#Students_Against_COVID General, Academic and Research Mentorship Form
#Students_Against_COVID aims to bring students & allies together across the globe to create a common platform to share ideas, brainstorm together, & collaborate if possible during the Coronavirus Pandemic. The movement aims to promote efficient and professional communication all the while encouraging others to champion scientifically based facts & ideas, and building synergies if applicable. We aim to take neither credit nor liability for anyone's work, of course, but seek to elevate the voices of those around us.

We strive to curate mentorship relationships (one time meeting only or longer term depending on both parties preferences) as well in order to facilitate our mission and further help students and young professionals develop skillsets in order to enable them to be in better positions to make change now and in the future.

Example: If a student is interested in helping to initiate fundraising activities for their own organization or initiative, then they may benefit from a 1 time advising session from an established professional.

If you are interested in potentially being a mentor, please fill out the below form. We will share this sheet with registered members of #Students_Against_COVID only (those who have signed up with us with their full names, contact information, institutional affiliations, and promised to abide by our code of conduct). We encourage you to respond to any contact further by any of our members within 4 business days in accordance with professional communication guidelines.

Further, we have 3 sections to this form. Please fill out the sections applicable to you and leave the rest.
1.) General Mentorship
2.) Academic Mentorship
3.) Research-related Mentorship (for those offering to advise others)
4.) Research-related Mentorship (for those looking to bring mentees into projects)

For more questions, please email studentsagainstcovid@gmail.com
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