Life Membership Application Form 永久校友会会员申请表格
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Full Name as in IC/Passport 身份证或护照的英文姓名 *
What is your name in Chinese? (If any) 您好!请输入您的中文姓名。
Gender 性别
NRIC Number 身份证号码 *
Year of Graduation or the Year at which you left STTSS. 请输入您的毕业年份或离开母校的年份。 *
Your email address. 请输入您的电子邮件地址
What is your mobile phone number? 请问您的手机号码是什么? *
Your date of birth? 出生日期
Marital status. 婚姻状况.
Don't worry! We are not arranging for any blind dates. :)
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Residence Address 居住地址
Mailing Address (if different from Residence Address) 邮寄地址 (如与居住地址不同)
Name of Company 公司名称
Designation 公司职位
Nature of Company / Business 公司或业务性质
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Declaration 声明 *
I hereby apply for life membership and declare that I have completed a minimum of one year of academic education in Sabah Tshung Tsin Secondary School. 本人在此声明至少在沙巴崇正中学完成一个学年,于此申请加入沙巴崇正校友会终生会员。
Mode of payment (RM100) 付款方式 (RM100)
If you are paying by online banking, please pay to:Bank: UOBAccount No.: 1563024491Name: Sabah Tshung Tsin Alumni AssociationPlease specify under "note for recipient" as "Payment for STTAA Membership“ Please take a screenshot on your payment statement and send it to the committee member who recommended you to be a member of our alumni. 如果您是以网上银行转账的方式,请以以下的户口资料转账:银行: UOB银行户口: 1563024491收款人: Sabah Tshung Tsin Alumni Association请在"note for recipient"的空格里注明 "Payment for STTAA Membership“ 请在转账后,将转账证明截屏,并将截屏发给推荐者。
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Your Life Membership is recommended by: 校友会会员推荐者:
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