Wildfire Marketing is thrilled to be working on the upcoming events for Donya Lynne:
Wildfire Marketing is thrilled to be working with Donya Lynne on her upcoming releases. Lightning Strikes, a FREE novella “prequel” that introduces readers to the story, will be released on September 24th. Savage Storm releases on October 29th.
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Review Blitz for SAVAGE STORM - October 29-30

LIGHTNING STRIKES is the short and steamy FREE novella prequel to SAVAGE STORM! Blurb for Lightning Strikes:

One extraordinary night. Two lives moving in opposite directions. A burning flame neither will forget.

Since her mom’s mysterious disappearance eleven years ago, Rayna has been victimized by paralyzing fear, making her a prisoner in her own home. But when her best friend scores tickets to the hottest New Year’s Eve party in Los Angeles, Rayna is determined to overcome her phobia and go.

Cain isn’t looking for a serious relationship. He’s too much of a wanderer to settle down. Which means when he arrives at the party, he’s not looking for anything more serious than a casual hookup.

When their paths cross, the last thing Rayna expects is for Cain to quiet her anxiety, steal her sense of reason, and compel her take the biggest risk of her life and spend the night with him. Reckless? Absolutely. But she’s never felt more alive. She refuses to let the night end without seeing how far her newfound courage will take her, even if it means breaking all the rules.

Cain can’t deny there’s something special about Rayna, but is it enough to tame his nomadic heart? Or will one unforgettable night be all they share?

Lightning Strikes is the free introductory novella to an epic binge read that will leave you on the edge of your seat guessing what happens next.


She thought he was the perfect man. Then she met his best friend. Who will she choose when she finds herself falling in love with both? And will the choice even be hers to make?

It’s been eight months since New Year’s Eve and the one-night stand that changed Rayna’s life. She still thinks about Cain every day, but with no way to contact him, all she can do is try to forget him and move on.

When her best friend plans a girls’ weekend in Vegas, Rayna is ready to kickstart her life in a new direction. Until she finds herself stranded on the side of the road with two flat tires. Alone, afraid, and in the middle of nowhere, the last person she expects to stop and lend a hand is the one man she’s never been able to forget. Cain. And he’s even hotter now than he was on New Year’s Eve.

Cain can’t believe his good fortune. Rayna has haunted his memories for eight long months, and now they have a chance to finish what they started. Maybe they can even make it better. Because this time, Cain’s best friend Storm is with him, and the two of them together could be just what the overly sheltered Rayna needs to truly set herself free from the past.

None of them can predict how one night of passionate exploration will alter the bonds of friendship or their plans for the future, proving that sometimes three really can be a crowd.

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