Leaving or Graduating: Spring 2018
Hello! If you are leaving or graduating spring 2018 please fill out this form.
Also please indicate whether or not you would like to participate in the Farewell Service.

We hope that you may continue to be a faithful worker wherever you go next!

Please direct any questions to Haeran Lee at h3ron21@gmail.com

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Note: For those who graduated during the Fall semester, please also mark "Yes".
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Please be specific and do not use acronyms, e.g., Accountancy instead of Business, Molecular and Cellular Biology instead of MCB.
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Are you leaving campus? *
If you're leaving campus, where are you headed next and what will you be doing (please be as specific as possible)? For those not leaving please type "I am not leaving". *
e.g. I'll be going to Chicago, working as an accountant for Ernst and Young - this information is for the Alumni directory and so that the church can pray for you
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