V Nation Peace PINK 2020 World Tour
Joni Pink for spring break on South Padre Island beach as we begin the Pink 2020 World Peace Tour. The Pink 2020 team will be available to answer questions you have about the Pink 2020 plan. Those who attend are eligible for a PINK 2020 V nation passport/visa transferable, sellable PInk2020 bracelet.

The Pink 2020 spring break daily/nightly events include 130 BPM | beach games & water toys | the PINK 2020 Party Bus with rooftop DJ bathrooms, hot shower, free ice, coolers | Networking | largest beach slip-n-slide north of the Gulf of Mexico | on-the-beach pool & hot tubs | foam parties | professional beach photo modeling session | litlDOlitl 8yr old lyrical miracle rapper | giant beach movie screen | Hunk'-in-Trunks Nerf Gun wars | Laser Tag | bikini glow-In-the-dark volleyball | UV bubble party | 4x4 truck beach safari | beach bonfires | beach stargazing | self serve snow cones > popcorn > cotton candy | sit-sing-along video karaoke | Trained In The Sun training

The largest group of friends that attend in costumes each receive an additional $420v coin. Prizes for best costume. Prizes for best tattoos/piercings. Prizes for best female and male swimsuits(only during the month Spring Break March).

100% P.L.U.R.... Display anything less than Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect and you will go A) Go to jail B) be publicly humiliated C) Blacklisted D) All Of The Above

December - Celebrate


The Pink 2020 Team

Pink is the universal color of love. 2020 means perfect; like Perfect 2020 vision. Simultaneously send your questions to ALL of the following emails... IMBOLD2020@gmail.com, psymd143@yahoo.com.

If you are under 18, get parent's permission or be accompanied by a guardian that's over 18 years of age.
We advise you to bookmark this page and check it every day for updates, news, alerts, actions.
*** DO NOT SHARE V or PINK 2020 information on any technology platform. Doing so gets you permanently blacklisted from V Nation FOREVER ***
What is the best way to keep in contact with you
Bracelet bearers receive one lifetime, transferable, sellable V Nation visa/passport valued up to $10,000,000. Only 20 billionaires out of the world's two thousand billionaires will receive a V nation VIP Hyperion all-access passports/citizenship. The remaining world's billionaires are exiled(blacklisted), imprisoned, or enslaved. Upon the sale or transfer of the bracelet, V nation receives 10% of the transaction value. Only 1000 bracelets were minted, created, formulated, raised to date. Each bracelet is equipped with a V unique identification numbering technology. Bracelets missing the V-technology are considered fakes, knock-offs, copycats, not entitled to anything. V citizens receive 100% criminal and debt forgiveness, monthly living allowance. Access to top medical, education, healthy food, pure drinking water, and ocean view housing. Do not share a photo of your bracelet on any social media platform.
Do you want world peace?
Pink 2020 Tour
The first 420 at each event receive a V-unique technology v420$ coin, valued at $4200 US dollars. one limited edition t-shirts valued at $60. An out-of-print book, limited edition valued at $100. A lifetime, sellable, transferable video subscription valued at $7K Plus, two tickets to the Guinness Worlds Record-setting 1111 High Energy 420 Electronic Techno Dance Music 30-day Festival (valued at $1500).
Based on the above answer, please provide either your email , phone number, or mailing address.
Pink 2020 Backers
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