Graduate Employee Economic Survey
The purpose of this survey is to gather information about the economic conditions of graduate employment at Temple University. The TUGSA Organizing Committee will use this information to shape future campaigns and improve the lives of graduate student employees across campus. All information collected will remain confidential and completely anonymous.
What college are you currently employed in?
Year of study
Please describe your status.
What is your current employment title?
How many hours are you contracted to work per week?
What is the duration of your current employment contract?
If applicable, please explain what you have done or plan to do during the months that are not covered by your contract (i.e. find work elsewhere, move back home, etc.)
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How much is your paycheck each month after taxes?
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Rate your pay from Temple University relative to its ability to meet your needs.
How much do you spend each month on rent or cost of housing?
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How much do you spend each month on utilities?
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How much do you spend each month on transportation to and from Temple?
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Do you provide healthcare coverage for a family, spouse, or dependent?
How much do you spend on health insurance coverage each month?
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Please explain how the stability or instability of your employment impacts your ability to successfully complete your degree, effectively teach or perform research, as well as your overall quality of life.
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Please explain how paying student and/or international fees at the beginning of each semester affects your life.
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Can TUGSA quote from your answers above for use in our campaigns to end the fees and improve grad-life at Temple?
Leave your non-Temple email here if you'd like us to contact you about the quotes above or any other issues you'd like to discuss
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