Certified Lightworker Practitioner Program October 1 2018
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Do you feel a need to help others?
Do you sometimes feel sudden anxiety with no provocation?
Would you be willing to explore your own personal blocks to enlightenment and work towards removing them?
Do you feel ready to explore your own inner pain and cleanse it at this time?
Would you be willing to work in a small group exploring and expanding your gifts?
Do you consider yourself a creative person?
Do you find yourself drawn to those who have personal issues?
Are you often challenged in your own personal relationships?
Do you often find yourself experiencing feelings in situations that you feel you ignore?
Do you trust your own instincts?
Tell us a little about yourself and how your life as a Lightworker
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Would you aspire to a career in spiritualy guiding others?
If Yes please explain why you feel a need to pursue this career
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What would your main goals be in taking this course?
What type of practice interests you most?
Lastly, do you feel you are ready to enter a new and powerful transformation in your life?
The price of this program is 700.00. Payment plans are available. 25% non refundable deposit to hold your place if you are accepted.
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