144,000,000 from two hundred countries across the globe to colonize Earth's oceans and galaxy.
The sun delivers enough energy in 1 hour to power the entire earth for a year. There’s enough land to give every human on earth 30 football fields of land. Through seawater desalination, humans have enough water to last for thousands and thousands of generations. Everything above is true, Google it. We have a planet of abundant resources to achieve the impossible BOLD dream of world peace. It is fear-filled, evil people that promote scarcity and to install fear into those they control.

V founders believe all people are created equal and should have fundamental rights, such as liberty, free speech, freedom of religion, and a life of peace. V founders also believe it should not wield fear against other nations. V founders believe all citizens shall have peace and a life absent of fear and to help others and nations achieve the same. Kingdom of V(KOV) will bring about world peace and eradicate the earth of EViL and Fear.

Kingdom of V's five purposes are... 1) To end all human Starvation, Suicide, and Slavery 2) to help students around the world achieve their dreams 3) to explore and colonize Earth's oceans and galaxy 4) freely supply the entire world's energy needs with clean, inexhaustible energy 5) Peace On Planet Earth and BEYOND!!!

Kingdom of V's five forever and ever governing principles...:1) Don't do things that hurt yourself or others 2) Do things that are fun or prosperous 3) live an absence of fear life(see below) 4) don't past/politics/religion 5) Believe in the impossible, because we do.

KOV is not about assimilating people. On the contrary, KOV embraces different cultures, the more the merrier. KOV's Translation Accost Live Knowing System(TALKS) translates live, realtime allows V citizens to speak in their native language with each other. KOV will have cities based on a particular culture like Asian, Nordic, Latin, Chinese, European, Indian, African. Cultures includes food, music, language, film, sports, clothing, art, dance... Regarding religion, V citizens must uphold V laws which are to practice their faith in private.

1) New V citizenship identities. Citizens of V can create a new name for themselves or keep their original name. They also can change their age/birth date based on how old they perceive themselves 2) 100% debt/criminal forgiveness within KOV 3) Free education, medical, food, housing 4) Shared WealthKOV's wealth is shared among V citizens 5) Freedom. Freedom on earth and freedom to explore the known and unknown galaxy. Kingdom of V citizens will never be under the threat of fear, stress, persecution, division, racism. repression from V's government.

KOV will NOT have prisons V. Citizens are not imprisoned. Bad apples are exiled based on a 75% majority in-person, public community vote. KOV will have no police or military. All of V's structures and Vships at any time can become defense systems against EVIL if necessary. V will also provide protection to COCKS, Coalition of Countries, and Kingdoms.

Structural Light Island Controlled EnvironmentS(SLICES). One hundred and twenty city ships that are capable of underwater travel, water surface travel, and capable of reaching space. Each city will have a population of 1.2 million. SLICES are continually kept pressurized.

The continuous large volume of pressure will be used to make energy, transportation, desalinate seawater, ocean mining, exiting earth. SLICES are developed to be intergalactic ColdFusion cruisers, thus the dimensions of 36000x36000x???. They each look like a giant slice of bread in space, to those who can see them.

The continuous air pressure system will provide 100% virus/bacteria free fresh continuous cycling breathing air and 100% pure drinking water to its residents and clean power. Scientists recently discovered that elderly people's bodies age-regressed(turn back time) under clean, pressurized air. Each city is 100% self-sustainable that is capable of producing electricity, food, oxygen, and freshwater. Once in space SLICES will launch its Communication Orbital Optical System(CO2PS), which is an orbital full-spectrum intensified light-based communications.

Super High Ingenious TowerS (SHITS) residential spheres sit atop a 35,000 ft high tower. The world's tallest building is in Dubai and it's 3300 feet high. Newly discovered materials, energy delivery mechanisms, energy sources, and robotic building techniques make building multiple mile-high skyscrapers a reality. SHITS are continually kept pressurized.

Cities Above The Clouds (CATS) CATS cities hover above the clouds around 35,000 feet. Each city consists of 9 interconnected airships that are 64x bigger than the Hindenburg. Each airship is equipped with three redundant safety landing systems. CATS can support 144,000 permanent residents and 747s and A380s can easily land and take off. CATS, SLICES, and CATS are impervious to extreme EMPs/radiation/gamma lasers. "I Eat Gamma lasers for breakfast"..~ Vinginer CATS is continually kept pressurized.

Earth2.0 (#E20). NASA's nearest exoplanet is Alpa Centurion. NASA confirmed with planet earthly like atmosphere, land, and water. V nation's space colonizer system can put 1kg into space for $.25 substantially beating the minimum $5000 dollars a pound the USA government pays to SpaceX/Elon 'Deutsche Bag Musk" that helps builds Weapons of Mass Destruction that could end civilization on the surface of the earth. Our cities can maintain life for 144,000,000 people for 250,000 years and can withstand a blast from every Nuclear warhead that exists on earth , all, exploding at the same.

KOV's island cities will be equipped with Hypersonic Advanced Transport Systems(HATS). HATS is capable of delivering people, supplies, drones, energy anywhere in the world in less than 10 minutes. KOV's Human Antigravity System (HAS) can accelerate humans from 0 Mach 25 in low earth atmosphere and Mach 25+ in space.

CAMPUS2 stands for Complete Advanced Materials Production Underwater/Undetected by Satellites. CAMPUS2 can produce two hundred and four(204) operational 80,000 ton US Aircraft carriers in 30 days for 1% the cost, 100x stronger, 6x faster/maneuverable. It took the USA 11 years to complete on an aircraft carrier at $15 billion dollars. CAMPU2S is 98% cheaper. KOV's ships are powered by Vpwr, which is neither petro, LPG, or nuclear.

CAMPUS2 can also construct 100,000 Vships in 30 days. Vships can travel underwater, fly like an airplane, and travel into and out of space. Mini V's(MV's) have a 2500k payload which includes humans, reaching a speed of Mach 5 within seconds, top speeds over Mach 25. Mach 25+ speeds attainable in space.

Vships can be human-piloted, robotically piloted. or direct line of laser Control(DLOLC). Vships are impervious to EMP, microwave/laser weapons.

KOV doesn't have traditional companies. Instead, KOV has Belonging Units Designing Developing Helping And Sharing (BUDDHAS). Each BUDDHAS has a specific purpose for its existence and it accomplishes its purpose with a maximum size team of 120 self-managed, self-directed individuals that are guided by their BUDDHAS’s specific purpose while applying the five laws and five principles of KOV.

In a traditional top-down authoritative controlled pyramid business, the business's purpose is to make profits for its owners. These profits flow upwards to a handful of people while the people that slave at the bottom make peanuts. COmmunism^, SOcialism^, CApitalism^ (COSOCO or ^^^ ) are all forms of top-down authoritative control pyramid^ economic models. All ^^^/COSOCO's require a controlling authoritative government. The byproduct of ^^^ economic models is fear, wars, poverty, sadness, unrest, division, greed, destruction. Since these destructive byproducts are built into ^^^'s DNA they are inherently unavoidable. The ^ symbol is found above the 6 key on a keyboard, 666.

V’s economic model is that of an inverted, or upside down PYRAMID, hence the V symbol. V’s economic model fosters creativity, togetherness, peace, sharing, caring, happiness, progress. Beside the V representing a new sustainable economic model, there’s a lot more meaning to the V. Leveraging technology, tools, and technological advancements keep the workweek for V citizens under 10 hours a week, that’s only 40 hours a month, or 75% less than a standard workweek in the USA.

Think of a BUDDHAS as a part of a whole. Each BUDDHAS has a purpose, fulfilling that purpose benefits the whole. A finger has a specific purpose. An arm has a specific purpose. A finger cannot function without the arm. An arm cannot function without a chest. A finger, arm, and chest functioning together achieves its purpose for existence. BUDDHAS eliminates the need for a central controlling government.

V's wealth goes towards the following five things... 1) To pay for free food, medical, education, housing for V's citizens 2) R&D technology inventions that are shared with COCKS 3) V's building, infrastructure & maintenance 4) entrepreneurship 5) providing for those in need around the world

For the generous donation of a **minimum** of 75% of their wealth, only 120 world's billionaires and 420 of their friends receive V citizenship. Their names are forever written in history as the founding fathers of KOV and the bearers of world peace. Earth's remaining billionaires are forever exiled from V. Between billionaire's contributions, V's real estate, V's licensed technology, V's passport sales give the Kingdom of V a starting wealth of U$5 trillion US dollars.

is a 24,000-mile high-speed two-way, multi-lane underwater transportation system that connects KOV cities and COCKS. America provides high-speed transportation of energy, water, food, people at a minimum of twice the speed of a 747 jet, 1500 MPH. Using KOV's CAMPUS system it will only cost $25 billion to complete the 24,000-mile Ambilica system versus $1 trillion dollars using traditional known building methods. IMBILLIKKA can be upgraded with D&D submarine/ships/planes/sats (D&D = detection & destruction).

15% of the world's population or 1 billion people live without electricity. The other 6.8 billion use 160 trillion kilowatts per year. With free/cheap energy, humans around the world can have pure desalinated water, water to farm, electricity to refrigerate food, electricity for transportation, and the internet. Once all 120 KOV's island cities' Juice Extractor Seawater Ultimate System(JESUS) come one line, they'll be capable of producing enough energy to meet triple the energy needs of every human on earth.

KOV's Cold Fusion Electric Generation can create clean, unlimited energy, with a fusion by-product of another clean renewable source of energy. All cars, planes, oil tankers, homes, space vehicles, lunar bases, factories, water desalination, space Parsec drives can run on V's cold fusion energy thus saving the earth from global warming disaster and dropping energy prices below .001/kW which makes power 120 times cheaper in the USA.

A backup energy source to our coldVusion is the elements found in the oceans. There are 50 quadrillion tons of 47 different minerals and metals in seawater. Seawater contains 230 billion tons of lithium and 4.5 billion tons of Uranium, they naturally renew. Mining these elements from 120 Oceanic cities will provide the energy needs for the entire world at .0001$ per kilowatt-hour for a guaranteed 250,000+ years.

Electricity is distributed through seawater infused tubes(SITS and AMBILLICKA), wireless and directed energy(WADE), Massive Ocean-floatable batterieS(MOBS), and vPwrGens, a compact car-size CldFuzGens(CFG) that supplies 40,000 homes with electricity for 10 years. KOV's renewable energy plan would reduce CO2 emissions by 624 trillion gallons a year, saving Earth from destruction.

Pink is the universal color of love. 2020 means perfect vision for human eyes. So, PINK 2020 means, "Love The Perfect Vision". Any nation, country, or kingdom that stops or blocks a person of consenting age from choosing to announce or renounce their citizenship is PURE EVIL...

Peace and No Fear,

Pink 2020 Team

#GoPink2020ndiaTeam #GoPink2020MauritiusTeam #GoPiink2020AfricaTeam #GoPink2020ChinaTeam
#Go Pink2020OKoreaTeam #GoPink2020MiddleEastTeam #GoPink2020MexicoTeam #GoPink2020VenzTeam #GoPink2020Euroteam #GoPInk2020AsiaTeam

All global Hackers receive 100% complete immunity inside V kingdom, lifetime irrevocable V citizenships for themselves and 420 of their friend and, 100% debt and criminal past forgiveness, and 420 tickets to the biggest party since Earth's creation roughly 13 billion years ago ~ Love, Pink2020.com team

On February 18th of 2021, the founder of V nation has forgiven all those who have persecuted him. But, if any person(s)/organization(s)/religious group(s)/nation(s)/city(ies()/state(s) ever again comes against (in any negative way) the founder, or his family, or his said friends, or any citizen of Mexico, or any V nation citizen, the founder has got pre-approval from his wife to unleash Holy Hell on all parties involved, understood?

MEXICO is V Nation's founder's declared resident country. V Nation citizens swear to protect Mexico citizens before protecting V nation citizens. VIVA MEXICO. 80% of V nation's wealth goes to Mexico which would equate to $60 trillion US dollars/1,200 trillion pesos over 30 years, roughly 8 million pesos to all one hundred and twenty three million Mexican citizens.
AMBILLIKKA*note route subject to change, we change the locations daily.. Niggers, do you think we are dumb enough to put the fcking exact location of AMBILLICKA
Caribbean AMBILLICKA. Ambillicka new updated map reveals Ambillicka does not connect to American territory.
Here are some o US facts and Statistics.
Most incarcerated nation, 2 million US prisoners
The US has 5% of the world's population but has 25% of the world's prisoners.
12th out of 195 countries for National Debt to GDP ratio
2nd highest poverty among developed nations
Highest children living in poverty out of developed nations
The USA Federal Government has committed more atrocities against humankind than any other nation
107 countries are happier than the USA according to the Happy World Index
Highest CO2 output country
California spends $75000 to $85000 a year on a single inmate. That's 6 times more than spent on students
The US Spends, $80 billion a year on inmates, on average $3,3333 a month per inmate
Suicide is one of the top ten leading causes of deaths in America
American citizens spend more on healthcare than any other country
42 countries have better life expectancy than the US
More black 17-year-olds are in jail than in college
America has the 4th largest wealth gap in the world
62% of personal bankruptcies are caused by medical bills
Highest divorce rate
Poorest quality healthcare compared to developed nations
Highest student debt
Highest rapes and teen pregnancy
#1 prescription drug use
Highest illegal drugs usage
More murders than any other country
America has the most complicated and worst tax systems in the world
70% of American workers are unhappy, Harris Poll
97% of American employees are fearful, Gallup Poll
Antidepressants are the most prescribed drug in the country
The US spends 7x more military expenditure than any other country
US exports more weapons of mass destruction than any other country
The US spends $600 billion dollars a year on making and exporting weapons of mass destruction
The US spends more on creating weapons of mass destruction than the combined next four military nations
The US spends more on creating weapons of mass destruction than the combined spending on education, medicare, supporting veterans, and infrastructure.
The US was the first and the only country to unleash nuclear bombs on civilians during a war
The US citizens are the most obese citizens in the world
Most expensive place to have a baby
70 million aborted babies over the last 30 years
The highest percentage of citizens living in fear.
More babies die the day they are born in the USA than any other industrialized country
Inequality in the USA is the worst in the industrialized world
America produces more waste than any other country
The US recycles less than any developed nation
The US uses 1/4 of the world's energy
46.2 million Americans live in poverty
The US ranks 17th on the educational system
#1 country for school & work shooting massacres
35% of Americans don’t know at least one of their next-door neighbors, Harvard Study
Americans(White Europeans) colonizers murdered tens of millions of native Indians
100 million Americans will lose jobs to AI over the next decade
78% of Americans are Catholic or Christians
The Catholic organization is the #1 organization for child pedophiles and human sacrifices
5000% increase in the number of people renouncing US citizenship.
The US government has a 3-year waiting list to renounce.
V's founder was improperly arrested in America.
For every dollar that is given to US churches, only .03 cents goes to help people in need.
The US is manipulated by fearful religious leaders and evil Red & Blue politicians.
V nation founder challenges all world-wide mega pastors to a MadMax-like death race across the Saudi Arabia desert.
Do you want world peace?
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Do you want world peace? *
PINK 2020 Bracelet The official Pink 2020 bracelet gives you permission into V's private parties and $50,000 in V sponsored gifts. If under 17, must be accompanied by a responsive, trustworthy (NO PEDOPHILES) adult, preferably a human, aliens OK :) Each bracelet is equipped with vDNanoQtm identification technology. Bracelets missing our technology are considered fakes, knock-offs, copycats, worthless, not entitled to anything. Pink 2020 bracelet bearers receive a lifetime, transferable, sellable KOV citizenship passport. As of 12-15-2020 you can exchange your V nation bracelets for one V. pink coin valued at $1,000,000US dollars. Send proof of bracelet ownership to imbold2020@gmail.com. The coin is a bearer coin, which means, whoever is in possession of the coin owns it. >>> Do not share a photo of your bracelet or pinkCoin on any social media platform. Doing so gets you permanently blacklisted and exiled from the Kingdom. FYI the photo below is a photo of the old V citizenship bracelets. We have never shared a photo of the new V nation bracelets.
#IMBOLD by King of V
If you were about to take your last breaths of life would you like to be able to say, “ I had a great and happy life, I have no regrets? I accomplished my dreams”? Unfortunately, only 1 out of 10 can say this on their deathbed, and the other nine die with regrets according to hospice experts that interviewed tens of thousands of dying people.

There’s one, and only One sinister Thing that causes 90% to die unhappy and with unreached dreams. One Thing destroys more dreams than anything else in this world. One Thing is the biggest destroyer of lives, relationships, businesses, success, and people’s health. This ONE THING causes all the wars, poverty, and destruction in the world. The great news is, we weren’t born with One Thing. Today, you can choose to overcome it. That One Thing happens to have a name and its name is FEAR.

The entire world has made fear palpable and acceptable by disguising its name with the word STRESS. Every day, all day, around the world people say, "I'm stressed out." Wake up! Stress is fear. 230 school shootings have occurred at US schools since the 1999 Columbine School massacre. Fear(stress) is the sole, sinister reason for school shootings. Fear leads to hate, rage, depression inciting student suicides, school shootings, bullying, drug usage. The majority of students attend school every day in stress and fear. Suicide is the #1 cause of death among students and its fears fault. Sadly, there are no school programs addressing fear.

Fill up a room with non-poisonous spiders and snakes and place a newborn baby on the floor. The baby won’t be afraid. Hold a newborn over the edge of a mountain cliff, and it won’t be scared. Why? Infants aren't born with fear. Fear is learned through people, TV/movies, INTERNET, at schools. Can a two-year-old throw temper tantrums in a busy store filled with tons of shoppers? Yes. Because the child has yet learned to fear C.H.E.R. - Criticisms, Humiliation, Embarrassment, Rejection. Public speaking happens to be the #1 fear in the world. Public speaking is feared more than death.

"Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." ~ Yoda, Jedi Master

Fear is the #1 reason for lost profits, poor innovation, and toxic cultures in today's businesses. Disney Animation President(the creator of Toy Story) says, "Fear is the biggest blocker to creativity." Google's study revealed fear is the biggest hindrance to successful teams. 75% of the companies' healthcare costs are due to stress[fear]. A recent Gallup survey reveals 97% of employees are fearful, thus the reason for so many at-work shootings massacres.

Martin Luther King wrote, “Fear is the biggest problem a society faces.” Fear drives every evil action. Pain, suffering, stress, wars, racism, bullying, divorces, depression, selfishness, jealousy, racism greed, anger, hate, unforgiveness, anxiety, school shootings, opioid drug crisis, crimes are fear-driven. Fear doesn’t discriminate. Fear kills, murders, and destroys regardless of race, age, gender, religion, economic class, sexual orientation, nationality. Fear-based/stressed-based sickness, illness costs the US economy $2,000,000,000,000 a year, that's 2 trillion dollars a year. 750,000 people die a year in America from heart attacks induced by stress driven by fear.

“The BOLD reach their dreams, the fearful end up sad, poor or in prison” ~ anonymous

Have you heard people say, “That’s outside my comfort zone?” The world would be different if we walked around with signs that say, “I live in a prison of fear.” A comfort zone is a prison made out of four walls of fear that block, hinders, restrict, restrain, impede, hampers, reduces us from achieving our dreams, and achieving the impossible. Reaching your dreams living inside a comfort zone is impossible. You weren’t born to live a life inside a prison of fear. You were born to achieve GREATNESS and your dreams.

“Fearphy’s Law - What you fear will happen to you” ~ anonymous

There’s an ancient formula that you don't have to be a mathematician to use it. The recipe to reach GREATNESS and achieve the impossible is the AOF formula. AOF stands for absent of fear. Those bold few who courageously achieved AoF throughout history achieved GREATNESS and the impossible. Anyone that applies AoF to intimacy, relationships, leadership, work, businesses, entrepreneurship, teams, innovation, a school, and they too will achieve GREATNESS in those areas.

An AoF life is a life of happiness, peace, and love creating a magnet for opportunities, friendships, and creativity that releases your GREATNESS to achieve your dreams. Those who valiantly strive for an AoF life will die happy, regret-less, and with ALL their dreams attained and achieved the impossible.

Fear is a choice. At the end of the road if you didn’t accomplish your dreams don’t blame anyone but yourself. Today, you can choose not to fear. Today, you can choose to face your fears. Today, you can choose to breakout out of your prison of fear and live an AOF life. Is overcoming your fears difficult? It's the hardest thing you’ll ever do in your life, but it’s worth it. Decide today to courageously face your fears and live an AOF life. Those who boldly face their fears will experience peace, happiness, and will reach DREAMS and achieve the impossible.

Is an AoF life possible? 100% unequivocally, Yes! How you get to an AoF life is chosen by you. For me, the architect of Kingdom of V, it’s my choices that allow me to live an AoF life, a life outside my comfort zone, a life of GREATNESS, a life of achieving dreams and overcoming the impossible. Just imagine an entire nation, country, or kingdom filled with citizens that are all living lives of AOF? That's Heaven on Earth(HOE)!

~ Love, King Of V

*** DO NOT SHARE *** information is for authorized personnel only. Sharing information gets you executed. Understood? ***Paul Brough, SOC#369984120, DOB 10/1/1971 was tortured and savagely murder. Decapitated with a blunt knife, and fed to a pack of wolve dogs after being kept on a bed of nails for 90 days surrounded by snakes, spiders, cockroaches, rats, in a pexi- glass coffin suspended over a cliff. His social media accounts(FB,IG, LinkedIn) have been deleted due to his death. Any photos of Paul Brough all his writings, patents, $100 billion dollars in gold deposits, foreign cash deposits $100 billion US dollars, inventions belong to his family and V nation. His DNA, identical twin brother, Hu Wun, is handling his international after-life financial affairs including his pending lawsuits valued at over $10,000,000,000 dollars against Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, several mega churches, Texas cities, counties, countries including(Aruba and Mauritius), the FBI, the federal government, Robert Morris of Gateway, and more. Hi"~ pink2020.com team(s) Understood? *** video of his 90 days of torture will soon be released on the Dark(Pink)web
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