Proxy Representative Form
If you can't attend the meeting in person or via our online stream, you can fill this form to assign a proxy representative. Your proxy representative will carry your attendance to count you as present, which will help us reach the number of members we need to do business. They will also carry your vote in case of roll call or ballot votes. They will have the authority to speak from the floor as your representative.

We will confirm with your selected proxy when they sign in that they've agreed to serve as your voice at the meeting. There will be no shenanigans. 
  • Please confirm with your proxy representative before filling out this form. If they're not aware of the proxy request when they arrive, we won't be able to honor your form. See above: no shenanigans.
  • If you ask someone to be your proxy, be sure to complete this form. Without this form, there is no proxy representative.
  • Each member can only be a proxy representative for one other member.
  • All proxy forms must be received before the meeting is called to order and confirmed during the sign in process.
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Which member is acting as your representative? *
Your proxy representative carries both your attendance and your vote as a member. Be sure they know how you want them to vote on any upcoming issues.
The Agreement
The Legalase
do hereby appoint the member listed above to be my proxy agent with full power of substitution and to vote for me in all business matters to be considered at the next Business Meeting of the Democratic Party of Craighead County. My appointee shall have all the power that I would possess with respect to voting and granting my consent. I hereby ratify and confirm all acts that my proxy shall so or cause to be done by virtue of and within the limitations set forth in this proxy.

This proxy voids and supersedes any proxy heretofore executed by me, and in the event I will attend the meeting, I reserve the right to revoke this proxy with the Secretary and vote in person.

I give my proxy listed above the right to represent me at the meeting, share my concerns on the floor in discussions, and vote on my behalf. This new proxy submission form cancels all proxy forms I have submitted before. If I decide to roll up to the meeting, I can have the Secretary void this form and represent myself.
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