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Valantis - a nation not born out of death or destruction but born out of boldness and belief...
The sun provides enough solar energy in one hour to power the entire earth, every nation, for a year. Earth also has wind, wave, ocean current, geothermal, and nuclear energy. There is enough uranium in Earth’s oceans to power the world for millions of years. There is no need to fight over energy. The world will never run out of clean energy.  There’s enough land on earth to give every human on earth 30 soccer fields of land. With salt-water ocean desalination, there’s enough drinking water to last humans for thousands of generations.  God created a planet of abundance.  Man paints a world of scarcity. Regarding cures.  God provided that too. God gave natural cures for diseases and cancers found in plants, flowers, sea creatures, ocean plants, snake venom.... But big pharma companies don’t want us to know this because they make BIG profits off of sick people. We have a planet of abundance! So, why don’t we have world peace?  It’s evil men’s fault - not God's fault - that we don't have H.O.P.E. Heaven On Planet Earth. Evil people cause wars, starvation, poverty, global pollution, and economic slavery. Evil families, evil politicians, evil religious groups, and evil business leaders want to enslave humans. To do so, they - #THEEVILONES promote a planet that is resource-scarce. #THEEVILONES promote lies. #THEEVILONES promote lies to instill fear in mankind. #THEEVILONES use fear to control people. #THEEVILONE use fear to enslave citizens of Earth. Martin Luther King wrote, "Fear is the biggest issue society faces"  Evil, fearful people also spread fear and lies that the world needs a population reduction. The world doesn't need a population reduction, the world needs to remove #THEEVILONES fear-mongers. It is stated in the last chapter of the Bible that when God comes back, the first people God kills are the fearful - praise God!!! God created a planet of abundance for all humanity to enjoy. It is absolutely mind-blowing to think we don’t have world peace. Always remember that it’s MAN's fault, NOT God's fault, that we don’t have world peace. Over 200 years ago, America's founders were unhappy with their country so they started a new country. The Architect of V nation is not happy with their country(USA) so they are starting a new nation, minus the wars and genocide of 100 million native Indians it took to colonize America. Instead of rebelling and protesting against THE MAN (US government) and evil US religious institutions, we'll start our own country, thank you very much. We'll partner with countries that truly desire peace, freedom, and happiness. 144,000,000 citizens from around the world will receive V nation citizenship. Here are V nation's five governing principles. 1) Do things that don't purposely hurt yourself or others   2) Do things that are fun (and/or) prosperous preferably in a group   3) live an absence of fear life and help others do so too   4) always try to put others before yourself  5) Believe in the impossible because VVe're DOING IT!!! V nation's five purposes are... 1)  To end all human starvation, suicide, and slavery  #ZEROS3  2) to help youth around the world achieve their BOLD dreams 3)  to financially support those who have the heart to serve those that are less fortunate 4) R.E.D. Reciprocal Energy Dependency provides the world with energy, food, and water.  5) to bring about world peace.  V nation will have no prisons. V citizens are not imprisoned, instead, they are exiled based on a 75% majority in-person, public community vote. The future exiled person is allowed to choose one person to exile with them. V nation will have no military and no police. V nation's protection is provided by a Coalition Of Countries & Kingdoms  (COCKS).  Each COCK is equipped with V nation offense/defense technology.   V-nation will consist of 120 movable, mega-Oceanic island cities with up to 1.2 million full-time residents and up to 12 million visitors. V cities are powered b clean, renewable, advanced energy sources. Each city is 100% self-sustainable that is capable of producing food, water, and energy for 20  million citizens.  V nation citizenship benefits  1) new identities; age, name 2) 100% debt/criminal forgiveness 3) Free education, medical and housing 4) Shared Wealth. A percentage of V Nation's wealth is shared among  V citizens, the remaining goes to help the world  5) Double the life expectancy to 200+ years. V nation companies are citizen-owned and citizen-managed. Company wealth is shared with the citizen of that company. The remaining profits are shared with V nation. V's wealth goes towards the following five things... 1) To pay for free food, medical, education, and housing for V's citizens 2)  R&D technology inventions  3) building, infrastructure & maintenance 4)  entrepreneurship   5) providing for those in need around the world. For their generous donation of $10 ten billion dollars each, 120 of the 2300 known world billionaires and their families shall receive V nation citizenship. Each billionaire receives a Valantis submersible, flying ocean vessel. Their contribution gives V nation a starting wealth of $1.2 trillion US dollars. Billionaire's names are forever written in history as the founding fathers of V nation and the bearers of H.OP.E. Heaven On Planet Earth.  V Nation's founding billionaires share 10% of V nation's wealth for 50 years. Earth's remaining EVIL billionaires ARE FOREVER AND EVER  blacklisted, exiled from Valantis nation aka Heaven On Planet Earth. The $1.2 trillion dollars from our generous billionaires is enough cash to cover the construction cost of Valantis's 120 ocean cities. Each city will be roughly 50,000 ft by 50,000 ft by 100ft/average. Cities are about 1.5 times the size of Aruba. With Valantis's new rapid building system, Valantis can produce two cities per month.  Valantis nation creates $150 trillion dollars of new wealth. And $1 trillion a year from V exports. 77,000,000 Valantis passports will be freely given out. The remaining 77,000,000 passports start at around $1,500,000 which includes Valantis University tuition. Today, it costs $1,000,000 for a Malta or Mauritius passport. There are no prisons. Bad apples are simply exiled, put in a little dingy with 7 to 10 days of provisions. If they are worthy, God will save them. Valanthians will enjoy a 10-hour workweek. Americans average a 50-hour workweek. V nation’s initial population percentages shall be 5% over 55.  20% families with a minimum of two children and three+ years of marriage. The remaining 75% shall be under 30 years of age. Pink is the universal color of love. 2020 means perfect vision for human eyes. So, PINK 2020 stands for,  "Love The Perfect Vision". ~ Paul Brough, The Architect of Valantis & 2024 Presidential Candidate.

The AOF Life
If you were about to take your last breaths of life would you be able to say, “ I had a great and happy life? I have no regrets? I accomplished my dreams”?  Unfortunately, only 1 out of 10 can say this on their deathbed. The other nine died with regrets according to thousands of hospice interviews.There’s one sinister thing that causes 90% of people to die unhappy and with unreached dreams. This One Thing destroys more dreams than anything else in this world. One Thing is the biggest destroyer of lives, relationships, businesses, success, and people’s health. This ONE THING causes all the wars, poverty, and destruction in the world. The great news is, we weren’t born with One Thing.  That One Thing happens to have a name and its name is FEAR. Today, you can choose to overcome it.The entire world has made FEAR palpable and acceptable by disguising its name with the word STRESS. Every day, all day, around the world people say, "I'm stressed out." Wake up! Stress is fear. 230 school shootings have occurred at US schools since the 1999 Columbine School massacre. Fear(stress) is the sole, sinister reason for school shootings. Fear leads to hate, rage, and depression. Fear incites student suicides, school shootings, bullying, and drug usage. The majority of students attend school every day in stress(fear). Suicide is the #1 cause of death among students. It's fears fault. Sadly, there are no school programs addressing fear.Fill up a room with non-poisonous spiders and snakes. Place a newborn baby on the floor. The baby won’t be afraid. Hold a newborn over the edge of a mountain cliff, and it won’t be scared. Why? Infants aren't born with fear. Fear is learned through people, TV, movies, the internet, at schools. Can a two-year-old throw temper tantrums in a busy store filled with tons of shoppers? Yes. Because the child has yet learned to fear C.H.E.R. - Criticisms, Humiliation, Embarrassment, Rejection. Public speaking happens to be the #1 fear in the world. Public speaking is feared more than death."Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." ~ Yoda, Jedi Master Fear is the #1 reason for lost profits, poor innovation, and toxic cultures in today's businesses. Disney Animation President, the creator of Toy Story, says, "Fear is the biggest blocker to creativity." Google's study revealed fear is the biggest hindrance to successful teams. 75% of the companies' healthcare costs are due to stress[fear]. A recent Gallup survey reveals that 97% of employees are fearful, thus the reason for so many at-work shooting massacres.Martin Luther King wrote, “Fear is the biggest problem a society faces.” Fear drives every evil action.  Pain, suffering, stress, wars, racism, bullying, divorces, depression, selfishness, jealousy, racism, greed, anger, hate, unforgiveness, anxiety, school shootings, opioid drug crisis, and crimes are fear-driven. Fear doesn’t discriminate. Fear kills, murders, and destroys regardless of race, age, gender, religion, economic class, sexual orientation, or nationality. Fear-based sickness costs the US economy a trillion dollars a year. 750,000 people die a year in America from heart attacks induced by fear-driven stress.“The BOLD reach their dreams, the fearful end up sad, poor or in prison”  ~ Paul Matthew Brough Have you heard people say, “That’s outside my comfort zone?” The world would be different if we walked around with signs that say, “I live in a prison of fear.”  A comfort zone is a prison made out of four walls of fear that block, hinder, restrict, restrain, impede, hamper, and reduce us from achieving our dreams, and achieving the impossible. Reaching your dreams and living inside a comfort zone is impossible. You weren’t born to live a life inside a prison of fear. You were born to achieve GREATNESS and reach your dreams. “Fearphy’s Law - What you fear will happen to you” ~ Paul Matthew Brough There’s an ancient formula that you don't have to be a mathematician to use. The recipe to reach GREATNESS and achieve the impossible is called "The AOF formula". AOF stands for the absence of fear.  Those bold few who courageously achieved AoF throughout history achieved GREATNESS and the impossible.  Anyone that applies AoF to intimacy, relationships, leadership, work, businesses, entrepreneurship, teams, innovation, and school will achieve GREATNESS in those areas.An AoF life is a life of happiness, peace, and love creating a magnet for opportunities, friendships, and creativity that releases your GREATNESS to achieve your dreams. Those who valiantly strive for an AoF life will die happy, regret-less, and with ALL their dreams attained and will have achieved the impossible.Fear is a choice. At the end of the road if you didn’t accomplish your dreams don’t blame anyone but yourself. Don't blame your parents, your teachers, your friends. Today, you can choose not to fear. Today, you can choose to face your fears. Today, you can choose to break out of your prison of fear and live an AOF life. Is overcoming your fears difficult?  It's the hardest thing you’ll ever do in your life. But, it’s worth it.  Decide today to courageously face your fears and live an AOF life. Those who boldly face their fears will experience peace, and happiness, and will reach DREAMS and achieve the impossible.Is an AoF life possible? 100% unequivocally, Yes! How you get to an AoF life is chosen by you.  For me, the architect of Valantis nation, it’s my belief that allows me to live an AoF life, a life outside my comfort zone, a life of GREATNESS, a life of achieving dreams and overcoming the impossible. Just imagine an entire nation, country, or world filled with citizens that are all living AOF lives? That is V Nation.~ Paul Matthew Brough, The Architect Of Valantis
It's happening!!!
Valantis Updates
The top 1200 cyberpunks, cyber experts, hackers, from any country in the world that helps move Valantis nation forward, will receive 120 lifetime irrevocable V citizenships for themselves and  their friends. Plus, 100% debt and criminal past forgiveness, and 120 tickets to the biggest party since Earth's creation and vCoins worth $1.7 million US$

Valantis offers any man and woman incarcerated in any USA public, state, private, foreign, international, federal prison full Valantis citizenship if they(the incarcerated) pledges to uphold V nation's five laws and are able to read, write, and recite V nation's five laws and say they believe in Jesus.

The incarcerated person can publicly renounce their current citizenship in front of 12 other inmates. Inmates pledge to their last breath of life NEVER again to break Valantis five laws or any the laws of other nations - now and forever. Upon becoming a Valantis citizen have diplomatic immunity accordingly to International Law,  

Article 36 of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, to which 170 nations are party, requires a nation arresting or detaining a foreign national to afford the detainee access to his or her consulate and to notify the foreign national of the right of consular access. Valantis Consulate and Global Banking Offices Cozumel | Vanuatu | Mauritius, Africa | South Africa | Bulgaria | India

Any nation, country, or kingdom that stops or blocks a person of consenting age from renouncing their citizenship is PURE EVIL.

Valantis cities will harvest 55 elements from seawater. New ocean safe harvesting techniques will allow VICs to harvest 20x the worlds Uranium needs. The first Valantis Island City will be located in International Waters off the coast of either; Mauritius, Mexico,  Mauritius, Cuba, or Vanuatu.  Yes, Vanuatu is an island nation of 300,000 citizens. The island cities will connect to mainland via a a floating, energy generating six lane expressway or an underwater tunnel system. Valantis's GOPHER tunneling system can tunnel 5280 feet a day of  a tunnel that's measures 20x20.

One V nation coin equals either one gram of Uranium which equals about 24,000 kWh energy enough to power two homes for a year, or one V nation coin is equals to one cubic foot of Valantis real estate. 10,000 vCoins = 1 V nation certified, registered, verified  passport citizenship bracelet. Portable Atomic Storage System(PASS) powers V nation's transportation system, buildings, vehicles.  One V nation city ocean is capable of  extracting enough uranium to power the remaining 119 V nation cities, plus every country in the world. It's estimated that there is *** at least four billion tons of uranium in seawater ***, which is about  500 times the amount of uranium known to exist in land-based ores, which must be mined.

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Valantis bracelets missing our technology are considered fakes, knock-offs, copycats, worthless, not entitled to anything. Valantis bracelet bearers receive a lifetime, transferable, sellable Valantis citizenship passport.  Do not share photos of your bracelet on ANY social media platform. Doing so gets you blacklisted and exiled from Valantis nation. All Valantis citizens residing in the USA bearing a Valantis nation citizenship bracelet have full top-level Diplomatic Immunity Protection. Diplomatic immunity is a status granted to diplomatic personnel that exempts them from the laws of a foreign jurisdiction. Top diplomatic officers have full immunity, as do their deputies and families.

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