Virtual Audition/Coaching Session Information
Thank you for choosing HVCT's - Coaching for the Arts in HV!

Your virtual audition/coaching session will be 30 minutes in length and consist of:
* Welcome and introductions
* Student/actor performs
* Coaches provide feedback
* Student/actor practices new techniques and receives immediate feedback
* Questions/answers
* Next steps (if another session is scheduled)

By participating in this process, you also agree to take ownership of:
* Checking email to receive confirmations, updates or respond to questions about their audition session.
* Completing this form and specifying audition selections at least 1 week before the scheduled audition date. This lead time allows our coaches to prepare for your audition.
* Ensuring access to the audio/visual technology required to join a Skype, Zoom or Google meeting and being able to start your audition on time.
* Preparing for the virtual audition to maximize the results of the coaching session.

If you have any questions about the virtual audition and coaching process, or would like to set up a duet or group scene, please contact Rhonda Beesley at or 248.515.9977 Deb Biondo at or 248.766.6649

Looking forward to seeing you virtually at your audition!
Student/Actor's First Name *
Student/Actor's Last Name *
Age, Grade and School (if applicable) you will be attending Sept 2020 (e.g. 12 years old, 7th grade, Oak Valley Middle School) *
2. Student/Actor's email to receive ALL information about the virtual audition/coaching session. *
Student/Actor's phone number (Will only be used on an "as needed" basis.) *
If you are under the age of 18 then provide contact information for a Parent/Guardian. NAME/RELATIONSHIP (e.g. Sue Smith - Mom).
Parent/Guardian - EMAIL
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What is the date and time of your audition (i.e. per your Sign Up Genius selection)? *
What do you hope to achieve through this theatrical coaching session? *
Please specify the type of audition you'll want to receive coaching. *
Specify your audition selections by checking the items that apply. *
I will perform a scene/song listed on the HVCT Google drive.
I will perform my scene/song of my choice
Please identify the scene /song you plan to perform for the virtual audition/coaching session. For example, "I plan to perform the scene from Into the Woods and sing, "I Have a Dream". OR "I'm auditioning for Mary Poppins, Jr. and will email the audition scene and song, Step in Time." *
Use the space below to specify any other information you think is helpful or relevant to your virtual audition/coaching session.
REMINDERS: 1) By submitting this form you/parent/guardian agree to this process. 2) If you're signed up for more than one audition AND plan to perform different scenes/songs for feedback, then complete an audition form for each coaching session.
IMPORTANT: If you would like to retain a copy of this form's information, create a PDF or print BEFORE clicking the submit button below. Thank you!
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