Join the list of companies who are standing up for user privacy and opposing CISPA.
Internet users are more and more concerned about their privacy. You can show your users that you take their rights seriously by adding your company's name to this list.

There are several ways that a company can stand with users against CISPA:

1) Fill out this form and add your company to the list.

2) Join the Internet Defense League and display a CISPA Alert banner or modal on your site during the CISPA Week of Action March 19 - 22. You can choose an unobtrusive banner or a modal that links to the Electronic Frontier Foundation's action on CISPA. It's a powerful way to show your users you really care. Get the code here:

3) Do a company blog post on CISPA, like Mozilla did. Or link to an action like Duck Duck Go. Or offer some free advertising space like Imgur. Or tweet at Google, Twitter, or Facebook asking them to join us. The possibilities are endless. Get in touch and let's brainstorm, leave your comments below and we'll be in touch.
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