Submit information about a MOOC research paper
This form can be used to add information about papers to the MOOC research literature browser. Note that you cannot upload papers - they must already be hosted somewhere else, and this will link to them. Please use the search box in the browser to check that the paper isn't already in the database. Thanks!
{title} *
The title of the paper.
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A URL for the paper (preferably a DOI link).
The abstract from the paper. Do not include paragraph breaks or HTML.
Add citation information for the paper.
(Optional) Add keywords to help describe the paper. Use a semicolon to separate keywords.
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The date that the paper was published. Please use the format YYYY-MM-DD - e.g. 25th December 2014 would be 2014-12-25. If the exact date is not known, please specify the month (YYYY-MM) or year of publication.
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