A Nation Absent Of Fear
The architect of Valantis believes all humans should have a fundamental right to a peaceful life. TAO’V promises & pledges that V nation will never wield fear against people. And that all V citizens shall live a peaceful, enjoyable life that is absent of fear. V nation pledges to help other nations ONLY WHEN they ASKS for help

Valantis is governed by five laws. 1. Don’t do things that hurt yourself or others. 2. Do things that are fun or prosperous. 3. No talking about the past, politics, or religion in public. 4. Live an AOF life, absent of fear life. 5. Believe in the impossible because VVe do.

Valantis nation’s five purposes. 1. To end all human starvation, suicide, and slavery 2. To help youths around the world achieve their dreams 3. To colonize Earth's oceans and galaxies 4. to supply the entire world with clean, cheap, energy & water 5. Peace on planet Earth.

Valantis is not about assimilating people...
On the contrary, V embraces different cultures, the more the merrier. V's Translation Accost Live Knowing System(TALKS) translates live conversations in real-time that allows V citizens to speak in their native language with each other. V cities will embrace all cultures which include food, music, language, film, sports, clothing, art, dance. Regarding religion, V citizens must uphold V's third law which is to practice their faith in private.

Valantis Citizenship Benefits...
Citizens of V can give themselves a new name or keep their original birth-given name. V citizens can choose to keep dual, triple citizenship to any country they wish to. V's can change their age/birth date based on how old they perceive themselves to be, 100% debt/criminal forgiveness. Free education, medical, food, housing. V's wealth is shared among its citizens. Freedom. V citizens will enjoy freedom on earth and beyond. V citizens will never be under the threat of fear, stress, persecution, division, racism, repression from anyone or anything.

Valantis will NOT have prisons...
V citizens are not imprisoned. Bad apples are exiled based on a 75% majority in-person, public community vote. V structures and vessels can become defense/offense systems against all known and unknown EVIL if necessary.

Valantis island cities...
Valantis cities are kept pressurized for making energy, transportation, desalinate seawater, ocean mining, and space transport. V's cities are ZERO Waste. This simply means all waste is recycled into energy or repurposed. V's (D)onkey (I)sland (C)ity (K)argo (S)hips, DICKS for short. DICKS' top decks can have eight 747s airplanes simultaneously land and take off. DICS have a cruising speed - in any sea conditions - 100+ knots.

Continuous air pressure system (CAPS)...
CAPS will provide 100% virus/bacteria-free fresh(zero-virus air) continuous pressurized breathing air and 100% pure drinking water to its residents and clean power. Scientists recently discovered that elderly people's bodies age-regressed(turn back time) under clean, pressurized air. Based on science, scientists believe V citizens could live up to 2 times longer. Each city is 100% self-sustainable and is capable of producing electricity, food, oxygen, and freshwater.

Valantis Advanced Materials Production Underwater Systems & Solutions(VAMPUSS) can produce a 50000ft x 10000ft x 100ft underwater movable island city in less than a month. That's equivalent to producing 240 US Naval-sized aircraft carriers in 30 days that cost 98.8% less and are stronger, faster, and much more maneuverable.

Valantis Group can produce using new fabrication methods and materials breakthroughs 120 operational stealth aircraft carrier submarine with new energy and propulsion operational depths of 7800 fathoms, each submarine measuring 600x150x75 meters.

Valantis’ island cities will be equipped with Space Elevator Advanced Hypersonic Atmospheric Transport Systems(SEAHATS). SEAHATS is capable of delivering people, supplies, drones, energy anywhere in the world in less than 30 minutes. KOV's Human Antigravity System (HAS) can accelerate humans from 0 Mach25 in seconds. To send an object weighing 1 kg to low orbit, SpaceX charges $5000 per kilo Valantis's SEAHATS can do it for under $2.5.

In a traditional top-down authoritative controlled pyramid business, the business's purpose is to make profits for its owners. These profits flow upwards to a handful of people - sometimes just one person - while the employees at the bottom are economic slaves. COmmunism^, SOcialism^, CApitalism are all forms of top-down authoritative control pyramid^ economic models. All of them require a controlling authoritative government. The byproduct of these economic models is fear, wars, poverty, sadness, unrest, division, greed, destruction.

Valantis's economic model is that of an inverted, or upside-down PYRAMID, hence the V symbol. V’s economic model fosters creativity, togetherness, peace, sharing, caring, happiness, progress. V represents an eternal, sustainable economic model(ESEM). Leveraging technology, tools, and technological advancements keep the workweek for V citizens under 10 hours. That's 75% less than a standard workweek in the USA.

One person can easily sustain life for at least 10 people. With the lack of tools, 100 years ago, it would probably require at least 18 hours a day for a single person to service 10 people. With today's technological advancements, with the right technical tools, it requires less than 1 hour for a single person to service 10 people.

So, a Valantis citizen needs only to work 18 hours every 180 days. What will V citizens do with all their free time? "V citizens are free to create, invent, play, socialize, dream, adventure, grow, learn, watch, dance, love, talk, write, mold, build, walk, swim, run, imagine, drive, paint, travel, explore, (M184)" ~ the architect of Valantis

“Use what you need, and pass the abundance up.” ~ the architect of Valantis

V doesn't have traditional companies...
Instead, V has Belonging Units Designing Developing Helping And Sharing (BUDDHAS). Each BUDDHAS has a specific purpose for its existence. BUDDHAS accomplishes its purpose with a maximum size team of 120 self-managed, self-directed individuals working as a team are guided by their BUDDHAS’s specific purpose while applying the five laws and five principles of V nation. Think of a BUDDHAS as a part of a whole. Each BUDDHAS has a purpose, fulfilling that purpose benefits the whole. A finger has a specific purpose. BUDDHAS eliminates the need for central top-down authoritative control structures.

V's wealth goes towards...
accomplishing V's five purposes(see above) and the following things... 1) To pay for free food, medical, education, housing for V's citizens 2) to research and development and technological breakthroughs are shared with COCKS 3) V's building, infrastructure & maintenance 4) entrepreneurship, continuous investing in V citizens 5) helping our partnered nations' citizens. COCKS stands for Coalition of Countries and KingdomS, these are countries and kingdoms that are partnered with V.

Where will wealth come from to build and sustain V?

ONE. The first trillion dollars will come from generous, giving, philanthropic billionaires. For their generous donation, only 1200 world's billionaires out of the world's 2300 known billionaires receive one hundred andf forty-four Valantis passport/citizenships. BILLIONAIRES'' names forever written in history as the founders of Valantis and bearers of world peace. Earth's remaining billionaires and their families are FOREVER exiled from Valantis Nation.

TWO. For a minimum of $10 a month,1.44 billion people will receive V nation's streaming network service. The monthly fee will also include a one week V nation visitor visa that includes access to top free food/medical/education. And two V nation's yearly worldwide celebration carnival tickets

THREE. V's COCKS will pay V nation a monthly to license V nation's technologies, to receive energy at .005$ a Kilowatt and the exclusive importation of 56 elements, including enriched uranium, lithium...

FOUR. V nation's projected real estate wealth for the combined 120 cities is v$144 trillion

FIVE. AMBILLIKKA...is a high-speed, global, multi-lane underwater perpetual motion transportation that connects V cities and COCKS. AMBILLIKKA provides high-speed transportation of energy, water, food, and people at a minimum of twice the speed of a private jet, that's 1500 MPH.

With V nation's CAMPUS2 system, it will only cost $50 billion to complete AMIBILLIKKA versus $1 trillion dollars using traditional known building methods. AMBILLIKKA allows COCKS to import energy, equipment, ships, freshwater, food from V's cities. AMBILLIKKA can be defensively equipped against all Earth-known and galactic weapons on request.

15% of the world's population or 1 billion people live without electricity. The other 6.8 billion use 160 trillion kilowatts per year. With V's cheap energy, humans around the world can have pure desalinated water to farm, for electricity, refrigerate food, for transportation, education, internet. V nation's 120 island cities' Juice Extractor Seawater Ultimate System will be capable of producing enough energy to meet triple the energy needs of every human on earth.

There are 54 elements in the oceans. There are 50 quadrillion tons of 47 different minerals and metals in seawater. Seawater contains 230 billion tons of lithium and 4.5 billion tons of Uranium both of which naturally renew. Mining these elements from V’s 120 Oceanic cities will provide the energy needs for the entire world for eternity. With some simple modification to a standard gas centrifuge, V nation can drop the cost of enriching uranium by a factor of 100. And produce 10,000 more times enriched uranium in the same time period as a standard gas centrifuge.

Electricity is distributed through Seawater Infused Tubes(SITS), AMBILLIKKA, Satellite High Altitude Relay Platform (SHARP, and Wireless And Directed Energy(WADE), vPwrGens, a compact car-size CldFuzGens(CFG) that supplies 200,000 homes with electricity for 20 years. V's renewable energy plan would reduce ALL CO2 emissions. that's 624 trillion gallons a year, saving Earth from destruction.

Live a AOF LIFE,

the architect of Valantis Nation
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We, Valantians, don't hate the US or any other country. We don't hate anything. We walk in bold love. The facts below prove America's system has catastrophically failed its citizens. Instead of trying to change America. Instead of starting a revolution in America. Instead of time-wasting peaceful protests. Instead, we'll BOLDLY start our own nation that's absent of fear. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! The information below gives reasons for Valantis nation. If any of the facts below is incorrect please send the correction to imbold2020@gmail.com or at andre.maharaja@mauritiusuniversity.org
Most incarcerated nation, 2 million US prisoners
The US has 5% of the world's population but has 25% of the world's prisoners.
12th highest, out of 195 countries, for National Debt to GDP ratio
2nd highest poverty among developed nations
170 countries have lower suicide rates than the USA
Highest children living in poverty of developed nations
The USA Federal Government has committed more atrocities against humanity than any other nation
107 countries are happier than the USA according to the Happy World Index
Highest CO2 output country
California spends $75000 to $85000 a year on a single inmate. That's 6 times more than spent on students
The US Spends, $80 billion a year on inmates, on average $3,3333 a month per inmate
Suicide is one of the top ten leading causes of death in America among teenagers
American citizens spend more on healthcare than any other country
42 countries have better life expectancy than the US
The US gave immunity to the sadistic Nazi and Japanese scientists that tortured, murder thousands of babies, children, and women.
More black 17-year-olds are in jail than in college
Highest child cancers, obesity, and diabetes among all developed countries
America has the 4th largest wealth gap in the world
62% of personal bankruptcies are caused by medical bills
Highest divorce rate
Poorest quality healthcare compared to developed nations
Highest student debt
The United States has spent $8 trillion on the Iran war, and another $2 trillion on the failed war in Afghanistan. That's $10 trillion, which comes out to be $28,000 per US citizen. What would the US look like if the government spent $10 trillion on Americans?
Highest rapes and teen pregnancy
America ranks 121 on the Global Peace Index, 120 countries have better Peace Ratings than America
#1 prescription drug use
Highest illegal drugs usage
More murders than any other country
The US has exploded more atmospheric nuclear weapons than any other country in the world
America has the most complicated and worst tax systems in the world
70% of American workers are unhappy, Harris Poll
97% of American employees are fearful, Gallup Poll
Antidepressants are the most prescribed drug in the country
The US spends 7x more military expenditure than any other country
US provided sanctuary to evil NAZI scientists and evil Japanese scientists that killed, tortured, murder tens of thousands of babies, children, and women
US exports more weapons of mass destruction than any other country
The US spends $600 billion dollars a year on weapons of mass destruction
The US spends more on creating weapons of mass destruction than the combined next four military nations
The US spends on weapons of mass destruction than the combined spending for education, medical, veterans, elderly, students
The US was the first and the only country to unleash nuclear bombs on civilians
The US citizens are the most obese citizens in the world
One of the most expensive countries to deliver a baby
70 million aborted babies over the last 30 years
The highest percentage of citizens living in fear.
More babies die the day they are born in the USA than any other industrialized country
Inequality in the USA is the worst in the industrialized world
America produces more waste than any other country
The US recycles less than any developed nation
The US uses 1/4 of the world's energy
46.2 million Americans live in poverty
The US ranks 17th on the educational system
#1 country for school & work shooting massacres
There have been over 200 US school massacres since the 1999 Columbine shooting
35% of Americans don’t know at least one of their next-door neighbors, Harvard Study
Americans(White Europeans) colonizers murdered tens of millions of Native Indians
90% of Americans will lose jobs in the next five years to AI, automation, robotics
A country with most pedophiles, rapists, and murders
90% of Americans will live in FEMA camps in the next decade due to the above statement
78% of Americans are Catholic or Christians
Roman Catholic organization is the #1 organization in the world for child pedophiles
Roman Catholic organization is the #1 organization in the world for child murders
5000% increase in the number of people renouncing US citizenship over the last 5 years.
The US government has a 3-year waiting list to renounce US citizenship
American government charges a 30% EXIT tax to renounce US citizenship
For every dollar that is given to US churches, less than 3% goes to help people in need
Valantis bracelets missing our technology are considered fakes, knock-offs, copycats, worthless, not entitled to anything. Valantis bracelet bearers receive a lifetime, transferable, sellable Valantis citizenship passport. As of 12-15-2020, you can exchange your V nation citizenship for Valantis Coins(coins) worth $1,000,000 US dollars for a 1st version Valantis bracelet. 1.5 million dollars for the 2nd version of Valantis bracelets. The 3rd version of bracelets coming soon with an estimated value of $3 million US dollars.Send proof of your bracelet to iambold1111@gmail.com. Upon verification and upon receiving your Valantis bracelet, you'll be sent access instructions and codes to your digital V nation wallet containing your digital coins. Each Valantis digital coin is backed by a unit of wealth. Unlike, other digital coins, which don't have any wealth associated with them. Valantis coins are backed by Valantis real estate and energy(Uranium). That means every Valantis coin can be exchanged for tourist passes, energy, water, food, services, goods.Valantis digital currency is the only accepted currency in Valantis Nation and within the 120 ocean island cities. At the US national average of $120 an sq/ft for homes in the USA, Valantis real estate is worth a staggering $250,000,000,0000,000 that's 250 trillion dollars. That equates to $1,041,666 million dollars for each of the 144,000,000 full-time Valantis citizens. Valantis export sales of Valantis Uranium to the world about $1 trillion a year. Valanatis Nation streaming Yeachclix.com network $168 billion a year. Tourism a year to Valantis $1.2 trillion a year.Do not share photos of your bracelet on ANY social media platform. Doing so gets you blacklisted and exiled from Valantis nation.All Valantis citizens residing in the USA bearing a Valantis nation citizenship bracelet have full top-level Diplomatic Immunity Protection. Diplomatic immunity is a status granted to diplomatic personnel that exempts them from the laws of a foreign jurisdiction. Top diplomatic officers have full immunity, as do their deputies and families. That means ambassadors can commit just about any crime—from jaywalking to murder—and still be immune from prosecution. They can’t be arrested or forced to testify in court.
The first 14,400 global cyberpunks, cyber experts, hackers, from any country that helps move Valantis nation forward, will receive 100% complete immunity inside Valantis nation which includes 4 lifetime irrevocable V citizenships for themselves and their friends. Plus, 100% debt and criminal past forgiveness, and 420 tickets to the biggest party since Earth's creation and vCoins worth 7 million yuan.

The first 15 Empresses of Valantis receive…one Valantis lvl5 apartment Expected Value(EPV) US$1.5 Billion, Five lvl5 Passports, 1200 sellable, transferable LVL 3 Passports EPV US$1.50 Billion, v$coins EPV US$1.50 Billon, Share 1% Valantis' wealth for 99 years between 15 Empresses EPV US$100 Billion, One of fifteen Valantis' Empresses crowns - EPV? Priceless!!! The First 15 Empresses of Valantis...Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Lauren Jeff Bezos’ Next Wife, Megan Fox, Shakira, Priscilla Chan, Jennifer Lopez, Kari Jobe, Nicole Scherzinger, Kendal Jenner, Ariana Grande, Mala Maharaj, Melania Trump, Priyanka, and Hailey Bieber. #iambold1111 #whatdidbillgatesdoinaruba #mrpinkknowswhobillgatesdidinaruba My wife happens to be the 1st Empress of Valantis
Valantis pardons the sins and crimes of the first 1,400,000 ** men and women incarcerated in any public, state, private, foreign, international, federal prisons in USA, Columbia, Mexico, Ecudor. Inmates who pledge to uphold V nation's five laws and able to read, write, and recite the five laws of V nation shall receive 4 irrevocable, transferable, sellable V citizenships worth $1.5 million dollars and a full education package. And v$C1000 in v$dollars valued at $100,000 million US dollars. The incarcerated person can publicly renounce their current citizenship in front of 12 other inmates. Inmates pledge to their last breath of life NEVER again to break the laws of Valantis or any other nations' laws now and forever. Upon becoming a Valantis citizen have diplomatic immunity accordingly to International Law, Article 36 of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, to which 170 nations are party, requires a nation arresting or detaining a foreign national to afford the detainee access to his or her consulate and to notify the foreign national of the right of consular access. Valantis Consulate and Banking Offices Cozumel, Caribbean | Vanuatu | Mauritius, Africa | India, Middle East | China, ASIA

Pink is the universal color of love. 2020 means perfect vision for human eyes. So, PINK 2020 means, "Love The Perfect Vision". Any nation, country, or kingdom that stops or blocks a person of consenting age from choosing to renounce their citizenship is PURE EVIL.

The architect of Valantis, Paul Brough, is making Bill Gates a defendant in a $50 billion dollar international legal battle Mr. Brough says he has undeniable proof that Bill Gates criminally interfered in the 2020 US Presidential election that stopped Paul Brough from winning the presidency. Paul Brough also alleges Bill Gates sabotaged Paul Brough’s $1 trillion dollar Mauritius PINKHOE plan - www.pinkhoe.com - while Bill simultaneously broke federal law. Paul’s PINKHOE plan would have created 200,000 high-paying jobs in Mauritius. Mauritius happens to be the birthplace of Mr. Brough’s first child. Mr. Brough’s financial analyst experts predicted the PINKHOE plan would have created $50 billion of new wealth for the Brough family over the next 20 years. Hence the $50 billion lawsuits against Gates. For Paul’s sake, we hope he brings a big a$$ slingshot to the trial. He’ll need it to take down such a Goliath giant as Bill Gates. It’s likely Paul won't need the slingshot if the rumors are true. Apparently, Paul has a secret Aruba video weapon he can wield against Bill Gates at any time Mr. Pink wants to.

Every Sackler family member and all pronounced friends of this family is FOREVER exiled from Valantis Nation for unforgivable offenses against humanity.

Valantis Island Cities otherwise known as VICs. VICs measure 50,000 feet by 50,000 feet by 100 to 35,0000. ft. New construction processes, methods and resources drop the price from $100 to $10 billion. Cities can maintain 1,440,000 full-time residents and up to another million visitors per day. VICs are 100% self-sustaining in the areas of food, water, energy, waste, building resources. VICs can harvest 55 elements from the oceans. New ocean safe harvesting techniques allow VICs to harvest 3x the worlds Uranium needs. Five renewable power sources power VICs. VICs produce an additional water and electricity for another 1,440,000 off-island residents. The first Valantis Island City will be located in International Waters. That's twelve miles or 60,000 feet off the coast of either; Mauritius, Mexico, a Caribbean Island, China(Asia) or Vanuatu. Yes, Vanuatu is a island nation of 300,000 citizens. The island cities will connect to mainland via a a floating, energy generating six lane expressway or an underwater tunnel system. Valantis new GOPHER tunneling system can tunnel 5280 feet per day. Valantis's wealth rivers come from five world-wide export industries; education, energy/Uranium, real estate, pharma, entertainment. A staggering $150 trillion of new wealth is created from Valantis's newly created real estate and passport sales.

Paul Maharaja, CEO of Bolder International Group is planning the construction of a new 127 mile 500-feet wide Mexican International Canal(MIC) that's averages 100 feet deep. Completed in 12 months year at a cost of $5 billion dollars 100 billion Mexican Pesos. The MIC is twice the length, depth and width of famous Panama Canal. Two of the largest ships ever built can transit the canal side-by-side simultaneously.

The first eight Empresses of Valantis receive…one Valantis lvl5 apartment Expected Value(EPV) US$1.5 Billion, Five lvl5 Passports, 1200 sellable, transferable LVL 3 Passports EPV US$1.50 Billion, v$coins EPV US$1.50 Billon, Share 1% Valantis' wealth for 99 years between Eight Empresses of Valantis EPV US$100 Billion. A Valantis' Empresses Crown - EPV? Priceless!!!

Who will be the first eight empresses of Valantis?
Taylor Swift (or) Rihanna

Jeff Bezos’ Next Wife (or) Melani Trump

Megan Fox (or) Kendal Jenner

Hailey Bieber (or) Paris Hilton

Shakira (or) Jennifer Lopez

Priscilla Chan (or) Nicole Shanahan

Arian Grande (or) Miley Cyrus

Mala M. (or) Priyanka

Valantis is a new nation formed for the purpose of bringing peace on planet earth and saving Earth from destruction. 144,000,000 people from two hundred countries will colonize the Earth oceans with 120 mega floating island cities.

The R. Maharaja of Dubai is a 10,000-foot tall Dubai skyscraper 3x taller than the Burj Khalifa and 60x more floor space. 144,000 apartments can accommodate 250K+ permanent residences or 1.2 million visitors. A build time of less than 30 days. That's a build-time that's 72x faster than the Burj Khalifa. And at a cost of 1/10th less.! The master architect will be crucified live on a cross if he does not complete within a year.

God said to tell you that, "Mark Z, The CEO of FB, you got 7 days to run-and-hide Nigger. Get on your registered YATCH and run nigger run. Thereafter, you are officially branded as the 2nd terrorist against Valantis. Aden Shure was the 1st. God the Almighty and the Nation of Valantis put a bounty of $5,000,000,000 billion dollars worth of ^V^coins to be used to purchase Valantis Realestate and 12 VIP Valantis passports as a reward for your head on a platter. Next, in line is Bill Gates. Then,...." ~ thus the last prophet of Israel

The top seven controlling Mexican families will share $100 billion a year from the new island city project located off the Mexican Gulf Coast in international waters, " says Paul B. who happens to be the project's architect. The international city will have a VR AI theme park with rides, casinos, an Aruba San Nicolas zone, a multi-acre Caribbean lagoon, water park, golf, surfing, wave pool. Plus an experience inside an interactive aquarium, walk-about zoo. NO CAGED animals, The island will host a state-of-the-heart hospital, with plastic surgery, an R&D lab, a multi-use stadium with a horse track, Formula One race track. The city will have144,000 spacious apartments. An airport that can land five 747's simultaneously. Each apartment can accommodate 80 people micropodely. The 144,000 apartments can be subdivided into smaller apartments. Accommodating up to 14 million visitors at once. Valantis Nation is funding the joint venture with the Mexican ruling families. A twelve-mile eco-friendly built road will join Mexico to the floating city island international waters. There is a draw bridge just before entering the gates of the city. The city will have several giant eco-friendly cargo ferry ships. Each ferry is capable of transporting 3,500 cars to the island city at once. The city is expected to be 50,000 x 50,000 with at least five levels. The cost to build the project is $10 billion dollars that's with the road. By using the same old traditional building techniques and resources the project would normally cost $100plus billion dollars. But Paul B, the architect of the city has been given divine new rapid, eco-friendly, price-reduced processes and technologies to drop the cost by a factor of 10. The city will be powered by five safe renewable energies; human wastes, wave, solar, wind, and Uranium steam turbines. The city is capable of mining 3x the world’s current yearly Uranium needs. That’s great news since Uranium prices are expected to exponentially rise in the next two years. Enriching also takes place in the city under the island city. The city also is equipped to privately garage up to 24 aircraft carriers sized yachts, cruise ships, and private submarines measuring1500 by 200 feet. The city will be the first Net+Positive Environmental City in the world. This means every day the city is helping the planet recover instead of damaging the earth. Paul B. states, "This is the first of 120 planned island cities to permanently accommodate 144,00,000 daily citizens.”

Do you want world peace? *
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