Student Feedback on UCR CS Curriculum
This survey is detailed and we ask for 15 minutes of your time to complete it thoughtfully.

Given our expected continued growth, the CS Department at UCR is taking a moment to examine the undergraduate CS curriculum and ask the question, "What if anything should be updated?" In this question, we are considering important issues like: Do we need to modernize courses? How can we re-balance underrepresented group representation, such as women? Given near ubiquity, does computer science (like math) need to trend towards non-major service-oriented offerings? Is C++ still a good choice of language in the introductory sequence? We also have to be cognizant of keeping a robust curriculum that stands the test of time, one that does not pander to passing trends.

With all of these important considerations in mind, your candid and honest input would be appreciated. You may opt out of any question or cease the survey at any time. Your identity will not be collected, and thus will not be tied with responses. The results will be aggregated for internal department use, and will not be included as part of any research agenda other than to inform the department. Thank you!
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