Senior Wills
Every year, the last issue of the school newspaper is dedicated to the graduating class. There is a section dedicated to senior "wills," in which you can "leave" things to underclassmen. People will leave their car to their little brother, or they'll leave a favorite teacher or Ned or a coach to their friend, or they'll leave their heart to their favorite underclassmen, et cetera, et cetera.

THE PAPER will correct any grammatical errors.

THE PAPER may edit for space; we will cut wills to approximately 100 words. You may not write your good-byes, favorite memories, etc. These are called senior sayings and have been outlawed by the district.

THE PAPER will not publish any inappropriate content.

Examples from 2017:

"I'd like to leave my neighborhood, a lifetime supply of trail mix, the job of coming over and petting my cats, and half of my heart to Ryan Borovinksy. To Matt Quinley, I give the other half of my heart, the job of consoling Boro, the NOSB team, and my Marine Ecology Quizlet (you're welcome). Mary Sorensen, you can become the new official food stealer. Paige Heimbach, I leave you with all of our family-friend dinner parties and Life Without Limits Club. Tommy Maroon, you get the Winter Formal dance floor. Sarah Tarhan, you get solidarity with your mother in the car since we can't carpool anymore. And lastly, Jack Parriott you get the Polaroid of you that's in my car."

"I, Maddison Carney, leave gel kits and mannequins to Cassandra Lambros and Riley Lloyd. To Gracie Maroon I leave you annotations and chocolate chip cookies, and to Camille Hadley, all my forensics and all the shakes at Ruby's."

"I would like to leave all the Black Forest ham he can eat to Jack Sterner. For Emma Freeman I would like to give Cassandra Lambros to look after while I'm gone. I would like to leave my teen angst to Zach Waters. Corey Cisowski will continue to be my favorite player on the baseball team. Finally I would like to give all my love and everything else I haven't said previously to Cass."

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