Steph's Design Team Application
Thank  you for considering becoming a member of my design team. Please answer the following questions in as much detail as you would like. The more information the easier to make a decision.
Here is what I'm looking for from each Design Team Member:
~ That you have an active Facebook account.
~ That you have an active Instagram account
~ YouTube is awesome but not necessary
~ Use your social media presence to promote Steph's Design Space at least twice (2x) a week.
~ Whenever the shop has a new release, I ask that you promote it via social media on a schedule that will be provided.
~ Promote shop sales and new releases with images of your work and that product pics will be provided for you.
~ That you reply to requests, inquiries, in search of posts, etc. on Facebook and Instagram directing people to the Steph's Design Space Website if we have items they are looking for.
~That you do not spam FB groups Steph's Design Space promotions. You are responsible for following posting rules.
~ That you are available for one Zoom meeting a month. One zoom design with me a month (schedule to be discussed upon acceptance to the Team to ensure all members are available) to discuss the new product launches and requirements
~ That you participate in the Private Facebook group for regular, quick, and efficient communication.
~ Someone who understands anything discussed during meetings etc. is not shared outside of the team.
~ Someone who is respectful of everyone on the team.
~Someone who is full of fun, ideas, and creativity.
****** If the following apply, you probably are NOT a good match for my design team. Experience has taught me that the following are not a good match for you the team member or myself as the shop owner. *******
~ If you own your own planner, sticker, junk journal or stationery shop. This includes Ko-fi, Buy Me a Coffee, etc.
~ If you are on more than 2 rep teams mine being the 3rd. If you apply and are accepted to other teams during your term, I will expect you to step down.
What you will get from me for your work on the PR Team:
~ Each month you will receive a $25 gift card to the shop to purchase items you like and will promote. This is not applicable on subscription boxes.
~ You must purchase an additional $25 in the shop. This is not applicable on the subscriptions boxes.
~ 30% off code to use on any purchases of $25 or more. (Sharing of this code is strictly forbidden)
~ 15% off code to share with your friends and social media following.
~ Exclusive sample ephemera and digital to be placed in each order that uses your code.
~ $ 2 shop credit per Personal Code used.
~ An opportunity to have input on new products for the shop.
Each term lasts 6 months. July-December 2024
If anytime during your term your or I determine that this is not a good fit, I have the right to end your participation and you have the right to leave and there are no hard feelings either way.
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How long have you been junk journaling? *
What is your junk journal style?  *
Do you use kits in your journals? *
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Have you been on a team before? If so who did you represent? *
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