Customer Satisfaction Survey
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1. How would you rate your overall level of satisfaction with Millennium? *
Not Very Happy
Very Happy!
2. How do you feel about the following statements regarding Millennium? *
Unsure/Not Applicable
Delivering material to the Single Sream bay is very easy for drivers
Delivering material to other docks (not single stream) is very easy for drivers
The office staff is professional and easy to work with
The warehouse staff is professional and easy to work with
Millennium helps educate my team and my customers
I understand fees and rebates are applied for my material
The fees and rebates from Millennium are fair
I am confident that the highest amount possible of my material is really being recycled
I use the online customer portal
The online customer portal provides all of the information I need
3. How do we rate in comparison to other companies you deliver material to? *
Less helpful/Not as easy to work with
More helpful/easier to work with
4. How important are the following services to you? *
Not Important
Very Important
High standard processing (making sure all is recycled)
Help me hit the Sioux Falls Recycling Rate
Help identify problem materials to prevent fees
Online portal and reporting
Community Education I can share (blogs, social media, videos, etc)
Offer tours to my team and my customers
Help me educate my customers (audits, meetings, material pictures, etc)
Free educational materials I can give to customers
Promote my business online
Work with City and State representatives to increase recycling
5. What do you like about Millennium or our services?
6. What don't you like, or how do you think Millennium could improve our services?
7. Are there any recycling or other services you wish we provided that we don't?
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