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I, the undersigned applicant, declare that the information given herein is true and correct. If I am elected as a member of AAGRA I undertake to be bound by and observe the code of ethics.
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To apply for membership of AAGRA and accreditation as a record agent, two examples of material you have retrieved from one or more Australian archives are to be forwarded to the honorary secretary at info@aagra.asn.au . These examples should demonstrate correct citations. Please provide some context as to how these examples were the appropriate sources for the question(s) you were seeking to resolve. *
If you wish to apply for accreditation as a genealogist in addition to accreditation as a record agent, two examples of your family history work are to be forwarded to the honorary secretary at info@aagra.asn.au . Please ensure that, if appropriate, you have sought permission from your client. Personal details of living people must not be included. Your work should demonstrate: good English expression, thorough understanding of appropriate resources and correct citations, accepted genealogical charting and high standard of manuscript preparation.
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The honorary secretary will contact you on receipt of this application and advise when the AAGRA committee will have the opportunity to review your application.
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