Esports Wales Streaming Application Form
Are you an up and coming Welsh streamer (or living in Wales) and are interested in growing your viewership and expanding your audience?

Well, this would be a great opportunity for you to do so, we here at Esports Wales are a relatively new organisation aimed at growing the Esports scene within Wales. You do not have to play an esports game (CSGO, Rocket League, LoL, etc) as we want to help as many Welsh streamers grow, as well as grow our own community but it is preferred if you do play an esports game as we want to grow the grassroots side of esports within Wales! We plan to get as many Welsh streamers streaming on the Esports Wales channel as possible so therefore if we have a lot of interest then the amount of time you can stream on the channel will be limited.

Information entered on this form will be shared with the management of Esports Wales to help them decide whether we think you're suitable to stream on the Esports Wales channel.

We do require you to be an active part of the Esports Wales community within the Discord server and have at least 100 followers on Twitch.
What Esports Wales expects of you.
Whilst you are live streaming on the Esports Wales channel, we expect you to be respectful to anyone who may be watching your stream, joking and banter is understandable providing you do not cross the line and become disrespectful.

You must try and avoid the subject of politics on stream, keep it legal (obviously). You must not defame Esports Wales in any way, you are more than welcome to advertise your own streaming channel during your live streams but you would be keeping our branding whilst streaming.

Any streams that take place on the Esports Wales channel, these will be owned by Esports Wales but can be used freely as you wish.

By sending in your details on this form, you agree to the above section.
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