2019-20 Student Leadership Class Application
Dear Potential Applicants,

We are so excited that you are interested in ASB/ Leadership as your 2019-20 elective! The following questions are very important. Please think about them carefully and give an HONEST response. After you have completed this application, you will need to provide a copy of your last progress report/report card to the Counseling Office. You will also need a Teacher Recommendation for Leadership/ASB. Please have your teacher go online (dg.sduhsd.net - Registration/Optional Forms) to complete that form. You will be notified of acceptance into the class on the first day of school when you receive your class schedule.

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Contact Information *
Please provide a valid email address and phone number where you can be contacted over summer.
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Name of Elementary School (if currently in 6th)
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Grade in 2019-20 *
Why do you want to be in ASB/ Leadership? (Maximum of 5 sentences) *
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Discuss a time when you have had to with a team and faced a challenge. What was your role? (Maximum 5 sentences) *
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Leadership/ASB is an organization committed to the student body. Will you be able to work after school and during lunch to help with Leadership/ASB events? *
Please note we need each student to help with lunchtime activities a minimum of five times per month.
Will you be able to complete 34 hours of community/school service per semester as a requirement to being in Leadership/ASB? Note that 24 of the hours must be served on Diegueno's campus, for Diegueno activities. Activities occur during CAT, lunch, and after school. *
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Do you feel comfortable speaking in front of large groups of students such as students in a classroom or students in the lunch area? * * *
Has one of your teachers completed the Teacher Recommendation Form? *
Did you request ASB on your course requests? *
Are you able to assist with Cougar Camp and first day of school preparations in August? *
CHECK ALL THAT APPLY. If you are able to assist, you'll be contacted in June and/or August with confirmation of dates and times.
Are you interested in being a Peer Assistance Listener? (P.A.L.) *
P.A.L.s are student leaders who are trained in advanced communication skills and help students talk through everyday problems. They work to create a conflict-free and welcoming campus for all students by creating activities focused on promoting harmony, kindness, and compassion.
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