WTU Action Research Survey
Given that IMPACT has changed and TAS is not being factored into our ratings this year, now is an ideal time to gather information about how TAS is implemented within DCPS.  Please take about 5 minutes to complete this survey.  Your help is greatly appreciated.
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In the last three years, have you and your IMPACT evaluator created your TAS goals together? *
To the best of your knowledge, were your TAS goals a part of your evaluator’s TAS? *
Type of TAS measurement: *
Do you believe these TAS measurements accurately measure student growth? *
If you could design your own TAS, would you? *
If you answered "yes" to Question 5, what measurement tool would you include? If you answered "no," say "NA" here: *
If you answered "no" to Question 5, why would you rely on the existing/assigned TAS measuring tools? If you answered "yes," say "NA" here. *
It's the Middle of the Year assessment season: When a student is not meeting the TAS goals created and agreed upon by both you and your evaluator, how do you and your evaluator help the student meet the goal(s)? *
School: *
Grade(s) and Subject(s) taught *
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