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Important Instructions: Be sure to list your answers in order of importance, i.e. list the most important point as #1 and so on. In some questions if you can't think of 6 points simply list as many as you can. Thank you.

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Business Solutions Application
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What is your overall cost for development and maintenance or hosting of your web site per year?
If you don't have a web site, why not?
What are the top 3 things that matter most to you when choosing an ERP/CRM software? For example, if you had to go out and find a new firm, what would be important to you?
What are the top 3 things you wish your ERP/CRM would do for you that it is does not do right now?
What are the top 3 things that frustrate you most about your business application in general?
If you could get more help from your solution provider to develop and grow your business would you use those services?
If you could switch solution provider to find an firm that did offer you ongoing support and business development services, would you do it?
Budget Planning
How much are your yearly fees with your current solution provider?
Would you be willing to pay more than you do now to deal with a solution provider that can help you grow and develop your business instead of just 'number crunching'?
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