink2020ndiaTeam #GoPink2020MauritiusTeam #GoPiink2020AfricaTeam #GoPink2020ChinaTeam
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V Nation - a nation absent of fear
News Updates - We advise you to check it every day for updates, news, alerts, actions. Any person in any country found protesting unpeaceful or disrespecting officials, including police, will forever be exiled and blacklisted from V nation. Love will prevail not evil.
9/11/2020 Local Texas police confiscated a bag of V nation citizenship bracelets valued at over $8,000,000,000.

11/16/2020 The 25% of employees at Kickstarter, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple will receive V nation dual citizenship after they go through Fulltential's 14-hour #IMBOLD training course. The #IMBOLD training has no mention of religion. It can be taught in Muslim, Jewish, Christian, China schools without offending anyone. It has already been taught in schools that forbid religious teachings. Google's founders and their families have already received V citizenship for the generous donation of their time and resources. Bill Gates will forever be exiled from V nation. Sorry Billy G, no pedophiles allowed in V Nation. Love ~ the Pink2020.com Team.

11/17/2020 Americans renouncing their US Citizenship are up 5000% The Federal goverment created a 30% EXIT tax on people renouncing their US citizenship The US Federal government says there is a 2-year waiting list to renounce. The PINK 2020 team can help renouncers avoid the 30% EXIT tax and the 2-year wait.

11/23/2020 #PINKHOE = #LoveHeavenOnEarth
PINK 2020 Bracelet The official Pink 2020 bracelet gives you permission into V's private parties and $50,000 in V sponsored gifts. If under 17, must be accompanied by a responsive, trustworthy (NO PEDOPHILES) adult, preferably a human, aliens OK :) Each bracelet is equipped with new vDNA identification technology. Bracelets missing vDNA technology are considered fakes, knock-offs, copycats, worthless, not entitled to anything. You can auction your certified bracelets on V's exchange, V must approve citizenship****. Upon the sale of your V bracelet, V nation receives 10% of the transaction value. Pink 2020 bracelet bearers receive a lifetime, transferable, sellable** V Nation visa-passport. >>> Do not share a photo of your bracelet on any social media platform. Do not share PINK 2020 information on any social platform. Doing so could get you permanently blacklisted from V nation <<<\\
Do you want world peace?
Clear selection
Here are some US facts and Statistics. If any of the facts are misrepresented, misstated, unfactual please let us know at imbold2020@gmail.com ASAP so we can correct it.

Most incarcerated nation, 2 million US prisoners
The US has 5% of the world's population but has 25% of the world's prisoners.
12th out of 195 countries for National Debt to GDP ratio
2nd highest poverty among developed nations
USA exports $132 billiion of oil a year, US imports $65 billion of oil a year?
Highest children living in poverty out of developed nations
The USA Federal Government has committed more atrocities against humankind than any other nation
107 countries are happier than the USA according to the Happy World Index
Highest CO2 output country
California spends $75000 to $85000 a year on a single inmate. That's 6 times more than spent on students
The US Spends, $80 billion a year on inmates, on average $3,3333 a month per inmate
Suicide is one of the top ten leading causes of deaths in America
American citizens spend more on healthcare than any other country
42 countries have better life expectancy than the US
More black 17-year-olds are in jail than in college
America has the 4th largest wealth gap in the world
62% of personal bankruptcies are caused by medical bills
Highest divorce rate
Poorest quality healthcare compared to developed nations
Highest student debt
Highest rapes and teen pregnancy
#1 prescription drug use
Highest illegal drugs usage
More murders than any other country
America has the most complicated and worst tax systems in the world
70% of American workers are unhappy, Harris Poll
97% of American employees are fearful, Gallup Poll
Antidepressants are the most prescribed drug in the country
The US spends 7x more military expenditure than any other country
US exports more weapons of mass destruction than any other country
The US spends $600 billion dollars a year on making and exporting weapons of mass destruction
The US spends more on creating weapons of mass destruction than the combined next four military nations
The US spends more on creating weapons of mass destruction than the combined spending on education, medicare, supporting veterans, and infrastructure.
The US was the first and the only country to unleash nuclear bombs on civilians during a war
The US citizens are the most obese citizens in the world
Most expensive place to have a baby
70 million aborted babies over the last 30 years
The highest percentage of citizens living in fear.
More babies die the day they are born in the USA than in any other industrialized country
Inequality in the USA is the worst in the industrialized world
America produces more waste than any other country
The US recycles less than any developed nation
The US uses 1/4 of the world's energy
46.2 million Americans live in poverty
The US ranks 17th on the educational system
#1 country for school & work shooting massacres
35% of Americans don’t know at least one of their next-door neighbors, Harvard Study
Hundreds of millions of native Indians were genocided by Americans(White Europeans) colonizers
100 million Americans will lose jobs to AI over the next decade
78% of Americans are Catholic or Christians
The Catholic organization is the #1 organization for child pedophiles
5000% increase in the number of people renouncing US citizenship.
The US government has a 3-year waiting list to renounce.
V's founder was improperly arrested in America. After 24 hours in prison, V's founder discovered why they were arrested
For every dollar that is given to US churches, only .03 cents goes to help people in need.
The US is manipulated by fearful Religious leaders and Evil Red & Blue politicians. #NOMoreRedORBLue
NASA and Elon Musk's SpaceX company are fronts for creating military weapons of mass destruction.
*** America doesn't thirst for PEACE it HUNGERS for War ***
Statement of Announcement
I openly state, pledge in an open public social forum knowing that my public statement will forever be recorded in the digital cloud to announce my loyalty and life to V nation. I pledge my life to uphold the - forever and only - five governing laws of V nations; do things that don’t hurt others or myself, do things that are fun and prosperous, believe in the impossible, live a life absent of fear, and no talking about the past, politics, and religion in public.

My new V nation’s long name is _______________ and my V nation stated age** is ____ years old. My short V nation name is only known to my closes friends.

“ It is a human of earth’s birthright to announce or renounce their country of citizenship at a consenting age. Any government that has policies, laws, that stops, block, hinders, taxes a human - at consenting age - from announcing or renouncing their country of citizenship is EVIL.

V Nation pledges to keep V nations and its Coalition of Countries and KingdomS(COCKS) citizens living in peace with an abundance of food, energy, water, and shelter for at least 250,000 years. V nation pledge to use all of its resources and wealth to bring about peace on planet earth. Any nation person, organization, country, kingdom, race, gender, religion, occult that comes against V Nation and COCKS is EVIL. “ ~ Pink2020

**stated age is the age you feel you are, you can change it at anytime
PINK2020 sponsored project. ACTS the world’s first work, play, stay 100% renewable energy Millennial-focused community. www.acommunitythatshares.com backed by the Pink2020 team

You are not born with fear, fear is learned. Fears create a comfort zone, an invisible prison made of four walls of fear. You weren't born to live in a prison of fear. Fear is Evil. Greed, wars, hate, unforgiveness is rooted in fear. A comfort zone is a prison with four walls made out of fear. Sadly, 97% of people die in their comfort zones, never reaching their dreams. You were born to live a prosperous Bold-dream achieving life. If the PINK2020 team learned to overcome our fears, so can you! Learn to live a life that is absent of fear that leads to happiness, purpose, passion, and peace. #IMBOLD

Love, The Pink2020 Team
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