Red Room Women Beyond Borders, Taiwan
Red Room X Women Beyond Borders 2021, Taiwan
A Traveling Exhibition in celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8, 2021) and Beyond

Red Room is excited to announce our collaboration with Women Beyond Borders (WBB) and together we invite you to join the first cross-cultural exhibition of its kind in Taiwan to honor and document women’s voices and visions, to inspire creative expression, and to build community via dialogue and collaboration.

WBB was founded by Lorraine Serena and a group of Santa Barbara artists in 1991. The project has had over 1,000 artist participants both accomplished artists as well as women with no prior artistic experience, 10,000+ student participants, and 50+ exhibitions worldwide. WBB has been accessible to thousands of viewers through diverse venues where participating artists have gathered to meet, celebrate, and exchange ideas.

"In light of the world situation, we move forward with even greater conviction that women's voices and visions are a healing force in our world. The arts are a universal and essential language allowing us to look beyond ourselves in order to create a new paradigm of relatedness." ~ Lorraine Serena, founder of WBB

The Box
A small wooden box is selected as the point of departure. Participants will receive identical miniature, wooden boxes and transform their boxes which may include sculptural objects, text, painting, photography, new media, printing or any combination of the above. Feel free to extend your box up to 30 cm in all directions. Weight is limited to under 1kg. Fragile, broken, oversized, overweight boxes will not be accepted. Enjoy the process and express your deepest truth, feelings, humor, wisdom or insight regarding your life as a woman in your country, in your world, in your home. Please photograph your box for your own use before submitting.

Red Room will be launching this program for the first time in Taiwan, and our stories will be united with hundreds of women's stories from around the world. The first exhibition will be held in Taipei, and will then travel to different locations in Taiwan, gathering more stories and more boxes at every stop. Red Room is excited to be a part of this movement and we invite all women, of all nationalities living on our beautiful island of Taiwan, to join our Red Room WBB International Women's Day Traveling Exhibition.

To join this traveling exhibition, please fill out this form. We will provide you with a box for your artistic expression. Final submissions for all boxes are due before February 15, 2021. We will let you know where to submit your work of art.

The participation fee is NTD500 per person, and includes a custom made box which can be delivered to you in Taiwan, or picked up in person from the Red Room.


For more information on Women Beyond Borders:
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If you would like to become a sponsor for the traveling exhibit, please email us at with the subject line RRWBB 2021 Sponsorship.
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