MC Top Trumps
If MCs are part of a group, then please think about their individual contribution, and list their groups/duos in the associated acts area.

If you can answer any of the other questions, that'd be helpful as I am looking at a mapping project too.
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MC's name/s *
Associated acts
For example, Method Man would include Wu Tang Clan and Redman as key associated acts
Complexity *
In terms of technical proficiency, vocabulary and lyricism
Uber complex
Flow *
The technical aspects of how the rhymes are built
Rougher than Mary J Blige in the Bad Boy years
A thing of wonder
Voice *
The distinctiveness and quality of the voice
Which one was that?
Immediately recognisable
Consciousness/knowledge *
This could include politicalness, storytelling, street knowledge
Relatable and profound
Impact *
Did they change the game? Did they grow and adapt through their career?
Damp squib
Changed the game
Swagger *
Presence, braggadocio, notability
What Kanye is
What Kanye thinks he is
Key tracks
Please share a few key tracks that highlight the skills of this MC. It's not about how good the song is (although it helps), it is how good the MC is on that song. For example, Mark7 of Jurassic 5 absolutely killed it on his verse on Quality Control.
Your name/twitter handle
Don't worry, it isn't checked, it is just so I can credit/thank you for responses and to potentially gather all your responses together if you wanted to discuss it more.
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